Wednesday 13 May 2009

Our Dying Sun

Our Sun is in it's death throes. We are right now on the brink of disaster.

Is that news to you? If you only get your science from the mainstream media and "science" institutes then I bet it is news to you. The alarmist media of course completely ignores real science favoring the lie and alarmism of manmade global warming. For everyone who has been getting their science from the blogosphere the dying sun is not news at all. Blog scientists throughout the internet have been informing people for years about the imminent solar collapse.

Here's a recap summary: Solar output has been slowly winding down for the last few years. Everyone thought it would start winding up again in 2007 (except blog scientists who called it correctly), but it defied so-called "expert" predictions and continued ever downwards. The current situation is that the Sun's output is still falling dramatically. We face the worrying prospect that this decline will not stop and perhaps might speed up. The signs are indeed growing more clear that we have already entered a long and terrifyingly deep maunder-like minimum. The last time that happened we had an actual ice age. The only question now is how low can solar output go and how many millions might die.

Tens of millions? In fact if cooling does continue we might very well see a massive shortfall in food supplies and hundreds of millions could die. Plague and disease would once again spread through populations with cold-weakened immune systems. Many species could be wiped out entirely.

Even the media are waking up to the facts:

What is the IPCC and Al Gore doing about the risk of imminent catastrophic cooling?

Nothing. That's right, the political body charged with monitoring the climate (however corrupt) and Al Gore are doing absolutely nothing about the worrying solar signs we are seeing. Obviously Al Gore will do just fine in an ice age as he hypocritically owns a fleet of large jets and cargo planes which he can use to fly safely above any ice age zone. In fact he doesn't even need to do that if reports about his house are true - a mansion so big and pumped with so much coal based electricity (hypocrite!) that it will be warm even in an ice age. During the ice age he will surely sit in there comfortably as orphans starve outside through ice frosted windows.

Indeed because they know they are immune from the effects of an ice age, the IPCC and Al Gore continue to push the fraud that life-giving co2 is heating the Earth up catastrophically. Even though the Earth has been cooling since 1979*. Warmists continue to pump alarmism through the mainstream media and make ridiculously over exagerated statements about the future of the climate to scare the public. They exagerate stories of future temperature changes of a few tenths of a degree (not even real degrees) into some kind of massive death furnace.

Remember - if it's fearmongering it ain't science. True scientists remain level headed in the face of experimental data and facts. They don't get all emotional and start crying about the end of the world. Alarmists - those who exagerate and fabricate terrifying scenarios - do so for one reason: to sell you a "solution" to the "problem", the solution being something that profits them. You often have to wade through all their alarmist diatribe to discover their ulterior motive which they let slip at the end when they try and sell you their pet "solution".

But this is all beside the point - what can we do about the upcoming solar collapse? Obviously we can't prevent it. No the first step to dealing with cooling is obviously to stop any tax increases. Any increases in tax at this point will make it almost impossible to actually survive the impending ice age. So lobby your representatives now to prevent any tax increases and to lower existing rates. That is if you care about your children's future. Do you?

Note: Due to the nature of the threat I felt obliged to 'rush to print' this dire warning about taxation. The planned post based on my upcoming paper 'A Brief History Of Climate Modelling' will follow shortly. As a teaser here is a useful schematic I stumbled across on google images. it documents a long history of green subterfuge and conspiracy. My research has found this document to be largely accurate and to the point.

*As determined by a complex comparison of sea ice extent in January 1979 and January 2009. see for scientific proof

Saturday 9 May 2009

The Gaping Hole in Greenhouse Theory

I have a study in progress concerning the so-called "Greenhouse Effect" and another concerning the use of so-called "Computer Models", but as neither are yet complete this is a post filler.

Recently published Blog Science on the subject of Greenhouse Effect includes the following work by Erl Happ and his groundbreaking discovery of a 'Gaping Hole' in Greenhouse Theory

In his own words:
"How is it that we have been sucked into this vortex of misinformation by so called ‘experts’. We are assured that there is a scientific consensus on this matter. If this is indeed the case, the reputation of science must suffer. To label a person as an ‘expert’ will invite derision. The notion that we should trust in the opinion of ’scientists’ will be taken as a joke."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Update: Erl Happ responds to my comment on his blog, confirming what I suspected:

Hi Inferno,Thanks for the commendation.

The proponents of greenhouse theory can not point to evidence that the temperature of the atmosphere has increased in the way that they suggest it should. End of the day, evidence is not important to them. No amount of good science will move them. No alternative explanation is of interest. We are looking at a crusade driven by a feeling of malaise and disconnection and a longing for the life of a primitive, in close communion with nature. If they have their way, that is the way we are headed. These guys are wreckers. They are vandals.

So next time someone asks you for evidence that warmists are 'longing for the life of a primitive', just point out that not one so-called 'leading scientist' even bothered to address Erl Happ's blog post. I can only guess that James Hansen, his deputy Al Gore and all their IPCC minions have gone to ground after reading it. I bet it won't even be mentioned in the next IPCC report.

No amount of good science will move them. Good science is another term for Blog Science.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

April Numbers Just In: Visits To My Blog

Unlike Global Temperature My Reader Count Continues To Soar

Just thought you should know my reader count looks like a hockey stick. Ie accelerating upwards. This is part of what Blog Science is all about - looking at relevant and important numbers. Such as my blog visit statistics. You may not be aware of these numbers so I will ensure you see them by providing regular monthly updates against you. Feel free to discuss the numbers in detail.

If you need the raw blog visit data for Auditing I can provide you with formatted data, metadata, R scripts for reading them and change logs. I also have the data in mp3 format. For your peace of mind all this data is backed up on two version control systems, my hotmail inbox, two hard drives and 3 USB pens which have been hidden at strategic locations within a 2 mile radius of my home. Now ask yourselves, why don't the so-called "scientists" put as much effort into data integrity as I do?

On a less serious note here's a funny video that had me in stitches.

At the weekends, in between poring over my blog visit statistics, I also like to spend a few hours trawling the internet for examples of warmist misfortune such as the above. You know, photos of warmist protests in the snow, or articles about warmists going on arctic expeditions and running into potentially fatal difficulties. Funny stuff like that which proves my point.

Shoutout to new Climate "Denier" Blog

If you haven't already read Blog Scientist Jennifer Marohasy's blog take a look. It seems to be modelled on DenialDepot, although in my opinion a little less coherent. Although don't take that as an insult, sometimes you do need a bit of waffle to flesh out a blog post. It was a nice touch to include her name in the blog title though, wish I had thought of that.

Ever wondered what Greenpeace is? Did you think it was a band? A political party? Learn the truth from Jennifer that Greenpeace is in fact "a large global corporation broadly committed to ‘saving the environment’"

On everyone's mind lately is the question 'just what are computers?' No what are they really? Learn from that "Computers are a tool allowing many calculations to be done extremely rapidly"

Also learn about the work of a geniusman called Ferenc Miskolczi who single handedly disproved manmade global warming in some way or other. In the words of Jennifer "here I do not want to entangle myself in theory, explanations and interpretations of how these relations come about. I just want to stay with the simple facts". Exactly. I could get into the theory. Easily. But I don't want to right now. Lets just stay with the simple fact that Miskolczi proved the warmists are all wrong. Only a few people around the world truely understand what Miskolczi is even talking about. It's that brilliant.

Anyway good luck to Jennifer and her new blog. I wish her nearly as much success as I have already had (check out my visit statistics if you need a refresh of that)

Friday 1 May 2009

NASA, Not Man, Behind Arctic Sea Ice decline

A submarine in open ice-free water in 1960. I caption this picture 'The implications are obvious'

If there was no ice in 1960, how can claims of arctic ice decline since 1980 possibly be true? None of this is making any sense. Here is a so-called graph from the National Snow and Ice Data-center:

Arctic Sea Ice summer minimas since 1979 (according to the NSIDC). Note they leave off the Submarine Warming Period (SWP)

Why do they start in 1979? Well putting my blog science skills to good use, I navigated a browser client through their website and found a secret folder link named
disclaimer1 - hmm a suspicious name. Nicely hidden but I uncovered it anyway (if you are a journalist for The Australian or another leading media publication, please give me due credit for uncovering this on my own)

The folder contains very interesting information. I have added some bold highlighting at random points:

"Image derivation is from the Sea Ice data product, which relies on NASA-developed methods using passive-microwave data from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F13 Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I). The basis for the Sea Ice Index is the data set, "Near Real-Time DMSP SSM/I Daily Polar Gridded Sea Ice Concentrations", and the NASA-produced "Sea Ice Concentrations from Nimbus-7 SMMR and DMSP SSM/I Passive Microwave Data". The Sea Ice Index was developed with financial support from NOAA NESDIS and in cooperation with NOAA NGDC. Please note that our daily sea ice images, derived from microwave measurements, may show spurious pixels in areas where sea ice may not be present. These artifacts are generally caused by coastline effects, or less commonly by severe weather. Scientists use masks to minimize the number of "noise" pixels, based on long-term extent patterns. Noise is largely eliminated in the process of generating monthly averages, our standard measurement for analyzing interannual trends."*

So NASA are behind this afterall. And worse we find out that satellites are being used to measure ice. Denial Depot has
reported numerous problems with the satellite record before. NASA and the NOAA have yet to respond to these problems or even acknowledge my importance.

But worse we find out these satellites are using microwaves to measure ice! As an experiment I took a glass of ice and put it in a microwave oven. This of course proves nothing, but it does raise some questions. I figured that 30 seconds in the microwave oven would be at least equivalent to 30 years of satellite microwaving. Well my microwave didn't tell me how thick the ice was (of course immune from Team Science I never thought it would), but I did observe the microwaves melting ice.

So is in fact arctic ice decline being caused by sustained subjection of arctic ice by microwave radiation emitted from NASA satellites? Is NASA literally cooking the books (ie ice)?
Is it a coincidence that satellite "measurements" of sea ice and temperature both began in 1979, the year in which Jimmy Carter resumed diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China?


I am only concerned that the reputation of science will be harmed for decades. That and taxes.

I propose to salvage science we must abandon the lunacy of the satellites. Measuring from so far in space is prone to manipulation. A blog scientist cannot go check on the satellites themselves can they? We have no idea what codes and adjustments they have loaded aboard those bloated machines. We should go back to the tried and tested method of deploying
fleets of surfacing submarines to measure arctic ice thickness.

Clarification: Despite what the NSIDC claim, real scientists would never use masks.

Update: In the comments Lars Karlsson points out that

"There is already extensive research proving beyond any doubt that microwaves from satellites cause global warming!"
I haven't read that site enough to bank my reputation on it's concusions, but it does show that the debate over the use of satellites and their role in "warming" certainly isn't over.