Saturday 30 June 2012

The Double Recovery of Arctic Sea Ice

Just two months ago we learned that Arctic Sea Ice Is Normal For The First Time In At Least Seven Years

Now we are told that Arctic Sea Ice is the lowest on record for the time of year.

Just what is going on?
Lets ignore what the so-called "scientists" say and look instead to the wealth of knowledge Blog Science has built up about Arctic sea ice over the years:

Watt's Law: A record low in Arctic ice is a sign that a Recovery has begun. Such an event occurred in summer 2007.

Goddard's Law: If arctic sea ice reaches normal levels it is clear proof that a recovery is in progress.

The Monckton Conjecture: Arctic ice extent is just fine: steady for a decade.

So we can see that normal levels of ice in April means that The Recovery since 2007 is progressing well. The more recent record low is a sign that a new recovery has begun (watt's law). So we now have two Arctic sea ice recoveries running in parallel and amplifying each other through solar magneto-reluctance. This is very inconvenient for IPCC alarmists and their communist handlers.

Arctic sea ice will now recover double fast. It may even melt out completely in a coming summer and thus initiate a third recovery which will be the final nail in the coffin of man-made global warming.