Sunday, 13 December 2009

Cap Carbon - A Smoking Nail Gun

The image below is, in my opinion, one of the most disquieting images ever presented at Denial Depot.

In my last post I observed the fraudulent state of climate "science" computer code. As part of the continuing exercise to discredit scientists I have also been flicking through Station Temperature records looking for anything suspicious.

Suspicious things that prove fraud include:
  • Warming trends
  • Adjusted data
  • Data that can be described as adjusted (aka "processed", "manipulated", "plotted", etc)
  • References to peer-reviewed "science"

What I discovered took my breath away. It turns out that scientists have become so politically indoctrinated that they are leaving traces of their agenda in their work. The following is an actual station temperature record taken from the NASA GISS site. Check the name of the station:

This suggests that Scientists have been fabricating station names all along. This pratice has only been exposed because, perhaps in a lapse of concentration, a scientist wrote their political objective to "Cap Carbon" on the graph instead fabricating a realistic station name. Then again I prefer to imagine the person who did this was a whistleblower. A whistleblower who became fed up with the fake science of manmade global warming and decided to expose the whole charade. Perhaps Keith Briffa again?
We must now doubt all temperature station names until we can be sure the locations actually exist. Why hasn't the IPCC checked this? So it seems NoHopeInHellHagen has to be called off again. Manmade global warming is based on nothing more than a lie.
The Side Bar: A quick lesson on Plotting Data
The side bar is a feature I use to teach my readers the "dos" and "donts" of science. The previous sidebar covered the team "science" practice of lazily using so-called "exponentials" rather than writing numbers out in their true virgin form.
In this sidebar I want to look at plotting data - what is plotting data and what does it mean for science?
Plotting data is a form of data adjustment and is therefore inherently wrong according to the "keep it pure, keep it raw" data doctrine of Blog Science. Data should always be presented in it's true tabular form, not "adjusted" into an arbitary graphical format simply for viewing pleasure. It's scientifically improper and even slightly amoral to sit there watching images of data.
The IPCC of course have no moral or scientific qualms and so rely heavily on graphs to "prove" global warming. If the public just saw the numbers in a table they wouldn't notice any manmade warming at all, just a load of natural numbers. The alarmist IPCC cannot stand this fact and so they adjust temperature data into graphical format. With a line here and a line there the IPCC know that data can be made to say anything using graphs. Garbage In Garbage Out.


  1. Dearest Dr.,

    To fullt comprehend the extreme depths of depravity, you must really examine the full extent of phony data.

    In my own feeble way, I have tried to corollate it on my piddly little blog, a feeble attempt to contribute to blog science:


  2. Can you hear it? Can you hear that whistle? Somebody at NASA is a whistleblower, and they've opened the firewall that was hiding this data (er, excuse me, "data") so that we can all whistle at NASA's dirty laundry. The whistleblower is perhaps inspired by "Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire" in which the young wizards learn to conquer their fear by chanting "Red Ick You Loss!" and then laughing. And just so, when we see the previously hidden labels attached to the warmist "data" then we can laugh at AGW.

    They say "be afraid, be very afraid . . . (cue spooky music)"

    We blog scientists say, "Hah!"

    Just look at some other station names.

    Gore Bay, Ontario

    Bad Data, Nova Scotia

    Must-a-Fake-a-More-a-Bad-a-Data, Turkey

  3. Dr Inferno,

    An amazing piece of detective work! The Team's fingerprints are all over it. Briffa will probably claim he was having surgery at the time, but without seeing documentary evidence of his hospital admission, I for one won't believe it.

    And further to Ben's comment above, "Gore Bay, Ontario" is suspiciously similar to "Gore Bay, On" which has a station id of 403717330010 (note the difference in the second last digit!). There is also a "Gore Bar, Ont.". What is going on here?! Doesn't CRU realize that "On" and "Ont." are different? There is even, simply, "Gore" at 8.2N and 35.5E. And if that doesn't ring enough alarm bells, The Team, being tricky as usual, tried to hide their tracks with "Nairobi/Dagoretti", but I immediately saw "daGOREetti".

    It is clearly time that we hold a complete review of all station names. We need a rigorous audit log, together with any changes in name/location, the explanation for such changes, justification for the use of special symbols, hyphens, apostrophes, a copy of the certificate of renaming as submitted to an ISO9000 organization, and dated, notarized, proof of all steps.

    It is only through such a complete and openly transparent process that science will progress.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    81 posts to Blog Professorship

  4. Dr Inferno,

    I just noticed some disquietening facts about the plot of Cap Carbon temperatures. See how it stops at 1960? And remember the CRU emails talking about hiding the decline after 1960? Coincidence? Maybe so, but how likely is that? Could this be damning evidence of gross malfeasance, fraud, and grand theft deception? I leave that for others to judge.

    With a bit more digging I'm sure that we will find an upside-down-Yamal hidden in the data. Briffa can try to obfuscate, but sooner or later he will have to emerge from intensive care and answer his critics.

    And to correct my post above, I should have said "Gore Bay, Ont." not "Gore Bar, Ont.". Note how, taking a leaf out of your book Dr Inferno, and in complete contrast to The Team, I immediately correct any errors that I make (not that I have noticed you ever making an error).

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    80 posts to Blog Professorship

  5. Dr Inferno,

    Your post has been up for over 7 hours now, and the silence from The Team is as deafening as the constant wheezing from Briffa's respirator.

    This issue is probably going to be even bigger than the NASA email leaks and the smoking gun.

    If only The Team would submit all their data to you for replication before publication, they wouldn't have this sort of problem. Free the data! Free the station names audit log and database. Only then can we move to the next step, which is to cross-correlate all station IDs with previously published papers, and to demand access to the original raw de-homogenized station ID data prior to the renaming.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    79 posts to Blog Professorship

  6. Baron von Monckhofen14 December 2009 at 04:14

    Here is a picture of Cap Carbon in Algeria.
    It really looks very suspicious.
    Algeria is a communist-islamist country, hellbent on destroying Western civilisation.
    And Algeria is mainly desert. Why did they put the station in a desert country? Well, we all know the answer to that one, don't we? Something for professor Watts to look into, I say.

    Non olet.

  7. Note how the fabricated Cap Carbon data clearly spells out the letters MI. It definitely was going to be used to spell out MIKE. Probably someone stopped the "mysterious" MIKE (we all know who he is) as it could have been too big of a smoking gun for even them to hide. At least back in the sixties, when their gall wasn't as big as nowadays.

  8. And is this a hidden clue? Goes up and down, has a lot of noise but basically just goes sideways ....

  9. The only 'plotting' these scientists are engaged in is a 'plot' to take my freedom away.

  10. Ragged Edge of Reality15 December 2009 at 05:19

    Notice another thing that's bugged me for years with these thermal freaks: the Y axis. "Annual Mean Temperature" it says. Always referring to temperature as "mean". Yeah well your "mean" temperature's the reason you go to Cancun in the winter pal. Not so mean then is it? That graph looks a lot different when it's labeled "Annual very nice temperature". Fact is these people simply hate warmth and will do anything to discredit it.

  11. Ragged Edge of Reality15 December 2009 at 07:20

    The other point of course is that there is no such thing as mean temperature. It's an oxymoron (with emphasis on "moron"). That's why the AGW crowd likes it so much.

  12. There's a whole egghead conspiracy behind this movement that's "adjusting" real, honest-to-God, 3-D world information into 2-D graphicular format.

    I'm rapidly coming to the opinion that if it can be expressed on a page, it's probably not worth reading.

    That'd cut those carbon-capping, Cap Carbon cults off at source.

  13. The comments this week have really advanced the state of Blog Science. I woke up this morning and could feel another climategate coming.

  14. Sledgehammer for the truth15 December 2009 at 19:35



  15. Yeah, and have you noted that if you join the second point to fifth-from-end point you get cooling of 1.2 C!!!!! In 4 years!!!!! That is a rate of 30 C per century, which puts the warmists to shame!!!!! On that basis the temperature should have fallen 17.4 degrees C, which is amazing because the temperature on the weather forecast tonight was 1 C!

    Clearly, if Professor Watts had been doing the forecast he would have got it exactly right (1.3 C), but we can't all be as expert as him.

  16. OMG -- I was trolling over at ClimateREGRESS and found this:

    GORBACHEV: "The latest scientific research on climate change is extremely disturbing. We have a real emergency".


    For those of you who don't know, GORBACHEV is a COMMUNIST!!! Not only that but he killed something like 40 million people before Reagan knocked down the Berlin Wall!


  17. What to think of the station 'Leninabad'? That proves that all muslins are COMMUNISTS.

    22738599001 LENINABAD 40.22 69.73 414 544U 130MVxxLA-9x-9WARM GRASS/SHRUBC

  18. I saw the helicopter again the other day, this time i saw its' color, you guessed it... RED!!! Astral student

  19. Baron von Monckhofen16 December 2009 at 07:13

    Two other stations:



    Bloody lying communist bastards! I hate them, hate them, HATE THEM!!!!!

  20. genetically modified organism16 December 2009 at 11:47

    I have an embarassing Tiger-Woods-esque admission for my Blog Science peers. I know plotting data is wrong and sinful, but I must finally come clean and acknowledge that I like to sneak around on the internet and view graphs of climate data.

    I like only the ones where it shows temperature readings going down. My favorites are of Asian stations, maybe because they seem so exotic. The sick kind that are faked to show increasing temperatures do disgust me as they should. But the heart-pounding feeling I get when from seeing those temperatures bending downward... No, I must fight it!

    I am so sorry about this and the pain it may cause any who know me. I do only look at graphs with at least 18 years of data. I am doing nothing technically illegal, but that does not excuse it, and it is still wrong. When I found myself wanting not just to view such graphs on the internet or in print but wanting also to actually plot some myself, then I knew I had a problem.

    Any support the Blog Science community may provide me while I deal with these demons will be appreciated.

  21. GMO, be strong, man! Contact your local GA (Graphics Anonymous)

  22. Sure, you can find 'Cap Carbon' yet totally miss 'Capo Carbonar'. Makes me wonder who's buttering your toast. It's stations like these we got to be worried about. These are the ones that bring all this cheap, undocumented data into our models, displacing the real hard working American data. Hell, it's not uncommon to find 5 illegal data sets living under one zip file. And most of them don't even speak the same language. Metric system? Puh-lease! You can have my Fahrenheits when you pull them from my cold dead hands. And I'm going to be buried face down so you know what you can kiss first when you dig me up. Hint - it's white and it's hairy. And it's not a polar bear.

    And don't even get me started on stations Gore, Clinton, Clinton #1, Clinton Point NW, and Reidsville.

    There's a storm a comin'. This country better get to building a 20 foot high firewall around its borders. Keep our data pure, just like God intended.

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  35. I like only the ones where it shows temperature readings going down. My favorites are of Asian stations, maybe because they seem so exotic. The sick kind that are faked to show increasing temperatures do disgust me as they should. But the heart-pounding feeling I get when from seeing those temperatures bending downward... No, I must fight it!

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