Tuesday 3 November 2009

Met Office Hadley Admits Surface Record Is "Incorrect"

From the horses mouth itself:

A substantial proportion of the September CLIMAT monthly land station summary report data that was sent over the GTS (Global Telecommunication System) was obviously incorrect. For the past few weeks we have been liaising with the sources to gain a version that was correct. As this issue affects a substantial portion of the globe we are not in a position to release a 'global' estimate. Nor will we do so until we are satisfied that an adequate amount of verified data is present.


Just as I expected they are too busy "validating" the data to bother releasing it. Why not release it and let Blog Scientists search for errors? We can publish our results in the Telegraph and in an article on the Register, both Journals with a history of fair-handed reporting on the subject.

I can only guess what "liaising with the sources" means. Sounds a lot like a metaphor for "team science"

Can the IPCC finally be disbanded now?


  1. 'Liaising with the sources', that's what the Maffia does when they don't get their money.

    And since August or so it has only become cooler here! What happened to 'Global Warming'?

  2. Its getting cooler here too - so definitely a global phenomenon. However, I can now prove that the Mauna Loa CO2 measurements are wrong too! I went to Maplin and bought a portable CO2 monitor (£19.99 - and I got Nectar points! - which proves that all the big grants that scientists win are just to pay for their holidays). To avoid external influences I locked myself in my garden shed and sealed the doors and windows. I have then been measuring CO2 levels every 5 mins (6 hours at night as I need my sleep) - and can confirm that they are rising far faster than Mauna Loa suggests! Levels are now approaching 20,000 parts per million. Mauna Loa is still saying 385 parts per million, so they are clearly way off!

    I am starting to feel a bit light-headed though, so I am off to have a little sleep.

  3. UK court proves warmists are a religious belief!

    http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/climate-change/tim-nicholson- a-green-martyr-1648388.html

    Just let them come round my door soliciting donations

  4. Dr Inferno,

    Great post and incisive analysis as usual, well done.

    I note how Hadley put "global" in single quotes.

    Clearly the Team have something to hide here. After years of telling us that the Medieval Warm Period was just a local phenomenon, and not 'global', now we find that 'global' itself is a dubious Team term that has a meaning so obtuse that it requires single quotes. This is outrageous.

    You would think that after the Yamal incident, the Briffa debacle, the Kaufman fraud, and upside-down-mann, that the Team would have learnt something. But no, they continue to use Team "treemometers" and take Team core samples through Team-selected trees and correlate this with Team CO2 measurements on volcano sites next to Team air conditioner units.

    I am beginning to suspect that the Team's influence is wider than commonly understood, which is one reason why I drink only distilled water, or rain water, and only pure-grain alcohol.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    89 posts to blog Professorship

  5. Maybe it's a bit too early, but how can this excellent blog be put forward as a candidate for the Science Blog of the Year Award?

    Could we guys Team up and do some viral marketing, make Youtube flicks, sell T-shirts and mugs, go from door to door in rural areas (no UHI, haha) and send newsletters to basically everyone who loves freedom, liberty and democracy? Wouldn't it be an even bigger boost for the status of this Award and the reality-shifting impact it has?

    Just imagine CA, WUWT and DeDe crushing RC and CP!!! Muahahaha! :-D

  6. I've always known that the deniers were clutching at straws, but this is just desperate. You can't refute anthropogenic global warming with actual evidence so you claim that validating temperature data somehow makes it invalid, and therefore Global Warming Is A Hoax.

    This is just laughable.

  7. Neven, great minds think alike. DenialDepot for science blog of the year!

  8. Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah! Siense Blogoftheyear! Im exited! x

    Anonymous just sed that Global Warming is a hoax and I agree with that. Welcome aboard anonymous! x

  9. Chance has it that nominations for Science Blog of the Year can now be eneterd! I've just read the following on WUWT:

    Last year, WUWT won “Best Science Blog”. I certainly didn’t expect it. Neither did many others. It made a few people angry. It was funny to watch.

    This year, I’m feeling that Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit is more deserving of that award than WUWT for two reasons.

    If you don’t like those choices, some other worthy up and coming climate science blogs are:

    The Air Vent – Jeff Id

    The Blackboard – Lucia

    Some other favorites of mine in other categories are:

    Small Dead Animals – Kate (Best Canadian Blog)

    The Reference Frame – Lubos Motls (Best European Blog)

    He doesn't even mention DeDe!!! Imagine this excellent nail-hitting blog getting nominated and taking the win. Now that would be funny to watch!

    Dr professor Inferno, sir, could you perhaps write a blog entry on this, just like Anthony Watts? Even though 250+ people have already nominated WUWT and CA (they might have just clicked the +-button to keep things tidy, but hey), it still isn't too late. In fact, one person already has nominated your blog, just like I did!

    WUWT won it last year, milked it for all it was worth and what has happened? Nothing! Copenhagen is around the corner, Obamarama is wreaking havoc and lots of people are still wetting their beds. We can turn this into a success and really hit that nail home where it belongs!

    Like they sing in that King Crimson song: 'It could be made into a monster, if we all pull together as a team.'

  10. Vote as many times as you can on one of three people nominating Blog Science finest DenialDepot: http://2009.weblogawards.org/nominations/best-science-blog/

    This could very well be the last nail!

  11. Watts Up With That will win, and may actually deserve to. For it is on that forum that the truth behind the warmists plans to cull at least 2 billion human beings is being ruthlessly exposed by the searchlght of Sound Blog Science.

    Just the other day IPCC Expert Reviewer Professor Richard Courtney exposed the warmist plot and opined

    .I think the genocidal louts publishing here are a disgrace to the human race.

    Now if that does not qualify as sound [and settled] SCIENCE then I don't what does. Inferno will have to up his game to be in with a chance - after all

    The yellow jester does not play
    But gently pulls the strings
    And smiles as the puppets dance
    In the court of the Crimson King

    As the great Pink Floyd sang on their classic album 'Tales from Topographic Oceans'

  12. Baron von Monckhofen8 November 2009 at 13:39

    Horay for Mega-professor supremus Richard Courtney. He cares to oppose evil.

  13. Ah yes, Pink Floyd, great band for people who love freedom. One other set of lyrics come to mind:

    Creatures shaped this planet's soil
    Now their reign has come to end
    Has life again destroyed life
    Do they play elsewhere, do they know
    more than their childhood games?
    Maybe the lizard's shed its tail
    This is the end of man's long union with Earth

    I think that first line especially will appeal tremendously to the glorious Pielke brothers. It's all land use after all.

  14. The Baron wrote:
    "As the great Pink Floyd sang on their classic album 'Tales from Topographic Oceans'

    I took the liberty of putting Hansen and Gore into my PC's anagram prog. to see what it could come up with.
    Lo and behold it churned out "HANSEN OGRE"

    Now admittedly, it's not a Robert Cray supercomputer, but I think it's fairly telling, nevertheless.

    Also, your great prog-rock hey-day themed post reminded me that in almost 40 years since ELP's "Cricklewood Green", not a single paint manufacturer has yet produced that shade.

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