Sunday 6 December 2009


I have uncovered breathtaking fraud! Not merely a smoking gun more like a smoking ICBM!

Before revealing this I need to point out that in a previous post I may have implied that NASA had faked the recent CRU email leak. While I don't believe in correcting posts (blog scientists should never modify recorded data), I would like to point out that NASA didn't fake the CRU email leak afterall. That's right, NASA merely tricked me into accusing them of an elaborate hoax. Just as they once tricked me into accusing them of faking the moon landing.

Well it wasn't just emails that were leaked - computer code was leaked too and I have uncovered fraud!

First some background. In the 1980s everything was going swimmingly for the so-called "scientists". They had their fine ivory rooms in their collosal ivory towers, they had their grant money delivered in huge money buckets and access to all the finest fancy restaurants in Hollywood. But then they made a fatal mistake. Probably sometime between the Olivetti and the Amiga one of them thought "hmm all this calculating by hand is rather tiresome...lets trying programming it into a computer instead."

And so fate viciously unfolded. By merely typing a single line of computer code and pressing enter they instantly and unwittingly handed me the keys to the kingdom. Immediately they provided me the expertize to understand and assess all of climate science armed only with my deep knowledge of Visual Basic 5.0 which I gleaned from a two year stint with a temping agency.
Realizing their mistake the so-called "scientists" clamoured over desks and drawers to shut down links with the outside world. All the source code was placed deep inside the CRU computer (sort of looks like the last scene in raiders of the lost arc) where they thought noone would think of looking. And they were right...until now.

NASA blame a hacker. I find it more convenient to believe a whistleblower did it. I think it was Al Gore. But anyway the important fact is the code is free! To non-programmers it is just cryptic symbols. But to my trained programming eyes all the symbols align into dazzling shapes and images. It all fell together. I couldn't believe it. All this time I had trusted these scientists on this very important issue! Honestly I had. Remember? But now that trust was broken. I had to report my discovery to the public as a matter of urgently. And so here I am.

So what did I find? You won't be disapointed, this is so clearly fraud, the case is rock solid. Write to your representatives immediately. Here is the proof I found, a comment which read:

; fudge factor

You see fortunately they put comments into the code in case at a later date they forgot they were committing fraud.

That proves it! It's fraud!

What are the implications of this? Well we can no longer be sure that co2 as a molecule even exists. Manmade global warming is proven to be a complete farce simply invented as an excuse for taxes. NoHopeInHellHagen will have to be cancelled and taxation will have to be wiped out completely. This will require a complete shake up of the financial system. Governments will crumble, there will probably be wars. Maybe we will have to live on the moon afterall. I did warn them of this!

This also casts severe doubt on knowledge in general. Are we really here? Are we just brains in jars?


  1. This is just as bad as Albert Einstein's "cosmological constant." Great find, Dr. Inferno.

  2. Are we just brains in jars?
    Perhaps we're just tricks of the code.

  3. Indeed. I stole a bit of your great post to comment over at WUWT re Briffa -

    Did you see the code comment at the start?


    Now, there are one of two explanations here:

    1. A comment in case at a later date they forgot they were committing fraud.

    2. A comment to make clear the code applied a very artificial correction for decline.

    I guess which you believe depends on one's pre-existing view of the integrity of the scientists in question.

    I for one am entirely clear in my mind on this. I mean, you only need to look at where they get their funding: governments! And governments get what they pay for, oh yes.

  4. Baron von Monckhofen7 December 2009 at 11:06

    What about this snippet of code?

    ;*** Make the fools pay to Al our leadre
    al_gores_bank_account = al_gores_bank_account + 10000000000*(fudged_temp - real_temp)
    human_prosperity = human_prosperity - al_gores_bank_account*1000
    ; *** Hahahahahaha! ****
    ; Remember - don't let McI see this!

    I'm sure those lines are hidden somewhere in the code.
    They prove beyond doubt that the warmist conspiracy was invented to make Al Gore rich.

  5. adding another final nail to the coffin7 December 2009 at 12:52

    I tried to leave a message about this fraud at the alarmist site 'reallysillystupidclimate', but it was deleted just like the emails said it's a propaganda site. head in the sand echo chamber over there - they still have a picture of the sky on fire. don't they know it started raining refreshing coolness now that the conspiracy has been exposed?

    back when i was young, scientists were honest. we need to put all the current set in prison and let blog science liberate the sheeple from the AGW cult. co2 is precious for plants they want to rob the trees of food? how will they hug the trees when all the trees die of starvation?

  6. Al Gores Sausage Dog7 December 2009 at 14:28

    But the term fudge factor can only prove fraud. But no one cares about fraud. We care about Fraud. And for that we require Fudge Factor.

    Clearly your knowledge of visual basic is insufficient to correctly interpret such subtleties, and you need to learn Java before you can make any useful comments about climates.

  7. What's wrong with fudge? I like hot fudge!

  8. What if the scientists are correct? Well, sea level will rise and Canada will emerge a superpower - left wing countries will be flooded (population crisis solved), and our climate will allow us to grow bananas (yum).

    Either way we win. Long live PM Harper!

    As for a bit of extra pollution from the tar sands - let's call it recycling.

  9. I'm so sorry. I am fully in support of blog science, but I just wonder, is a typo, or a Freudian slip

    "from a two year stint with a temping agency."

    Do you actually mean tempiing or should that be tempting? And if tempting, what precisely is the nature or the temptation???

    Alas, I can only refer you to my feeble unscientific blog, for refutation, also!

  10. IPCC Scientist #1 to IPCC Scientist #2:

    "How can we make our hockey stick graph show the blade pointing up instead of pointing down..??!!!"

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  12. A programming language was named after the warmist messiah: ALGOL. It stands for: AL GOre Language. That proves without a doubt all those pot-smoking, pizza-eating, socialistic, anti-social programmers are in on the fraud.

    I'm beginning to wonder: are we the only ones with a clean conscience?

  13. 2009 is coldest year ever!

    Click the link (below) and you'll see the TRUTH!

    Difference between annual mean global temps and 20th Century mean global temp, according to N.C.D.C. (National Climatic Data Center):

    1969 0.0911
    1970 0.0471
    1971 -0.0550
    1972 0.0348
    1973 0.1617
    1974 -0.0862
    1975 -0.0177
    1976 -0.1062
    1977 0.1425
    1978 0.0615
    1979 0.1533
    1980 0.1930
    1981 0.2284
    1982 0.1171
    1983 0.2817
    1984 0.0875
    1985 0.0681
    1986 0.1605
    1987 0.2968
    1988 0.3006
    1989 0.2223
    1990 0.3861
    1991 0.3360
    1992 0.2023
    1993 0.2307
    1994 0.2934
    1995 0.4073
    1996 0.2753
    1997 0.4782
    1998 0.5971
    1999 0.4199
    2000 0.3886
    2001 0.5173
    2002 0.5736
    2003 0.5809
    2004 0.5409
    2005 0.6147
    2006 0.5583
    2007 0.5453
    2008 0.4792
    2009 -999.0000

    - - N.C.D.C. (National Climatic Data Center)

  14. Dear Inferno,

    Perhaps you could expand on the following fact - known to Dr. Porcher and other real scientists.

    It's clear - polar and alpine regions are warming, glaciers are melting, releasing ice bergs towards the equatorial zone.

    What is the effect of putting ice cubes in a glass of cola? It cools.

    As poles warm, temperate and equatorial regions will also cool - it's called the great balancing effect (c.f. D. Schindler).

    Net effect - global balance.

  15. I think it's time now to be sending death threats to the so-called climate scientists. I think it's time for some real smoking guns!!!

    Yeeehaaaw, we're taking the power back!

    WUWt and DD, thank you for pushing us in the right direction!

  16. Great, that saves me a lot of time. Thanks for telling me, Baron.

    But you see how good it is that Steve and Anthony and Doc Inferno keep harping on the ClimateGate Anglican Crew fraud? This would never have happened if they had given us that 98% of the data straight away. They have themselves to blame really. If somebody dies I think it's legit to label it as suicide. Except if it's the whistleblower. Then it's genocide.

  17. Baron and Benito,

    Good to see that you're signing up to fight against the New World Order of politicians and "scientists" and liberals and atheists who want to deny us our god-given right to a free market and to eternal cheap gas.

    Remember, if we don't fight, then the NWO will force the oil companies to raise prices, and then try to blame the price rises on God (for not giving us virtually infinite oil, even though HE DID) and on the the free market (even though a free market would have kept prices DOWN!!!!)

    Fight the NWO!!!!!!!

    Take action against the "scientific" global dictatorship!!!!!!

    For those who want to enlist in the war, there's more here:

  18. Don't forget the coal, dear Anonymous. Why would the Good Lord put all these commodities in the earth if they were not supposed to be extracted?

  19. Baron von Monckhofen10 December 2009 at 10:14

    P.O.E. Slaw: Why would the Good Lord put all these commodities in the earth if they were not supposed to be extracted?

    And why would the Good Lord have given us tobacco, if not for smoking?

    Only the Godless liberal-commies could disagree. Which once again proves that AGW is a religion.

  20. Brian gives a link to some great blog science. Note the North American Temperature reconstruction "adapted" from Moberg 2005, compared to actual Moberg 2005 which has the instrumental record. If it is fair to hide the decline, it must also be fair to hide the incline.

  21. I recently saw St. Rush declare he knew it was liberals from The Getgo.

    Surely if we now know their whereabouts, they could easily be arrested for fraud or hiding or badmouthing Steve or whatever.

  22. Sledgehammer for the truth11 December 2009 at 07:57


    I'm sorry what was the topic again?

  23. Baron von Monckhofen11 December 2009 at 11:09

    Sledgehammer for the truth,

    The topic was the smoking gun. You were right on topic as usual.

    And speaking about smoking, so just what the heck have those environaziinfanticidists got against tobacco?

    Ubi fumus, ibi ignis.

  24. Sledgehammer for the truth11 December 2009 at 15:32

    whew, thanks Baron, thought maybe I was losin' the ol' grip on reality there for a sec...and fumus etc to you as well my man.

  25. Al Gore's lap dog12 December 2009 at 04:41

    You believe that if the word "fudge" appears somewhere in a comment in some stolen code, then it proves fraud?

    So if the word "fudge" would appear in a cook book, then you would conclude that cooking is a fraud, and you would only eat raw carrots for the rest of your life?

  26. Al Gore's lap dog12 December 2009 at 04:42

    Or would that only apply if the cook book was stolen?

  27. So, Al Gore's lap dog, you're implying that if the word "fudge" appears in the code comment it proves the science is settled, is that so? Interesting logic.

  28. Al Gore's lap dog12 December 2009 at 07:37

    Au contraire, my dear denialist. It is your ilk who claim that the word "fudge" proves fraud. But how could something as nice and sweet as fudge prove fraud? It doesn't make sense.

    You have to do much better than that if you want to be taken seriously. I mean, really, who can be so stupid that he/she thinks that fudge proves fraud?

  29. Baron von Monckhofen12 December 2009 at 08:00

    Breaking news: Hitler-Jugend vicously attack climate realists in Copenhagen!

    Definite proof that the AGW-fanatics are nazis who wants to enslave and exterminate humanity.

    Monckton reports:
    Americans for Prosperity had booked a meeting-room in a canal-side hotel, with a live satellite link-up to well-attended chapter meetings all over the United States. As their President was speaking, the Hitler-Jugend, part of a very large, lavishly-funded delegation of jack-trainered, eco-Fascist goons probably paid for by taxpayers somewhere, leapt up to the podium and began a zombie-like, keening chant.


    The next morning, in the Conference Centre, I was accosted by a couple of dozen of the Sturmabteilung and Schutz Staffel wannabes, bleating about how upset they were that my comments about their Hitlerian, Fascist tactics had been broadcast right round the world.

    One of them said, “I am a Jew. How could you accuse me of being a member of the Hitler Youth?” I said, “If you behave like the Hitler Youth than I will call it as I see it. And if you ever break up someone else’s meeting again and trample on other people’s freedom of speech, I will say it again.”

  30. Baron von Monckhofen12 December 2009 at 08:33

    I am still so angry with those Danish nazi bastards that my mouth is foaming! Disrupting a meeting of Americans for Prosperity! What savagery!


  31. I bet they were internal death threats from a whistleblower too.

    Dr. McI. has the measure of these people, oh yus.

  32. Sledgehammer for the truth13 December 2009 at 00:05

    Baron, far be it from me to advise someone of your stature and intelligence, but as one who has a fair bit of experience in foaming at the mouth, I have found that immersing my head in a bucket of cold water sometimes helps. At least until I read the next set of G'DAM LIES FROM THE IPCC AND UNFCCC AND CCCP CLIMATE GESTAPO BASTARDS. Sometimes that doesn't help though, and then I just turn on AM talk radio and throw things at the garage wall while yelling curses. Best to keep the overhead door closed when doing so, so as not to scare the neighbor kids and set the dogs off.

  33. Baron von Monckhofen, thank you thank you for that link. I felt deeply enheartened by the wise words of Christopher Monckton, third Viscount Monckton of Brenchely.

    Especially when he fully exposed the motivations of so-called climate "scientist" James Hansen. It is pure, evil greed. All to increase NASA budgets, and when all those eco-fascist satellites are up in the air, they will spray mind-control substances in our atmosphere and enslave the free world.

    And not to forget his spot-on analysis of how environmentalism has become the epitomy of totalitarianism by being both ultra fascist and extreme communism at the same time. How humble I feel to be allowed to stand on the shoulders of such a political and intellectual giant! Such feats of shock-and-awe-logic were rarely seen in human history.

  34. Al Gore's Lap Troll:

    So if the word "fudge" would appear in a cook book, then you would conclude that cooking is a fraud, and you would only eat raw carrots for the rest of your life?

    You know, my initial reaction was to suggest surely the culinary sciences have not been politicized and corrupte the way the climate sciences have been, but I went to my wife's cookbook anyway and sure enough they even identified the fudges, on pages 68, 202-213, and 217. Needless to say I immediately ripped those pages out, but it left me to wonder if it could really be so easy to eliminate the fraud or if the whole enterprise should be thrown into doubt? I mean, if that's the fudge they'll tell us about, what about all the other fudges in the recipes they won't? Perhaps all of science and anything that involves measurement of any sort has been corrupted beyond redemption and needs to be thrown away and rebuilt from scratch.

    I know you naively go on believing that all is all right and everyone is telling you the truth and continue to plot the downfall of the economy and all civilization, but I feel I must thank you anyway for what has proven to be a real eye-opener for me. I'm almost afraid to flip through my mother's recipes now, I sure hope she hasn't been in on this, but at this point who can you really trust?

  35. ScalesFromMyEyes said...
    "but at this point who can you really trust"?

    Sir Anthony Watss, of course.
    He's now engaged in a further project to have all the raw global data ever re-interpreted by people who know nothing!

    You can't make any phoney "adjustments" that way.

  36. Forget about brains. Are we just jars?

  37. Al Gore's lap dog20 December 2009 at 02:25

    Or are you just brains in Watts?

  38. Because of smoking gun the crime rate increased rapidly.

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