Friday 1 May 2009

NASA, Not Man, Behind Arctic Sea Ice decline

A submarine in open ice-free water in 1960. I caption this picture 'The implications are obvious'

If there was no ice in 1960, how can claims of arctic ice decline since 1980 possibly be true? None of this is making any sense. Here is a so-called graph from the National Snow and Ice Data-center:

Arctic Sea Ice summer minimas since 1979 (according to the NSIDC). Note they leave off the Submarine Warming Period (SWP)

Why do they start in 1979? Well putting my blog science skills to good use, I navigated a browser client through their website and found a secret folder link named
disclaimer1 - hmm a suspicious name. Nicely hidden but I uncovered it anyway (if you are a journalist for The Australian or another leading media publication, please give me due credit for uncovering this on my own)

The folder contains very interesting information. I have added some bold highlighting at random points:

"Image derivation is from the Sea Ice data product, which relies on NASA-developed methods using passive-microwave data from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F13 Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I). The basis for the Sea Ice Index is the data set, "Near Real-Time DMSP SSM/I Daily Polar Gridded Sea Ice Concentrations", and the NASA-produced "Sea Ice Concentrations from Nimbus-7 SMMR and DMSP SSM/I Passive Microwave Data". The Sea Ice Index was developed with financial support from NOAA NESDIS and in cooperation with NOAA NGDC. Please note that our daily sea ice images, derived from microwave measurements, may show spurious pixels in areas where sea ice may not be present. These artifacts are generally caused by coastline effects, or less commonly by severe weather. Scientists use masks to minimize the number of "noise" pixels, based on long-term extent patterns. Noise is largely eliminated in the process of generating monthly averages, our standard measurement for analyzing interannual trends."*

So NASA are behind this afterall. And worse we find out that satellites are being used to measure ice. Denial Depot has
reported numerous problems with the satellite record before. NASA and the NOAA have yet to respond to these problems or even acknowledge my importance.

But worse we find out these satellites are using microwaves to measure ice! As an experiment I took a glass of ice and put it in a microwave oven. This of course proves nothing, but it does raise some questions. I figured that 30 seconds in the microwave oven would be at least equivalent to 30 years of satellite microwaving. Well my microwave didn't tell me how thick the ice was (of course immune from Team Science I never thought it would), but I did observe the microwaves melting ice.

So is in fact arctic ice decline being caused by sustained subjection of arctic ice by microwave radiation emitted from NASA satellites? Is NASA literally cooking the books (ie ice)?
Is it a coincidence that satellite "measurements" of sea ice and temperature both began in 1979, the year in which Jimmy Carter resumed diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China?


I am only concerned that the reputation of science will be harmed for decades. That and taxes.

I propose to salvage science we must abandon the lunacy of the satellites. Measuring from so far in space is prone to manipulation. A blog scientist cannot go check on the satellites themselves can they? We have no idea what codes and adjustments they have loaded aboard those bloated machines. We should go back to the tried and tested method of deploying
fleets of surfacing submarines to measure arctic ice thickness.

Clarification: Despite what the NSIDC claim, real scientists would never use masks.

Update: In the comments Lars Karlsson points out that

"There is already extensive research proving beyond any doubt that microwaves from satellites cause global warming!"
I haven't read that site enough to bank my reputation on it's concusions, but it does show that the debate over the use of satellites and their role in "warming" certainly isn't over.


  1. I strongly suspect there is a case to be made about intrusive 'information gathering microwave rays' from satellites being behind polar ice melting.

    Have you ever seen what happens to ice cubes in your kitchen microwave?
    I've seen no evidence the IPCC has even checked.

  2. Another nail in the coffin of AGW

  3. And very likely another nail in the coffin of a few dozen unfortunate polar bears unlucky enough to be under the path of Al Gore's death ray whenever it passes overhead.

    Wasn't there a story some while ago on one of those sites - might have been - about microwave crazed polar bears attempting to hi-jack a nuclear submarine?

  4. Excellent work as usual, Inferno.

    The bit about microwaves from passing satellites is interesting, and would account for the declining Arctic ice trend since satellites were first launched. And, as we learned today at WUWT, Antarctica is getting bigger - so clearly there are no satellites overflying the south pole.

    Perhaps satellite-induced microwaving explains the increase in pre-prepared foods in recent years? To protect myself I may start wearing foil on my head, and I suggest you do too...

  5. "Is it a coincidence that satellite "measurements" of sea ice and temperature both began in 1979, the year in which Jimmy Carter resumed diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China?"

    I strongly suspect that ACORN is also involved in this somehow. However, I won't make any concrete accusations. I'm just asking questions.

    -- bi

  6. When are we going to see some brave journalists in the mainstream media start questioning the fallacy of anthropogenic climate change?

  7. Well Josh, brave Andrew Bolt in The Australian has just demolished the whole AGW argument by pointing out 10 Climate Myths [reprinted by the brave Anthony Watts]. In fact I am gratified that his Myth No 2 was very similar to the proof posted here by my good friend Steve Hadley about the lack of ice loss at the poles.

    I for one am grateful that Bolt has debunked the myth (No 10) that climate change has made Tsunamis worse. How annoying was it that every other day (or so it seemed) an true AGW believer would pop up on the TV news screaming that climate change was bring us a tidal wave of new and more severe Tsunamis. Glad to see this one finally laid to rest so we can turn on our TVs in safety.

  8. [Correction - it was the Herald Sun not the Aussie. Apolgies for getting my australian academic journals confused.]

  9. What is it that one sees on nearly every dashboard these days, and was a rarity just a few years ago? I refer of course to the Satellite Navigation device (SatNav). Now where do we see most cars? In urban areas, naturally.

    Could it be that the Urban Heat Island effect is nothing more than the consequence of increased satellite radiation broadcast to these devices in urban areas? Jim Hansen is stonewalling on the size of amount of the urban SatNav adjustments contained in his absurd GISTEMP product. Why would that be?

  10. And what about all those satellite TV antennas?

    I have some experience with casting and moulding and I'll say right now that while it may be good enough for consumer electronic products, there is no such animal as a perfect parabolic reflector that costs buttons.

    I'd imagine all those stray TV signal spills are reflecting around, reinforcing one another and confusing NASA, therby giving the IPCC an excuse to tax us back to the stone age.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. There is already extensive research proving beyond any doubt that microwaves from satellites cause global warming!

  13. "There is already extensive research proving beyond any doubt that microwaves from satellites cause global warming!"

    Thanks, I have added this as an update to the post.

  14. Percy B. Grout2 May 2009 at 13:59

    I think people are missing the main point here. We all know that microwaves are unreliable. But the issue is really how that unreliability is being exploited to serve the warmist agenda, Consider this:

    "Please note that our daily sea ice images, derived from microwave measurements, may show spurious pixels in areas where sea ice may not be present. These artifacts are generally caused by coastline effects, or less commonly by severe weather. Scientists use masks to minimize the number of "noise" pixels, based on long-term extent patterns. Noise is largely eliminated in the process of generating monthly averages, our standard measurement for analyzing interannual trends."*Now let's try an honest translation of that -

    1. On a daily basis our images may show more ice than we will later record.

    2. This is because (we would like you to believe) ice is usually caused by 'coastlines' rather than by the weather.

    3. We get rid of the ice records we don't want to record by....

    4. Referring to the "long-term" records we have cherry-picked to suggest ice reduction and thus defining any extra ice as being "noise" which can be ignored.

    5. By the time we've come up with monthly averages there will be no sign of the extra ice which we have eliminated.

    So, this is an issue of data manipulation to suit a pre-conceived agenda, regardless of how useless the microwaves are.

  15. Inferno, great post as usual, congrats.

    Since discovering this site last week it has become my main source to counteract warmist propaganda. The coverup of the satellite being damaged prior to launch was amazing. And Gavin is completely silent - I'm sure he is reading this blog. His whole precious GiSSTemp analysis has been shown to be underpinned by a broken satellite and he just ignores the outcrys, hoping they will go away. I trust DenialDepot will keep up the pressure.

    And now we have clear evidence from pictures of submarines that the whole Arctic ice theory is a sham. So much for polar bears floating on ice blocks, or the 18-month old photos of the Wilkins ice melting, which was only a breakup not melting. The degree of deception amongst the warmists is amazing. And don't even talk about due diligence or archiving data paid for by our taxes.

    Out of interest I tried to reproduce the sea-ice graph:

    ylabel ('Extent (mission sq km)')
    grid on
    n32 = (n2-n3)/2;
    n231 = n230 -mean(n23);
    s3ind = find(1-isalpha(s2));
    disp(['size(s3ind) ' num2arc(sign(s2ind))])
    s3mean = mean(s2(s3ind));
    n23s2mean = sigma(n230(s3ind));
    But I got a message:

    syntax error near unexpected token `'Extent (mission sq km)''

    If the NASA warmists archived the data and the code then we wouldn't have these sort of unnecessary duplication of transcription errors.

    My only disappointment about this blog is that people are posting comments from anonymous or obviously false identities.


  16. Dirk Hartog said...
    "My only disappointment about this blog is that people are posting comments from anonymous or obviously false identities".

    Good observation, "Dirk".

    I've long suspected Al Gore and James Hansen are frequenting this blog in order to push their warmest agenda by stealth. Though they've not shown their hands just yet.

    Indeed I was saying something very similar to condensologist Erasmus P. Wildebeest on MSM messenger just yesterday.

  17. Percy B. Grout3 May 2009 at 14:50

    Dirk Hartog said...
    "My only disappointment about this blog is that people are posting comments from anonymous or obviously false identities".


    Editor. I have other interests.

    check, what is a 'condensologist'? I don't believe I've ever had a relationship with one, though I may have done so unknowingly.

  18. Percy B. Grout3 May 2009 at 15:36

    Note to Inferno:

    In my view, what we need here is a system of 'recommending' (showing support for) the good comments. I think this would drive the blog above WUWT (which, don't get me wrong, is an excellent blog) in next year's Best Science Blog awards. That way we could jump to the good comments - for example, the ones pointing out the Goreist agenda - and skip the trollist warmist agenda ones. Given that this is a science blog, I think this would be a very scientific indication of the scientific assessments being made here.

    Just a thought.

  19. Summer flower3 May 2009 at 16:49

    Hello, I'm trying to learn more about climate warming, and a frined recoomended I should look at this internet sight. Im sorry, I dont know anything about submarines, but can I ask questions? What I want to know is why are the scientists saying its getting warmer when it isnt really? I got my bikini out last sumer but I had to wear a jumper! Lol! Sorry if this is the wrong sort of question. Thank you anyway xxx

  20. Percy B Grout said:
    "what is a 'condensologist'?.

    It's not a field I'm familiar with either. According to 'Ras it's so cutting edge it hasn't even got a wiki page yet, though apparently OISM are considering opening a faculty when the hay's been cleared.

    As I understand it, it involves the study of cloud nuclei and the long term effect on albedo of increasing exposure to satellite microwaves leading to temporal prolongation of the water cycle. Potentially it has may yet prove that CO2 is an inconsequential GHG compared to microwaved light-water droplets in the longer term.

    The explanation included some fancy math with a shitload of pluses and minuses in parentheses like so - (+) and (-) - sometimes not even on the same line! I just nodded sagely but it looked like the real deal to me.

    There was also some quantum mechanics in there which is way outside my field of expertise (you know the kind of thing - if a quantum mechanic services your car and there's nobody there to see it, did it actually happen? etc.
    (See alsoödinger's%20_mechanic )

  21. Slackhammer for the truth3 May 2009 at 18:10

    Good call Percy. I recommend any and all comments which promote bikini wearing, given that such will be on the decline with the coming ice age.

    Summer: remember to always get your science from bloggers, not "scientists". And I think you meant "internet site" n'est ce pas? On second thought, "sight" might be appropriate where bikinis are involved.

  22. Ragged edge of reality3 May 2009 at 18:17

    Note that the flag is not wet (else it would be drooping). Clear evidence that the black beast has been cruising at the surface for quite some distance. Perhaps hundreds of km is not outside the realm of the barely conceivable. Another nail in the ol' AGW coffin perhaps? Just asking.

  23. Finally, an open question, free of any assumptions. But I think you can go further and the answer is staring out at you in the photograph in the top post. There are even earlier photographs showing subs surfaced with more ice surrounding them. There has ben more sub traffic over the years - wasn't there an incident betwen a Russian and a US sub one October a few years ago? It's entirely possible, then, that the subs are transporting heat into the area, both their own heat and the warmer water that gets dragged behind them into the cooler Arctic. Other photos have sub sailors standing on the ice and they are wearing dark clothes, which absorb more heat from the sun and therefore heat the surrounding atmosphere. More people are on the ice as the years go by. The beleageured Caitlin team is just the latest example. I don't know how to do the maths for this, but it should be possible figure out total heat contamination from humans and subs and other devices introduced into the Arctic (as well as from the microwaves) and see how much that offsets the supposed warming from atmospheric changes, if they've actually happened.

  24. I know I've suggested this about other things. But have you asked NASA for the complete records of all satellite emissions over the last 50 years?

    I actually think they don't have any, they're busy monitoring so called greenhouse "gases" but no charts of microwaves have ever been seen. Just a guess though, but that's how all good blog science gets started.

  25. There is of course a famous photograph of submarines surfaced at the North Pole demonstrating that an ice-free pole is an utterly mundane occurance. But what is less frequently mentioned is that the North Pole is not now where it was when the photo was taken - due to precession of the Earth's axis. In fact the axis moves by about 5 arcseconds/century, with a consequent redistribution of solar radiation over the area. Imagine sitting outdoors on a table with a patio heater in the centre and several thermometers placed on the surface. If the table is rotated underneath the heater while the centre of rotation of the table is moved by 7 arcseconds, clearly the readings from the thermometers will become biased and require adjustment to get the 'true' reading. The size of Hansen's 'patio heater' adjustments to the Artic surface stations remain a closely guarded secret. Quelle Surprise.

    Could shifting of the Earth's axis explain the alleged warming of the Arctic and historically the olive groves and vineyards of Greenland? It may sound off the wall, but stay with me, I am far from the first scientist to contemplate the idea ...

    it occurred to me that if the earth did change its axis of spin, or careened, slightly, or significantly in the past, then that would have had the interesting effect of moving regions which were once in the tropics, perhaps into more temperate zones, and those in the temperate, perhaps into the arctic zones. We can change the climate of a place simply by moving it about in space? ... This would result in the illusion that a particular region suffered a severe climate change, which in one sense is true, but this was only because that region was moved to a different latitude by a change in the earth's attitude around its axis of spin. The earth's overall thermal balance would not have changed, but only appeared to have changed from a misinterpretation of the evidence. ... This then suggests that during the Medieval warming period Greenland was closer to the equator, and afterwards was moved further north to colder latitudes as the result of some cosmic interaction. That also means that Europe moved to colder climates. Is there any evidence for that? Seems so, if the Korean Choson Annals are anything to go by, as well as the necessity to change the Gregorian calendar, at the time. Of course much research needs to be done in this area, but if no one accepts this, then funding of course will not be allocated. Same old story of facts being quietly ignored by denying funding.

    Louis HIssink SourceNo doubt Hissink's ideas will be dismissed by the Group Thinkers of the IPCC priesthood, as were Galileo's before him - but Hissink is no negligible fringe nutjob figure. No sir, he is editor of The Australian Institute of Geoscientists Newsletter and was selected as one of 650 prominent and sceptical scientists by the freedom- and truth-loving Marc Morano.

    Hissink expounds further on his ideas here ...

    I propose this blast of reason as 'quote of the week' Climate scientists and the Greens are not repositioning the deck chairs on the Titanic, they are actually screaming about the position of specks of dust on the armrests of those deck chairs.Hear Hear.

  26. Hissink's theory even has support in Scripture, so how could it possibly be wrong?
    This is not the first time that shifts of the earth's axis were noted in the historical past, the most infamous being the biblical Joshua Ben Nunn event who commanded the sun stand still by pounding his staff on the ground. Of course no man can do that, (but advocates of anthropogenic global warming assert that while man cannot stop the sun, he surely can change the weather, though it then strikes me that as the devout believe Joshua did stop the sun, then changing the climate would seem a trivial exercise for the devout, whether divine or secular - ask Sir David King - thereby confirming Michael Crichton's observation that anthropogenic global warming is a religious belief rather than scientific fact).I really laughed so I fell off my chair when I read the last part about AGW being a religion - it is so spot on.

    Hissink has also revealed the climate models (glorified computer games) does not take the heat from earth's interior into account.
    As far as the earth is concerned, and from a geological perspective, 99% of the earth's mass is hotter than 1000 degrees Celsius, and 1% of the earth's mass cooler than 100 degrees celsius - statistics here.
    Given the mass of the solid earth is somewhat greater than that of the atmosphere, of which 0.033 percent is CO2, a simple physics 101 calculation of the heat balance might suggest that the contribution by CO2 to the earth's surface temperature is, for practical purposes, irrelevant.

  27. Hre is more evidence that the climate models are completely wrong, from Viscount Monckton!
    Check out the graph on page 5.

  28. Phil,
    Nice pointer to this Hissink fellow. Between his work and Gerlich & Tscheuschner's courageous paper, it should be clear that there is no greehouse effect on earth, or any other planet, at all! That we are not subzero is a miracle.

  29. Temperature is felt differently by everybody. My girl friend can take hotter water than me in the shower - and her skin is 9 times thinner (the occasional sub pops up, too). Temperature is a relative concept, like pressure. Ever hear the term 'relative pressure'?

    That's one of the things that troubles me about pro-AGW "science". They base their measurements on arbitrary 'standards'. They describe temperature anomalies being apart from some kind of 'normal'. What's 'normal' if we all feel it differently? No two thermometers are exactly the same, either. Hell, even the standards have different standards (Kelvin, Celcius, Farhenheit).

    By studying this particular example students should begin to realize that arbitrary standards are used to determine the fixed values on a thermometric scale

  30. Shocking "compre-hensive" report shows the real problem: The ice is sited in the wrong place!

  31. Percy B. Grout4 May 2009 at 11:33

    Great find, CapitalClimate - a truly compre-hensive review of the problem.

    Please note that Anthony Watts does not take the cheap opportunity to apply any Mannian pseudo-statistical jiggery-pokery to his findings - he just presents them as they are and entirely properly allows us to use our imagination to draw appropriate conclusions - and it doesn't take much imagination to realise that any inadequacies in temperature measuring will have been entirely in favour of the warmist agenda. What may not be immediately evident is that not only is the US unreliable but it is being made more unreliable by the installation of more and more air-con units around sensors and the pouring of extra concrete around them with each passing year. Therefore, before trying to quantify the warming effect this has had on records (which Watts very properly avoids, as one should expect of a true scientist - let the evidence speak for itself) we really need to go back and photograph them all again.

    I once had an intimate relationship with a gal who worked at one of these meteo stations and I can tell you that she was never on the job at the right time and, frankly, she faked her vital statistics, so I am not surprised by these revelations.

  32. Hre is more evidence that the climate models are completely wrong, from Viscount Monckton!Lars, I fear you are missing Monckton's irony in that piece [hint: he includes a deliberate misrepresentation in a piece on deliberate misrepresentation, this is true genius]. You see, Monckton has risen above the shackles and petty limitations of mere evidenced based work and now practises postmodern science. Just as a great novelist will use invented characters and fabricated events to reveal a profound truth about the human condition, so the postmodern scientist will occasionally use 'made up stuff' the better to clarify the point and reveal the truth. What is truth anyway? In the piece mentioned Monckton's representations of the IPCC projections are no more than what the IPCC meant to say.

    It is up to the reader to 'deconstruct' those elements that are factual and those that are more 'impressionistic'. As an added benefit, it relieves the scientist of the tedious burden of answering every tedious nitpick and pettifogging detail about his results. Entering this new modality can be a little challenging at first, especially for those brought up in the old, dare I say, fusty, tradition of objectivity, so I'll start you off with some examples from Monckton's ouvre that are not meant to be taken as literal truth...

    This graph, This graph and this graph. His claim to a share of the Nobel Peace Prize is of course meant satirically. Likewise, in the post modern realm there is no inherent contradiction in starting an article ...I shall refrain from any ad-hominem remarks of my own, and shall answer what little science there is ad rem and concluding with .. Another blogger commenting at FalseClimate on Schmidt’s attack on me was John Mashey, who appears very frequently as a commentator on another tendentious blog, funded by a convicted internetgaming fraudster who owns a solar-energy corporation and accordingly has a financial vested interest in promoting the “global warming” scare. Schmidt himself is a colleague of James Hansen, whose 1988 presentation to Congress of an exaggerated graph predicting future temperature increases of a magnitude that has not occurred, is said to have started the climate scare. Hansen, whose 1984 paper Schmidt misstates in his second attempt to discredit me, is linked financially and politically to Al Gore through repeated donations of many thousands of dollars to Gore’s re-election campaigns and to those of John Kerry, whose wife recently gave Hansen at least $250,000 from a charitable fund she administers.Lastly when Monckton refers to himself as “a member of the Upper House of the United Kingdom legislature” e.g. in a letter to two American senators, this refers to the status he deserves rather than that which a misguided House actually afforded him - when in an election for a Seat in the House of Lords, following the death of Lord Mowbray and Stourton two years ago, he received precisely zero votes.

  33. Summer Flower4 May 2009 at 14:42

    Hi guys :-)

    I read that report that CapitalClimate linked to (thanks CapitalCLimate xxx) and I think its saying that the mesurements are all wrong. Is that right?

    Cos I think that wd explain why its not hot like their saying it is. I think its been realy cold.

    Thanx xxx

  34. Summer Flower

    Off Topic, but I think I love you. Will you have my babies?

    On Topic, it is worse than you think...the measurements are not only all wrong, they are all all wrong in the same direction.

    I mean, what are the chances of that, every last one of the poorly-sited stations produces a warming bias!?

    Very nearly incredible, an impartial observer might comment ....

  35. Oh, Summer Flower ... what Phil said, but me first. May I lay my eggs in your thoracic cavity?

    And yet even more on topic, this is a good blog. Clearly the best blog, or would be if you could work in some of god and the universe, and a few horrible screaming monkeys. Gave me reason to go on living, it did.
    You GO, inferNO!

  36. Summer Flower shows an inquisitiveness that is becmong of a true skeptic, and her sincere efforts should not be sullied by these gross displays. Make like the planet and cool off, gentlemen!

    To get us truly back on topic, Arctic sea ice extent is almost back to normal. Will subs be able to surface there now and into the future? Hopefully there will be enough melt around summer to allow reconnnaisance of the ice. Science must continue to have access, whatever the results. Only by actually being able to visit the North Pole will we be able to assess if the climate is really changing there.

    Summer Flower, I could perfectly understand it if the odious comments above put you off visiting this site, but I hope that you will forebear. If your feeling is otherwise, I will post my email address, if you wish, for us to have a proper conversation on these important matters.

  37. SF, you really don't need to worry your pretty little head about the warmest scare stories being hyped by Boris Gore and Igor Hansen.

    As the good Viscount says, it's all designed to appeal to misfit yellow bedwetters too green to be red.

    Talking of red, I really like a nice dry cabernet when I'm cooking a good pasta for somebody special. How about you?

  38. On the latest WUWT post by Herr Prof. Steve Goddard, commenter MattB nicely sums up the past few posts here by asking:

    "What are the possibilities that certain satelite detectors are more susceptible to cosmic rays?"

    I _am_ impressed that he took the words right out of our mouths. It's true that blog science is better than peer review!

  39. Careful of "Summer Flower," boys - I suspect she may be a warmist mole. As we know, it's approaching summer only in the Northern Hemisphere now, but there's a cooling trend on - only a warmist would slip up and pick an assumed name that runs against Mother Nature...

    (Summer, if you are real, perhaps I could help you stave off the cold spell? I have some ideas for a local warming event...)

  40. Moderator, I am sure we would be obliged if you would start doing your job and remove all this unscientific gossip and innuendo. I saw her first.

    In the meantime, here is a joke

    A climate alarmist and a climate realist are on a train. 'Look' says the alarmist, 'there are 15 black and white cows in that field.'.

    The realist looks up and performs a quick count. 'They are black and white on this side' he observes, sagely.

    I trust the moral is obvious.

  41. Summer Flower5 May 2009 at 06:40

    Boys! I think yr all being cheeky!

    I think luv is a good thing and if we all had more of it we'd be much happier except for the black people in africa.

    Senator Inhofe has said that soot is a bad thing coz it makes the snow dirty. Do you boys agree?


  42. Percy B. Grout5 May 2009 at 07:13

    Hello Summer,

    This is a very good question about Inhofe, a man with the knowledge and perception to have described the Gore as being "full of crap".

    It's important to realise that the 'black carbon' (soot) Inhofe is concerned about is that which is produced by poor people in their miserable hovels. Poor people have no concern for the environment and thus burn (excuse me) animal droppings for cooking purposes. This does, indeed, make the snow dirty. Rich people, on the other hand, cook mostly with gas and electricity or with microwaves. This is very good for the environment, producing CO2 which feeds the plants.

    The poor people probably need to stop cooking and to eat fresh salads instead, which would be much better for them. Unfortunately poor people tend to favour fried foods, so there will probably need to be enforcement.

  43. Phil,

    I've heard the cow joke before, but in a modified version:

    The alarmist says he spots 15 black and white cows. The realist DOESN'T LOOK UP and says, "Proove it!"

    Now there's some real scepticism for you!

  44. Finally, a study into whether local temp changes play a role in belief in Global Warming:

    Apparently it really does in the US if you're politically liberal (see the 3rd bar on the 3rd graph down). There seems to something in the 2nd bar too, but I think those data have been adjusted. And does anyone else find it suspicious that no one on a submarine at the North Pole was canvassed, conveniently leaving out the history of thin ice?

  45. Yeah, I find that whole "Ice Station Zebra" cover story less than convincing.

    If you ever see any of them being interviewed, they're shiftier than Neil Armstrong at a "what happened on the moon" show and tell.

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