Sunday 25 July 2010

Newsflash: WhatsUpWithIt Irresponsibly Posts Blacklist of Eminent Physicists

Several Eminent Physicists Skeptical Of AGW fear for their academic lives tonight as WhatsUpWithit irresponsibly publishes their names on a public blog: Seven Eminent Physicists Skeptical of AGW

Questions are being asked as to why WhatsUpWithIt, previously a reliable campaigner against blacklisting skeptical scientists, has today published a blacklist of our secret eminent physicists.

Concerns mount that WhatsUpWithIt has been infiltrated by enemies of our Nation. Has WhatsUpWithIt fallen to Red Communism?

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Saturday 10 July 2010

Arctic Ice Continues it's Recovery

Arctic sea ice point blank refuses to melt. Continues to Defy alarmists. Maunder minimum ice recovery confirmed. Ice age imminent? I won't commit to an answer, but yes it definitely is.

Up is Down

Comrades, it has come to my attention that certain cowardly, possibly treasonous, elements in our ranks are questioning whether denial of Arctic sea ice decline is a viable strategy. They have suggested that the recent questionably sharp decline in JAXA arctic sea ice extent is consistent with the so-called alarmist "longterm decline" in arctic sea ice and has therefore put us in a corner. They further suggest that if we rely on The Recovery of arctic sea ice and The Recovery does not in fact happen we will be defeated.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that our strategy of insinuating a Recovery is strong. Claims to the contrary undermine our efforts and provide fodder to the enemy and as such are treasonous and will not be tolerated. Violators will be shipped to the Climate Depot where they will be publicly flogged.

Be aware that The Recovery is merely a forward offensive against the enemy. Our rear is well protected by three lines of defense. At the outer line of defense we deny the arctic ice is in fact in decline. If we must we can fall back to the middle line, that the decline although happening is nevertheless not caused by man. And finally if all else fails we can fall back and hold the final line - that a decline in arctic sea ice is a Good Thing.

Arctic Sea Ice Is Not In Decline

It is hard to deny that Arctic Sea Ice is in longterm decline. But we find ways to do it anyway. We must hold the line. I see far too many young deniers taking flight at the first sight of an enemy graph. Noone ever said denial was going to be easy. In times of doubt repeat to yourself the following Wise Words:

The ice isn't melting. The ice is recovering. It's healthier than ever. The arctic is jam packed with thick, multi-month, healthy looking, well fed ice. It's possibly so thick that it's affecting satellite readings which are confusing the thickening ice with a decline in extent.

When faced with enemy graphs, remember that if extent is dropping then clearly we are looking at the wrong metric. Perhaps we should look at volume instead, unless that is dropping too, in which case we should look at area. If all that fails take a look at extent again because it might have gone up again in the meantime. If not then we should look to regional ice trends or if push comes to shove abandon the arctic entirely and talk about Antarctica instead. This is not cherrypicking because we know there is a recovery it is only a matter of finding a metric that shows it.

The Arctic Sea Ice Decline Is Not Caused By Man

Now is not the time to fall back to this line of defense, but rest assured that it exists. If the time comes we can fall back to this second line of defense, waiting patiently to advance back to the first line of defense at the first sign of the promised Recovery. The first step to denying a decline is caused by man is to suggest other reasons. Could it be wind, the aurora borealis, earthquakes or mystical natural cycles? If that fails and it becomes apparent that the decline is due to rising temperature we can claim the temperature rise is due to the Sun or cosmic rays.

A Decline In Arctic Sea Ice Is A Good Thing
An ice beast posturing in a typically threatening manner

Ice is man's second worst enemy after taxes. Ice is fanatically cold to the touch and walked upon by fearsome beasts. It obstructs the economy by haphazardly getting in the way of oil extraction and shipping. Neither is ice unfamiliar with human tragedy. In 1912 a rogue iceberg in the mid Atlantic was ultimately responsible for the suffering of audiences around the world to one of the worst movies ever made. Noone in their right mind should care ice disappears. It would be a good thing if humans were melting arctic sea ice. If God wanted ice why did he invent the Sun? The real reason alarmists don't want the ice to disappear is probably because they are part of a secret ice worshiping cult.