Sunday 8 November 2009

Correcting GISTEMP

GISTEMP is the NASA GISS global temperature surface record and it belongs to James Hansen.

People sometimes ask why climate skeptics criticize GISTEMP so much? Well it started off as a hunch, we felt that if our arch nemesis James Hansen was running it, it must be wrong. If this was merely politics that would be all we needed to believe it was wrong. But this is science and science demands evidence, so dutifully we sought out evidence to back our conclusion.

Here I bring together all the lines of evidence we have manufactured and furthermore I show how GISTEMP would look after corrections.

GISTEMP disagrees with the satellite record

The first piece of evidence is a simple observation. Since 1979 satellites have been measuring the temperature of the lower atmosphere. GISTEMP is trying to measure the temperature of the surface. The surface and lower atmosphere are not exactly the same thing, but you'd expect the temperature trend in both to be somewhat similar.

But look at how GISTEMP shows far more warming than the UAH satellite record. The disagreement is astronomical. This is what Blog Science has been banging on about for years!

Urban Heat Island Effect

Warmists will tell you there is no such thing as the urban heat island effect, but that's a complete strawman because their very own studies say there is an urban heat island effect. In fact they even try to correct for it in GISTEMP!

As Blog Scientists we must assume they don't correct for UHI enough. Blog Science knows that GISTEMP is contaminated by UHI bias. In the following graph I correct GISTEMP for UHI by 0.01C/decade.

If this was the full magnitude of UHI contamination that Blog Science was suggesting we would be just making a big deal about nothing! Don't worry we aren't. So obviously we must be talking about a far bigger correction being needed. Lets try correcting GISTEMP by 0.05C/decade for UHI bias.

That's more like it. We can now see that the allegations against GISTEMP not correcting for UHI make a big difference!

Micro-site Biases

The surface record relies on sensors. Sensors are uncannily aware of the tidiness of their surroundings. They are very partial on having nice tidy surroundings and being checked on by men in smart lab coats. If these conditions are not met they refuse to measure temperature properly and just spin around, warmer and warmer, out of control.

It has been proven by Blog Science that James Hansen hasn't personally kept all the sensor locations tidy. In fact noone seems to have bothered and tourists have left rubbish like barrels and boats lying around, items known to cause warming trends. Even worse some people have installed AC units near sensors. Blog Science knows that by installing an AC unit or a boat next to a sensor, that sensor will read ever higher temperatures each year until eventually the sensor will melt.

Warmists claim that the GISTEMP algorithm statistically detects and removes such significant biases from the record. But as Blog Scientists we assume otherwise.  We also demand to know why science isn't performed like in the movies? Why aren't there teams of good looking men and woman scientists in shiny suits going around in futuristic metallic science vans tidying up the sensors? Blog Science can only conclude that microsite biases are not properly accounted for in GISTEMP and that these biases cause GISTEMP to be too warm.

Like with UHI bias the microsite bias must be somewhat large or else we would just be making a big deal about nothing! So I propose another correction of 0.05C, this time for microsite bias. The following graph shows the total correction (0.1C/decade) for UHI bias and microsite bias.

We see that correcting for UHI and microsite bias has reduced the warming a lot! So much for the IPCC's predictions of children melting within 20 years.

Now lets compare the corrected GISTEMP to UAH satellite record again. The following graph shows that the previous disagreement between GISTEMP and the satellite record has disappeared thanks to our Blog Science efforts. It has been replaced with a new disagreement though.

Now the satellites show too much warming. The conclusion is obvious. It is time for Blog Science to attack the reliability of the satellite records.


  1. Baron Barbarossa8 November 2009 at 13:57

    Brilliant analisys.

    BTW, shouldn't it be anomOly? That's what I read everyweher.

  2. Baron Barbarossa8 November 2009 at 14:16

    Sorry, that should read 'everywhere'.

  3. The satellite data is clearly a MASSIVE LIE. Satellites float in space. We all know there's no air in space, so how can there be a temperature?

    In fact I doubt there are even any satellites. It's probably all a MASSIVE LIE.

    1. Right here is the perfect website for everyone who wants to understand this topic. You understand a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a new spin on a subject that has been discussed for decades. Great stuff, just wonderful

  4. Baron von Monckhofen9 November 2009 at 06:52

    I also wonder why the time axis has to be strictly horizontal. Why not slant it a bit downwards, like you did it upwards here? Just to make the non-warming a bit clearer.

    And as Professor Nils-Axel Mörner did here. (Also pointed out by Tracy P. Hamilton)

  5. I would have preferred to express Time as a Cube, but I settled on a horizontal time axis instead. Mainly because the warmists just complain if it isn't like in their precious "textbooks".

    Dan, the reason there is no temperature in space is because of gravity. The same gravity that satellites fight to stay in orbit drags temperature down. Should we rely devices that fight gravity to measure properties that are in allegiance with it? None of this is even mentioned in the IPCC report..

  6. But this is science and science demands evidence, so dutifully we sought out evidence to back our conclusion.

    That's How Its Done! Hurrah! Could it be that Lewis Carroll was the first Blog Scientist?

    'No, no!' said the Queen. 'Sentence first - verdict afterwards.'

    Of course not! There was no Web in 1865 so how could there be any weblog science? That's absurd. No the honour goes to our great imitator and his SurfaceStations project, for it was he who asserted, before 4% of the data had actually been collected ...

    I believe we will be able to demonstrate that some of the global warming increase is not from CO2 but from localized changes in the temperature-measurement environment.

    Now that 90% of the data is in, it will be great when the peer-reviewed analysis is published and it shows that not just some but all the warming is due to the untidy surface stations. Now if this could be done before Copenhagen the UN could call the whole thing off and save a huge amout of tax payers money, but sadly it seems one of the reviewers is experiencing a delay.

    Perhaps Anthony should just release the raw data so others can do their own analyses in parallel? Don't want Stephen McIntyre accusing him of 'stonewalling' ...

    (Just kidding!) Ha Ha!

  7. Sledgehammer for the truth9 November 2009 at 13:59

    "But this is science and science demands evidence, so dutifully we sought out evidence to back our conclusion."

    DAMN FRIGGIN' STRAIGHT! T'aint IPCC religion we deal in here, but rather factualities.

  8. Profeser Inferno, thanx very much for explaning this. I know its hotter in town especially when i go into Next or Monsoon to buy cloths. Its colder in Tescos but thats only becos of the freezers which maybe cd mean that were heding for another ice age like some peple say. I have to ware a jumperr when I go to Tescos but in Next or Monsoon I just take my cloths off and try on other ones. I think maybe that means that cold is more of a problem.

    HTH x

  9. Vote ofen! -

    All you have to do is vote for DD then close the page open it again and vote again!

    were doing reely well and have more votes than the alamist sites!

    Please please please vote ofen! Im so exited abt this!

    Summer x

  10. It's important to recognize the difference between "correcting" data (Blog science) and "adjusting" data (IPCC grant-whores).

  11. genetically modified organism10 November 2009 at 11:16

    Our dreamy Summer Flower is spot on - go support DD in the weblogawards nominations. This post, for example, is just bursting with Blog Science at least nearly on par with last year's "Best Science Site" winner. And just like data, annual awards should always be shared and never hoarded.

    Thus after last year it would be only natural for DD to win this year. We are all aware here Inferno and Watts are at the same level of Blog Science prowess - now we should make sure everywhere is aware!

  12. Watts acts as if he's the puzzled gentleman, a spin on the honest broker-theme. Dr. Inferno doesn't hide his true intentions and takes the bull by the horns. Therefore Science Blog 2009 this blog should be. A + B = C

  13. Satellites have to be perfectly positioned to correctly measure temperature. If a satellite drifts too far towards the Earth, then it is closer to the incoming IR radiation that it is trying to emasure and the trend will have a warm bias.

    Alternatively, if a satellite drifts towards the sun, the increased solar irradiance will be measured by the sensors (think of the sun as a very large boat or barrel at the center of our solar system). As a result, there will be a warm bias in the trend.

    Of course none of this even considers the color of the satellite itself. Most satellites are black or very dark blue and will absorb heat.

  14. Dr. Zindeln: that reminds me of a chap at the start of the Inhofe minority report, who pointed out that the IPCC hadn't even considered the effect of the sun in their reports. Slam! IPCC is outa the game. I don't even *need* to go and read the IPCC reports myself or do a simple "sun" or "sunspot" search in a PDF of them, I know inhofe's report is SOLID.

  15. Blog scientists, meet blog doctors. In this month's Harvard Business Review:

    "A recent Pew study found that nearly
    40% of Americans say they have doubted
    a medical professional’s opinion or diagnosis
    because it conflicted with information
    they’d found online."

    A precursor to blog doctors: Seinfeld's Tor the holistic healer

  16. Dr. Zindeln said:
    "Alternatively, if a satellite drifts towards the sun, the increased solar irradiance will be measured by the sensors (think of the sun as a very large boat or barrel at the center of our solar system)."

    Hi Doc - I too have been wondering about the reliability of the satellite sensors.

    While I'm half prepared to admit that the conmen at NASA probably did and may even have allowed for the effects on centre of gravity of all that mercury travelling up and down the thermometer tubes inside the satellite, I doubt they tested the effect of that happening while one half of the vehicle is at near absolute zero and the other sunward side just a gnat's breath away from melting.

    The colder side will be denser and therefore heavier while the sunshiny side will be the opposite. The whole satellite could easily twist enough to cause an entirely artificial constriction in the thermometer and create a false record.

    Perhaps this was the effect that Dr Spencer was unconsciously calibrating for when they viciously accused him of being incompetent.

  17. In the first graph, UAH and GisTemp labels appear reversed.

    You have passed the rest of the audit with flying colours though, unlike the NASA fraudsters.

    Speaking of which, you should incorporate a "fraud factor" into your analysis. A good estimate would be to invert the warming. You can be sure that the more deep cooling there is, the more warming the fraudsters show, so this is demonstrably a reliable estimate.

    When this factor is incorporated with full UHI correction, the sharp cooling is evident to all.

  18. Professor Squareroot12 November 2009 at 03:09

    Great piece of investigative science, I doff my cap to you sir. A credit to the esteemed world of Blog Science.

    In fact, my own analyses using a modified version of a regressed upside-down spline of an r derivative yielded almost identical results, the main difference being that mine were back to front as well as inside out. Taking the square root of AAT (Arse About Tit - a coefficient I derived from one of my previous unpublished studies) and dividing it by WWR (Wrong Way Round) I concluded that satellites are absolutely hopeless temperature proxies, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

    Unfortunately, I cannot release my data as I am still working on a method to transform a dataset that is trapped in a relay bank that broke down. I think it's the fuse but I don't know how to open the box. Once that technical hitch is resolved I can get cracking and transform it into teleconnected r.

    I'll keep you informed of the outcome. In the meantime, great work you guys are doing here; I'm sure between us we'll nobble this AGW malarkey once and for all.

  19. The are some excellent, worthwhile and legitimate science blogs out there, for example on Biology (Pharyngula), Evolution (Uncommon Descent), Astronomy (Bad Astronomy), Scientific Malpractice (Bad Science), Technology (Wired) plus the online presences of New Scientist, Nature, Science, Scientific American.

    So what? Who Cares? The top two contenders for Science Blog of the Year by nomination count are truth-telling climate realist blogs; Climate Audit and WattsUpWithThat. I did a quick count of the nominations and as of this morning the totals were : WUWT: 917 CA: 1208. Few other blogs make it into double figures.

    But guess who is lying in third place? It's a relative newcomer, making its debut in April this year, but already gathering enough support to give the longer-established BlogScientists a run for their money....

    That's right! Its Denial Depot with 232 nominations! Well done Inferno and all those who helped get the vote out! We may not have many Team Scientists with us but we are winning the war that matters - the Propaganda war.

    If DD is not selected for the shortlist I for one will demand release of the complete audited minutes from the selection panel meeting! The warmists are not pleased...

    Watts Up is an exercise in collecting every possible claim that opposes AGW regardless of how unsubstantiated and unscientific, deceitful attempts to discredit climate scientists that don't suit their agenda and muttering about an impending Communist World Government...

    Then they slap themselves on the back with such enthusiasm that it's clearly the source of their obvious concussive brain damage.

    "Worst Science" is more like it. If this kook factory wins then these Weblog Awards are completely compromised and meaningless.

    Sore loser! Sore loser! We are the masters now, LOSER! Get used to it! HA HA ENJOY! GLOAT!

  20. Hi Phil! x

    Im geting exosted with opening and closing the page then going down to click on the DD noms again and again!

    Just wanted you all to know Im doing my bit for blog sience! Im not very good at some things apart from the spag experment but i can make a contribushon! Sometimes tho Ive clicked on the WUWT ones cos there are so many of them hope thats ok.

    Summer x

  21. Also wots the Climatadict one? I keep clicking on that by mistake too, sorry.

  22. Following on in Phil's footsteps:

    "Here's my token objection to WUWT's placement in the Science category, instead of Humor.

    "With the release of the revised statement by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists in 2007, no remaining scientific body of national or international standing is known to reject the basic findings of human influence on recent climate change.[71]"

    Please remove WUWT from the Best Science Blog category".

    What these warmist's just don't get is
    - AS IF WE CARE!

  23. chek,

    with rispect, we do care, alot, its just that we care abt the things that mater + the TRUTH!

    Hope you dontmind me saying that.

    Summer xxx

  24. Hi Summer

    Not at all, no offence taken.

    I should clarify that there are things worth caring about that we all care about (the future of our loved ones, such as the stock market/exchange rates/truck/the TV etc. and lesser ones, like how soon that eyesore of a forest can be torn down and push up land values around here).

    Other things, not so much.
    Like what the ICCCP thinks, and those Associations (no doubt echoing with the sound of refeened piahno musique) that are just clubs for those who spend their time snuffling after grants like pigs round a trough.

    You won't catch Steve McinTyres getting a government grant, and that's a fact.

  25. Thanx check, I also care abt the poler bares and I think they shd be kept in zoos so they dont get too cold.

    Summer x

  26. The good Lord knows I'm voting as much as I can. This is important. I want to to see thet Best Science Blog 2009 badge up there on the right of the DD homepage. It lends credibility, you know?. I might just Photoshop one myself if DD by accident doesn't win it.

  27. Baron von Monckhofen13 November 2009 at 07:40

    A Denial Depot victory would be yet another boot in the big blobby buttocks of Al Gore the baboon who wants to enslave & exterminate humanity!

  28. The Council of the American Physical Society just rejected a petition from 160 of its 47,000 members to amend the wording of its absurd position statement on climate change, even though those 160 incontovertibly know the truth so sadly obscure to less astute 'scientists'.

    As ever, commenters over at our competitor for Science Blog of the Year cut through the nonsense to expose the truth...

    'It is very sad, because I do not think that the rest of the 47000 members examined any data. They are just on autopilot trusting on the integrity of the vocal representatives.'

    Obvious really. And the motivations of the duplicitous 47K are laid bare ..

    'There are dark forces at work in the world, who want to enslave us all in the chains of a World Government. They control most of the politicians, media and many other influential organisations like the UN and the WWF.'

    Personally I would rather shoot myself than be the powerless subject of a world superstate run by the Global Elites of the Worldwide Fund for Nature. It may yet come to that. Who is with me?

  29. Phil, I dont want to shoot myself reely and i wish you woodnt too. I dint know we might have to shoot ourselfs. I just want to take care of the poler bares in zoos and to make sure that all the poor poeple in the world have TVs not like the alamists who want them all to die in the snow. My bf sed hed reely shot himself in the foot and i cried but then he said he hadnt reely it was just a saying so i sed why did you say it then and he said cos it was a saying. So i hope what your saying is just a saying like he sed it was. If yr feeling dispear and you need someone to talk to then let me know somehow and ill B there 4U. I think we ned to stik together + suport each uther + love will find a way.

    Summer x

  30. Phil,

    I'm with you. For some time I have harboured similar concerns, and it is becoming clearer to me that the ICCCP is an international Communist conspiracy with an agenda to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids. The time is drawing near when we will need to band together for protection, as the natural processes of climate variability cause a widespread descent into chaos. The ICCCCP will try to take away our trucks/guns/lifestyle, and we must be ready for them.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    88 posts to Blog Professorship

  31. Dr Inferno,

    My apologies for not commenting earlier on your remarkable statistical result - I have had to take some time off from blog science to play a game of racket-ball and attend to some personal matters.

    One thing that struck me is that the scary GISTEMP "measurements" are (usually) colored red. Now why would the ICCCP choose red?

    Red, of course, is the color of alarm and danger, and naturally causes anxiety. So even at this subliminal level the ICCCP is manipulating the opinions of the weaker amongst us.

    And speaking of Summer Flower, she should feel confident that when the time comes we will all protect her from the advancing hoards. And by "we" I mean Dr Inferno and the true community of this, his blog. In the post-ICCCP apocalypse we will need to repopulate and make a better world. Summer and all of us will need to do our duty.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    87 posts to Blog Professorship

  32. Baron von Mockhofen14 November 2009 at 05:05


    I notice that you haven't corrected for the hockey stick fraud in the temperature graphs above. When you do that, it will become clear that it really is getting a lot colder!

  33. Professor Squareroot14 November 2009 at 05:42

    Dr Zideln is of course absolutely bang on in his appraisal of the local conditions that clearly make satellites ill suited to measuring temperature.

    If this were the only problem, then technology might eventually come up with a fix, but unfortunately it is not.

    If you consider a typical satellite transit of the earth, it is clear that any so called 'signal' you might happen to get is going to be little more artificial heat noise. All that has to happen is for a plane to fly between the satellite and earth and there will be a huge heat spike. Stands to reason. Same applies to ships sailing the oceans, traffic jams, hot air balloon events, even barbeques - all random heat events. Then there is the Asian brown cloud - the 'signal' must go haywire as the satellite transits that lot. Moreover, there are rivers and lakes in China that are so polluted with heavy metals they must surely act like amplifiers. The list goes on.

    As all these heat artefacts artificially inflate the 'signal', this would justify a downward shift in the satellite temperature curve of Inferno's last diagram. If this correction were to take the satellite curve below the corrected GISTEMP, and I think there is a strong case in favour of this, this would make a further downward correction of the Corrected GISTEMP entirely reasonable.

  34. Best Science Blog 2009 update:

    Okay, all of a sudden a lot of votes went missing?! DenialDepot held on firmly to that third place - behind WUWT and (maybe even in front of) CA - and is sure to be nominated if it keeps up (thanks everyone for voting so far), but now all of a sudden at least 100 votes have disappeared. Some of the WUWT votes seem to be missing to.

    I decided to ask about this on the Blog Awards forum. I'm asking about WUWT, so as not to raise suspicion (WUWT as last year's AGW crushing winner is well-respected over at the Weblog Awards):

    Topic: votes gone missing, what's up with that?


    There were a lot of votes for Anthony Watts's Blog, Watts Up With That, but now they have disappeared. Why is this? Are people afraid the truth about the AGW-fraud will be revealed soon?



  35. This site has got to be a spoof

  36. Dr.Inferno, how the correction for the UAH graph going? The altering variations in the NEAs orbits are an issue that must be taken in account! I mean who does know what they do to the satekllits? Only astronomers. I havnt seen any of those, but then i do not much go on nigthli walks. I'm just a student in astral studies, but this thing is worrying me. Hoping this thin gets clearedf before publish the results. Or mabe thats not an issue, i don't know... Congrats on your nomination!!

  37. Professor Squareroot15 November 2009 at 04:20

    Dr Inferno
    It has just occurred to me that we have all missed one simple yet vital operation in this in-depth debunking of the satellite data - comparing it to Finnish lake sediment. After that it is simply a case of applying a Mannian flip and bob's your uncle a hockey stick with an upward tick becomes a putter with a downward tick.

    The only snag might be getting it past Steve and the other nitpicking perfectionists over at CA, but peer review itself should be a cinch.

  38. This site has got to be a spoof

    Will you still think it is a spoof when DenialDepot has democratically been given the status of Best Science Blog 2009? Methink not,.

  39. Professor Squareroot15 November 2009 at 05:38

    Dr Inferno

    OT, but I would like to suggest a future thread dedicated to a controvertial and ever-popular issue among blog scientists:

    "How not to measure satellite data, tree rings, lake sediment varves, ice cores, volcanoes, sea temperature, Artic and Antartic ice extent, sea level, cloud cover, solar and cosmic radiation, and everything else involved in climate science".

    Much valuable insight could be gained as it is vitally important to know how not to do a thing.

  40. Inferno, it appears I owe you an appolog; sorry for my misunderstanding.

  41. Bravo, Anna. I do not know what it is you apologize for, but I commend you on your being open to new insights. If only half of the fearmongering panic-warmists were like you, ah well...

    You are one brave young lady and a true skeptic in the making! Bravo again.

  42. Hello doctor Inferno!
    I went for a nightli walk yesterday, to look for those space rocks atlering the variability of the satellites (that's how it's spelled, no?). There was plenty of those likely liberal people walking about, so I had to be careful when to look up. Fortunately there's a strech nearby that has almost no walkers during nights, so I did not have to walk too far. In total, my observation walk was a mile long (huh?), so there was time for only two cigarrettes. Anyway, it was overcast so I couldn't do any real observations. The ounli suspicious activiti on the sky was a pair of what looked like searchlights. I know we are in friendli relations now with the neibporing countri, so it was a bit puzzling. I think the next observation walk might go that way. Yours, Astral student.

  43. Anna,

    I join with Baron Barbarossa in congratulating you for your considered and heartfelt apology to Dr Inferno on the matter of whatever it was that your misunderstanding was about.

    Your polite and rational approach is what distinguishes the DenialDepot community from the rabid anarcho-communist bed-wetting alarmist enviro-jihadists.

    DenialDepot needs more brave, young, and fertile ladies such as yourself and Summer Flower. Welcome aboard!

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    86 posts to Blog Professorship

  44. Prof. Inferno

    Since a few months it has only got colder here, but I don't see that in your corrected graph. I think you need to correct it a bit more.

  45. We all are accustomed to the temperatures being expressed as an anomaly. The anomaly is relative to a *baseline*. That is the trick. By choosing the baseline, you can show any amount of warming you can choose.

    The misleading part is that those warmist scientists stick to a *fixed* baseline. That is because of their fixed beliefs, we all know that. We should opt for a sliding baseline. So the temperature anomaly for 2009 is over a baseline of 1979-2008. Then you will see that all the warming is just a statistical artifact.

  46. Baron von Monckhofen17 November 2009 at 10:11

    And don't forget to correct for the brownshirted Hansen-jugend brigades running around and warming the stations with hair dryers when nobody looks, gleefully anticipating the day when they will be the overseers of the slaves under the New World Order of Green Fascism.

    A bove maiore discit arare minor!

  47. Sledgehammer for the truth17 November 2009 at 12:06

    God these lying temperature sensitive bastards irk me.

  48. Hey Guys'n'gals (you see? That anti-sexism ointment is working!) I just had the bestest of best ideas.

    As I'm sure we all know, Old Weatherman Watts has posted a list of 450 papers sceptical to AGW.
    Well, I say phooey to that.
    450 out of about 27,000 climate related papers published over the past two decades is as piss weak as those old guys and their 0.00001% physicists rebel against the APS baloney.

    Ooooh, scarey.

    In damp squib rating terms, that's like holding a conventional fireworks display at the botton of the Marianas Trench.

    But get this - how many blogposts against AGW, coupled with how many blogposts against Algore would be in the millions - and possibly billions if we all wrote a few by tomorrow.

    If Prof Watts would stop thinking small-time and get his posse with the program, the numbers could make the bankers' bailout look like small change.

  49. OMIGOD Its worse than we could possibly imagine!

    The alarmists are stealing our very vowels! The well-respected poster Smokey at WUWT alerts us to this latest warmist atrocity ...

    Some folks were also commenting here a while back that tamino, or maybe it was climateprogress, removed all the vowels from their posts. They pasted examples, too. Try reading a few paragraphs sans vowels.

    Its Tr! Y Jst Try Mkng ny knd f chrnt rgmnt whn y cnnt s vwls! t cnnt b dn! wht ld f gnrnt bstrds! Dprvng s f r vry vwls! Sht!

    Jprs Crprs! Wr ttly fckd nw! Wht r w gnn d bt t? Hlp!

  50. Speaking of Prof Watts: He has two excellent pieces in a row about the Steel Greenhouse and an eyebrow raising TV weathercaster survey (which proves conclusively that on average weathercasters - and thus Prof Watts himself - are way smarter than climate sceintists).

    You could've written these, Inferno, but the Reverend Anthony beat you to it! Again! This way DD wil never be Best Science Blog of 2009!

    Perhaps you could elaborate on the Steel Greenhouse though. I feel there is still more that can be written about that by someone who has the brains for it. A weathercaster perhaps.

  51. Let's not forget it's important to keep up the analysis here in the comments too. Watts' commenters are waving the flag of Blog Science in the face of Peereview with this sort of thinking:

    "This illustrates that the observed warming is not the world getting warmer so much as it is the world getting less cool."

    Work harder people. Blog science needs you.

  52. Professor Squareroot18 November 2009 at 02:27

    Now is the time to go for the jugular. Peer review is completely outdated and discredited - even Joe Public is catching on. The warmists have shown that it is little more than a ruse and a cover for them getting their pet 'papers' (mumbo-jumbo more like it) published with a nod a wink from their cohorts. Consider also that there are usually only 2 reviewers - ONLY TWO? - complete amateurs compared to the thousands of dilligent blog scientists toiling away night and day on real climate science and on auditing and revealing the obvious shortcomings of the so-called 'experts'.

    It must be made abundantly clear to the general public that the torch of scientific truth is now where it truly belongs, in the safe hands of us cutting-edge blog scientists, and not with a couple of old fuddy-duddies in sports jackets with leather patches on the elbows. That is the new reality, whether they like it or not, so they had better get used to it.

  53. Professor Squareroot18 November 2009 at 03:46

    Dan you're absolutely right about the analyses, WUWT and CA are overtaking us in that respect.

    Actually, I've been doing some investigations at my end and arrived at the following formula, which I'd like to run past you all. Bear in mind this work is still at the research stage - some parameters are provisional while others may need tweeking - that's why I'd like your esteemed input on this.




    TRUTH = Terrestial Real Undisputed Temperature Hubris;
    AHA = Artificial Heat Amplification;
    GOTCHA = Global Off The Cuff Heat Anomaly;
    WARMIST = Wooly Artificially Regressed Idiot Statistical Test;
    STFU = Statistical Test Follow Up.

  54. That's a great formula, but perhaps STFU should stand for Status Testicle Follow up? Boils down to the same thing, but is much more pleasant to pronounce.

  55. Sledgehammer for the truth18 November 2009 at 05:34

    Dan, the world is definitely getting a LOT less cool, and Al Gorithm and the jackasses over at RealClimate are the least cool of the bunch. The remaining cool is found at places like this. And Dr. Inhofe.

    Goddammit these thermal jack o' lanterns get to me. I'm on the meds though, I'll get through it.

  56. The Honest Smoker18 November 2009 at 07:05

    Why put steel around your planet when you can just use a tin foil hat? Cheaper, more stylish...

  57. We started running out of cool when this happened:

  58. Professor Squareroot18 November 2009 at 07:38

    "Boom-Boom Boris

    That's a great formula, but perhaps STFU should stand for Status Testicle Follow up? Boils down to the same thing, but is much more pleasant to pronounce."

    Yes, much more pleasant, I agree. Thanks for that Boris, great stuff. Testicle it is. The only thing is of course warmists don't have any so maybe we could replace 'Status' by 'Sans'. This has the added advantage of introducing a French word, which always adds a certain elegance, even gravitas. This would allow us to change the parameters of the coefficient 'WARMIST' to Wooly Artificially Regressed (or possibly Retarded) Idiotic Sans Testicles.

    To my mind this makes the formula pretty damned cool, but maybe it has to chill out just a tad more. What say ye?

  59. I say I'd go for "Retarded" which means "too late" in French. Very appropriate when it comes to Alarmist Global Warming and Copnehagen et cétera...

    Great Blog Science in action over at WUWT BTW with retards to The Steel Greenhouse. Normally you'd have to go to college to learn about these things. Now you can just stay home, put the computer on and be blown away. Some people whine but they are drowned out by the many compliments for Prof. Eschenbach. And thus it should be always.

  60. I red about the steel greenhouse (my mum has one thats aloominyum) over at WUW? and i thort it all sounded scary. The writer of the artikle sed 'How is it heated from the interior? Doesnt mater. Well say radioactive elements. That sounds sientific' (had to type that out so apols for any type Os). I thort that sounded very good wat he rote. I thort it was somthing Inferno mite say.

  61. I dint understand tho how the heat got from the planit to the greenhouse then the greenhouse sent the same amount of heat back to the planit and also sent the same amount of heat out to owter space. If someone gives me a pound and i give them a pound back and i give someone else a pound then wear did the extrer pound come from. Thats wot i dont understand is up with that but i gess that cos i dont understand fisics. Maybe in fisics you can get extra pounds from nowear.

  62. Btw when i sed pounds i was just saying taht as an exarmpel. My bf ses thats an allergy.

    HTH x

  63. That's just the kind of fresh, open attitude we welcome round here SF, untainted by preconceptions.

    Pure ignorance (without, of course, the negative connotations) is just the ticket when opening your mind to the possible.

    I expect one of our many blog profs will be along with exactly the right answer, efficiently delivered.

    I'd probably just waffle on for 600 words leaving you none the wiser.

  64. Thanx chek x I dont understand all the fancy fisics and the sums but i think sites like this let peeple like me say what they think and thats wat i think is important peeples opinyuns which everybdys entitled to.

  65. Professor Squareroot19 November 2009 at 02:57

    Summer Flower

    "If someone gives me a pound and i give them a pound back and i give someone else a pound then wear did the extrer pound come from."

    Now I should say first of all that I missed Professor Watts's no doubt excellent article on Steel Greenhouses, most of yesterday having been taken up over at CA witnessing yet another climate charlatan by the name of Salzer being shown to have squeezed the air inside a ballon to make one of their false graphs 'fit' a bit better. The Lord of the Treerings had the trick figured out in no time at all, and that was before bender came along to hammer the final nail in the coffin. But I digress.

    I'm very interested in where your extra pound came from. If it's repeatable everyone will be quids in. Now, you say you got a pound from someone and you gave them it back (I presume you borrowed it from them earlier and were giving them it back, hence the reason for the transaction, but no matter). Then, and this is where it gets interesting, you gave a pound to someone else, but not the same pound that you gave back to the person who gave you it in the first place, and you want to know where it came from, hence the scientific intrigue.

    The data you've given us so far are sketchy Summer Flower - not much to go on, and I confess to being perplexed. What else do we know? For example, we know that money doesn't grow on trees, so that rules out its dropping into your hand off a tree due to the force of gravity, and that money is both a gas and the root of all evil (Pink Floyd, 1972). It is also reported to make the world go round and talk, not to mention that it is time itself.

    That's the theory, but as you know good science needs observation and measurement, and the only person with these details is you SF. You alone witnessed this phenomenon and can provide the vital missing link. We need details.

  66. Profeser Squaroot,

    I didnt have any pounds realy - it was an allergy.

    Ive been thinking abt it more tho. Say money did grow on trees and i wos standing under 1 and the money was droping of cuz it was ortum. sum of the money wd bownce of my head ow! sum wd drop down my top so id be geting sum pounds but then when my bra and nikers were full the money would drop out of the bo9tom. the botom of my skirt not my botom. now if my bf wuz catching sum of the pounds droping out and then puting harf in my pokit and harf in his then id end up with more pouinds than i had b4. so i think maybe thast wear the extra pounds cum from.

    I havnt tryed this tho cuz as you say muney doesnt realy grow on trees.

  67. Hey wot do you all make of the email skandle? I think maybe its faked cuz theres no sex in any of it. Nobody rites that much email without sayin sumthing abt sex.

  68. Summer Flower.

    Remember that these are scientists we are talking about here. The lack of sex might actually be an argument for versimilitude. If you deconstruct the work of Mann, Jones or even Briffa the hypothesis that they haven't had a decent shag in ages becomes all too plausible.

    I exclude Stephen McIntyre. He is just pure sex on legs.

    Hope this helps.

  69. You guys are incredibly funny - outrageous! I only came about your blog today, after having planned to do something similar. We are the Friends of Gin and Tonic, Calgary's nemesis to the other "Friends", the "Friends of Science". Our goal is to deny the "Friends of Science" and to create public awareness that CO2 is healthy. in fact, we are trying to get some of the "Friends of Science" into an SUV, seal it and pump it full of CO2. We are heavily sponsored by the oil and gas industry. In fact, we even work in the oil and gas industry and are stuffed with stock options. We don't run our own radio ads but rather attempt to run our own radio. Now we have already been rendered obsolete by your blog. $100 for domain name up in (CO2) smoke. Sigh! But - we will be back, publishing our email correspondence.

  70. The climate borg already attacked the UAH and radiosonde data years ago, forcing it to comply.

    The CCSP SAP 1.1 Executive Summary:

    "Previously reported discrepancies between the amount of warming near the surface and higher in the atmosphere have been used to challenge the reliability of climate models and the reality of human induced global warming. Specifically, surface data showed substantial global-average warming, while early versions of satellite and radiosonde data showed little or no warming above the surface. This significant discrepancy no longer exists because errors in the satellite and radiosonde data have been identified and corrected. New data sets have also been developed that do not show such discrepancies."

  71. Why doesn't your gistemp match the data from this other gistemp?

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