Tuesday 21 September 2010

Arctic News and Global Cooling Update

Nationalized Snow and Ice Data Center reports large quantities of frozen sea ice in the Arctic. Confirmed by ground and satellite observations. Ships unable to circumnavigate Greenland. Globe Cooling. Warmists baffled.

It is now the warmest time of the year in the Arctic, yet vast quantities of frozen sea ice are being spotted in the Arctic Ocean. So far more than two million square miles of ice have been detected from ships and satellites. NSIDC scientists have warned that more ice is just around the corner.

Paraphrasing Mark Serreze, director of the government funded NSIDC: "There are [reports coming in from] some communities that the Arctic sea ice is recovering, is getting thicker again" 

To put two million square miles of arctic sea ice into perspective, imagine two million square miles of arctic ocean covered in ice. That's 4,146,000,000 Olympic swimming pools.

Public funded scientists at the NSIDC even admit that this figure is a minimum. They predict even more sea will freeze in coming months, a clear sign that we have a very cold winter in store for us this year.

Meanwhile alarmists try to play down the continued Arctic recovery and Global Cooling by drawing trend lines on graphs. Well the numbers don't lie and they are:

  1. The PDO has recently tipped upside down and it's cold side is now facing directly towards us.
  2. The Sun is in a Maunder Minimum. If the Solar Cycle slows down much more it might lose it's balance and topple over. That's what wiped out the Vikings.
  3. El Nino has turned into La Nina. During an El Nino caloric is released from the depths of the tropical pacific, bleaching the surface waters an anomalous yellow. During a La Nina the opposite happens and the caloric is absorbed deeper into the ocean resulting in a bluer ocean surface. Scientists have recently detected anomalous blue hues in the pacific tropics. Even some purples.

And if you are still not convinced the world is cooling try to explain this:
New Ice Age 'to begin in 2014'. Russian scientist to alarmists: 'Sun heats Earth!'

Response to Anonymous Criticism
Anonymous asks: "Can you please explain why you plot the years in the graph in non-consecutive order ? The "trend" you show at the end of the graph covers the years 2007, 2008, 2009 then 2005, 2006 and finally 1996, 1999 and 2010?"

I chose not to go into much detail in the post because I thought it was obvious.

Would you rather I had opted for ordering years in so-called "chronological order"? I hear that's very much in vogue with UN scientists, but it's certainly not in keeping with the rigors of Blog Science. You see any Blog Scientist must question such dogmas and ask if years could not be better ordered in some hither unknown fashion, such as alphabetically. Or, as I did, in order of the most memorable years. Certainly 1996 was such a crucial year in the ongoing arctic ice Recovery that it sticks foremost in my mind, more than any year since. As such it should be placed ahead of all other years on the x-axis. The question mark in 2010 is not asking what the ice level will be in 2010, it's asking "should 2010 even be here?"

Also I notice from your IP address that you are posting from "academia" and yet you have chosen to remain anonymous. That's interesting. Does your employer (the government or UN) know you are commenting on this blog? Have you been directed to do so? Please sign any future comments with your real name, home address and political affiliation.