Wednesday 25 November 2009

Parodying a Warmist Blog

I consider parody to be somewhat pathetic, a pointless puerile exercise only undertaken by pathetic, pointless people. Well I did think that until the awe inspiring Heartland Institute told me to believe otherwise.

A turn of events has unfolded. A Master of Puns, a punisher if you will, has descended upon the warmist blogs and unleashed cleverly named parodies to ridicule them. is the main parody, it is very witty and very subtle indeed, but believe me it is a parody. No really, it is. is parodied by and by Just who is the genius who came up with these clever slights on names? Coursewatch. Genious. I bet they are mad to have their names mispronounced like that. And the blog content is so vivid and lifelike too!

I wonder where they got the idea of using parody as a means of ridiculing blogs? I only wish I had thought of it first.

I am late to the party, but it's not too late to join in. So in honor of desoggybog, extrasillysecrets and coursewatch, I made a parody blog of the same caliber. What I basically did was think long and hard about my target warmist blog, long and hard about the flaws in their arguments and long and hard about a load of names I would call them. There is a fine line between critique through imitation and just sounding plain pathetic. Fortunately desmoggybog avoids the line altogether and I believe my effort ReallySillyStupidClimate does too.


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  2. ReallySillyStupidClimate

    That's brilliant Dr Inferno.
    Truly excellent, thank you.

    I would have posted this comment half an hour ago, but every time I went to type something, I couldn't help roaring with laughter again.

    That's a good one!
    I can't wait to see Messer Schmitt's blog in
    the morning - boy will he be mad!!

  3. Dr Inferno,

    I'm with chek on this one. Once again you are ahead of the curve. Please give me some warning next time though - I lost half a cup of coffee over the keyboard when I had a look at ReallySillyStupidClimate! And the other half went up my nose.

    You are employing subtle humor like a nail-gun on the coffin of global warming. I am sure that it will win over many converts to our cause. The AGW eco-jihadists need to realize that CO2 is 38% of all plant food, and humans only eat 1/40th of that. So we are a negligible problem.

    Do keep the serious posts coming though. I'm looking forward to the next installment of blog science. There is so much to learn, and I find that DenialDepot is the one-stop-shop for keeping myself informed.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    83 posts to Blog Professorship

  4. Brilliant! And such a clever sense of humor, who knew?

    Much better than that soggy thing.

    Ya gotta do the one by that Tarantino guy. All ya gotta do is draw a bunch of squiggly lines like he does. You could do da one wid da wabbit; just leave some little round brown things lying around.

    Forget nails! We’re talking railroad spikes and lag screws here!

    Your big fan,
    Danny Nyle

  5. I thought a parody was a bird!

    How do you distinguish a climate realist and a denier? The denier, usually occupying the right end of the political spectrum, has no humour whatsoever. Usually, facts and arguments do nor work with a denier, because he will ignore them like a creationist does. So, what can you do? Just take the piss out of him. Or her. Donna. Well, she doesn't have an agenda, she has problems.

  6. Dr Inferno,

    The Heartland Institute site looks very believable.

    The photo of scientists in the top right shows the sort of people that we are up against. I'm pretty sure that the scientist in the center is the guy who invented Preparation H. Or maybe he uses Colgate toothpaste, I'm not sure. One or the other. Or maybe it was mentholated cigarettes?

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    82 posts to Blog Professorship

  7. Where's

  8. Heartland guys: look like cat vomit, just less appealing.

  9. Wrinkled Retainer26 November 2009 at 11:29

    Dr Inferno,

    Yet another brilliant post by the best in the Blog Science business! It's only a matter of time before we start calling you "Saint Inferno".

    I see a possible problem with your parody though. Not everyone is as gifted with intelligence and subtle humour as you and I fear that there will be some who do not realise it's a parody at all. As it stands it is far too much like the so-called "Real" Climate itself and your shining wit might be lost on many. (That reminds me. I need to make an appointment to see my specialist, Dr Spooner.)

    PS It looks like 'Freiherr von' commented here by mistake. Surely his comments were meant for RSSC?

  10. Baron von Monckhofen26 November 2009 at 11:41

    The warmists are trying to turn the trick against us, but the result is really lame. As if a real denial blog science site would fall for the fake NASA email leak?

    And the name of the "blogger", Morono, is really lame too.

  11. Baron,

    I agree. Who does "Morono" think he's fooling with a comedy name like that!!! How more obvious could it be?

  12. I dont reely get this abt parady. I do gigle alot but ofen peeple have to explane joks to me. sorry. so why is the pictyer at the top funy. i thort it was qite scary. sory if im saying the rong thing.

  13. Well the warmists think that greenhouses are made out of CO2 instead of glass (or see-through plastic, I'm not really sure), so maybe it's not that obvious to them.

  14. Prof. Inferno, I think your parody is very convincing. It took me a while to find out it was actually a parody! How can you make something like that? But I was disappointed at the other sites you mentioned, desoggyblog and coursewatch. I did not find them funny. Are you sure these "parodies" are not engineered by the IPCCC and NASA to make blog scientists look like humourless people who cannot make good parodies?

  15. Im reely upset abt this now cuz i got intrsted in this cuz i thort it wd be a gd thing if things were warmer anyway and id had some cr*p (sory for bad word) holidays which wernt suny and i thort it wd be beter if they were. i thort the comiies were aganst things being nicer so i didnt lyke them.

    now its like some peeple are saying that its aktuly going to not be warmer or sumthing and its a parady like a joke to say it mite be warmer and it isnt reely.

    so im upset and dont no wot to think now.

  16. wot i meen is i just want to be abel to fly of for my holidays with Ryunair without having to pay areport taxis. i waNt my holidays to be warmer why is that rong? i dont want to pay £5 to fly to egipt then pay £50 pounds in taxis to the comies. why is that rong?

  17. Baron von Monckhofen27 November 2009 at 03:58

    Yes indeed, C. R. Ettinn, the name "Morono" is such a daft joke. What's next? "Professor S. Tupid"? "Lord Monkeysbutt?" They think that is funny?

    Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est.

  18. genetically modified organism27 November 2009 at 10:36

    Once again, excellent piece of Blog Science, Dr Inferno. An important facet of Blog Science is pointing out how stupid (and usually fat) the commie warmists are and ridiculing them because of that.

    I must also say, I was getting a warm & tiggly feeling approaching the climax of the above post as Dr Inferno talked about how long and hard he thought about this. Then I squealed with delight upon seeing ReallySillyStupidClimate with which he again sneaks up from behind and nails the corpse of global warming. It is so exciting to watch Dr Inferno in action like that, and it stimulates me to want to drive my own nail into global warming. Huzzah, sir!

  19. I'm with you guys, but I don't find this type
    of discussion either productive or amusing.


    Capt. Cluster Fred Uck, USN (Rtd)

  20. I used to suspect that WattsUpWithThat was a parody of a science blog, due to the occasional borederline dumb science that Anthony puts up (like being unable to read a simple,phase diagram for example).

    But he has put my mind at rest with his latest shocking revelations. Apparently Phil Jones thinks his temperature series is better then GISS. Given that they are not identical, logically one has to be 'superior' it seems unlikely that Jones would have written that it wasn't the one that he built.

    But what I found truly outrageous is the startling revelation that NASA cherry-picked the baseline for their time series to maximise the planetary warming trend.

    One thing about GISS that has bothered a lot of people – the base period they use for calculating temperature anomaly is for 1951-1980. See it listed here on the GISTEMP page. No other data sets use that period. Critics (including myself) have said that by using that period, it makes this graph’s trend look steeper than it would if the current 30 year period was used.

    I am shocked I tell you. To the very core of my being.

  21. Phil Clarke, that makes me so mad, especially because all these warmists keep talking about making adjustments to graphs and stuff to compensate for stuff but they don't even know that if you change the baseline to make a trend steeper you need to compensate for it by tilting the graph.

  22. Baron von Mockhofen1 December 2009 at 10:01

    Phil, Scientician,

    And don't forget that one always have to compensate for the hockey stick fraud, committed by the communist-bed-wetting alarmist Al "Fat" Gore and his evil minions.

    Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est.

  23. Wrinkled Retainer1 December 2009 at 12:25

    Phil Clarke,

    Prof Watts might not reach the exalted standards set by Dr Inferno but when it comes to temperature data, nothing gets past him. He is correct about the bias added to GISTEMP by using such an old base period. Note how the whole trend is moved DOWN when you correct this to use the same base period as UAH!

    Are these so-called scientists aware just how obvious this obfuscation of data is?

  24. 1951-1980! Oh, come on! The 70s are sooo passé!

  25. Dear and beloved Doktor,

    May I suggest to your Highness to write in red letters on red background on reallysillystupidclimate, so the villains won't see your admirable message ?

  26. Your Deniality,

    Pleast post something about the new data Roy Spencer and John Cristy have just published claiming that this November was warmest ever.

    There must be ahole in their warmist data. Please show they are wrong. Maybe find a few leaked emails showing how they conspire to hide the new glacial era which has already begun from the gullible public.

  27. Baron von Monckhofen4 December 2009 at 10:56


    The November data are from satellites. Satellites are completely useless for measuring temperatures.
    They could just as well have pulled those temperatures from a sheep’s butt.

    Boni pastoris est tondere pecus, non deglubere.

  28. Ragged Edge of Reality5 December 2009 at 07:26

    Scholars and gentle personnel: may I have your attention for just a moment or twenty.

    As the Christmas season approaches, with it's themes of peace, harmony, and the right to material excess, I think it is appropriate to announce my new book, which I offer to the world in this same spirit.

    The book is titled "The Honest Joker" and is, to my mind, the first honest attempt at bringing together the two opposing camps in the AGW bruhahahahahaha. Now I realize that many here may think there is no point in trying to reason or negotiate with the Commie-Nazi-Gorist, number twiddling, Prius-driving, politicized, sycophants represented by the AGW mass hysterions, but please, hear me out before rushing to judgement. Friends, we need to build bridges, and I am here to do it, even if I have to sacrifice myself on the funeral pyre of AGW-inspired hate and stupidity. In short, I represent the voice of reasoned intercourse and a new way out of this mess.

    The book discusses quite a number of topics, but time and our attention spans are short, so I will discuss just one: stealth politicization of science. By this I mean the audacious audacity of certain climate scientists (who shall go unnamed because I am, like all of us with purely scholarly motives, not out on any sort of personal vendetta here), to openly politicize this issue in a press conference and say things like "the science is sound and the world needs to take action" and "the CRU hack does not affect, in any way, the validity of AGW concepts" and other such outrageous and vicious lies and politicizations of science. THESE LATTER TWO ARE THE DOMAIN OF POLITICAL SCIENTISTS, as we all know, so GET BACK INTO YOUR SCIENCE CORNER CLIMATE HEADS, BECAUSE WE'LL HANDLE THE POLITICS SIDE OF THINGS, OK??!!

    There are more things in the book of course, but this is brief preview, and I think that you will find that I provide the way out of this mess with my even-handed neutrality of the issues, even towards the extreme stealth-politicized liars at RealClimate who are bent on pathologizing and otherwise destroying the science from the inside.

  29. Dr. Inferno, a warmist parody website is insufficient, I really think to counteract these dangerous muslins, you should make a video for youtube! We are up against some vile manipulative propaganda, chief among them this recently uploaded dangerously bit of deception:

  30. Baron von Monckhofen6 December 2009 at 02:05

    Watch this execellent series of Youtube videos with Alex Jones and Lord Monckton (my highly esteemed peer).

    Look at those sad puppy eyes. We can all share Alex Jones's pain about this global warming fraud!

    Nemo saltat sobrius



    OH YEAH AND fiiiiiiirrrrrssstttt!!!




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  38. I thought a parody was a bird!

    How do you distinguish a climate realist and a denier? The denier, usually occupying the right end of the political spectrum, has no humour whatsoever. Usually, facts and arguments do nor work with a denier, because he will ignore them like a creationist does. So, what can you do? Just take the piss out of him. Or her. Donna. Well, she doesn't have an agenda, she has problems

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