Tuesday 5 May 2009

April Numbers Just In: Visits To My Blog

Unlike Global Temperature My Reader Count Continues To Soar

Just thought you should know my reader count looks like a hockey stick. Ie accelerating upwards. This is part of what Blog Science is all about - looking at relevant and important numbers. Such as my blog visit statistics. You may not be aware of these numbers so I will ensure you see them by providing regular monthly updates against you. Feel free to discuss the numbers in detail.

If you need the raw blog visit data for Auditing I can provide you with formatted data, metadata, R scripts for reading them and change logs. I also have the data in mp3 format. For your peace of mind all this data is backed up on two version control systems, my hotmail inbox, two hard drives and 3 USB pens which have been hidden at strategic locations within a 2 mile radius of my home. Now ask yourselves, why don't the so-called "scientists" put as much effort into data integrity as I do?

On a less serious note here's a funny video that had me in stitches.

At the weekends, in between poring over my blog visit statistics, I also like to spend a few hours trawling the internet for examples of warmist misfortune such as the above. You know, photos of warmist protests in the snow, or articles about warmists going on arctic expeditions and running into potentially fatal difficulties. Funny stuff like that which proves my point.

Shoutout to new Climate "Denier" Blog

If you haven't already read Blog Scientist Jennifer Marohasy's blog take a look. It seems to be modelled on DenialDepot, although in my opinion a little less coherent. Although don't take that as an insult, sometimes you do need a bit of waffle to flesh out a blog post. It was a nice touch to include her name in the blog title though, wish I had thought of that.

Ever wondered what Greenpeace is? Did you think it was a band? A political party? Learn the truth from Jennifer that Greenpeace is in fact "a large global corporation broadly committed to ‘saving the environment’"

On everyone's mind lately is the question 'just what are computers?' No what are they really? Learn from JenniferMarohasy.com that "Computers are a tool allowing many calculations to be done extremely rapidly"

Also learn about the work of a geniusman called Ferenc Miskolczi who single handedly disproved manmade global warming in some way or other. In the words of Jennifer "here I do not want to entangle myself in theory, explanations and interpretations of how these relations come about. I just want to stay with the simple facts". Exactly. I could get into the theory. Easily. But I don't want to right now. Lets just stay with the simple fact that Miskolczi proved the warmists are all wrong. Only a few people around the world truely understand what Miskolczi is even talking about. It's that brilliant.

Anyway good luck to Jennifer and her new blog. I wish her nearly as much success as I have already had (check out my visit statistics if you need a refresh of that)


  1. Miskolczi ... yet another nail in the coffin of AGW.

  2. There can't be many nails left now. Fast comment by the way, you should consider a career in Auditing.

  3. Percy B. Grout5 May 2009 at 13:31

    Superb statistics there, Inferno. I would say that the trend exceeds 95% probability of being the 'Best Science Blog' winner for the coming year.

    Mind you, I've made at least 200 visits here myself, so I am somewhat puzzled. Is there an exponential missing from the y axis?

    As for the video, you think that's funny? Bloody alarming I'd say, and a sign of things to come.

  4. Asking the right questions can sometimes be revealing. Over on RealKlimat somebody asked where in the peer-reviewed literature Miskolczi has been rebutted. The responses were predictably feeble, he had only been published in an 'an obscure Hungarian meteorological journal', 'no legitimate scientist would be inclinded to waste valuable space in a peer-reviewed journal article to reference, let alone rebut, inaccurate statements published elsewhere in a hack journal', 'Because it is self-evidently rubbish. It’s like asking for a peer-reviewed rebuttal of a claim that the moon is made of green cheese. '

    Sheer handwaving. So by the rules of science, the published journal article wins, this Miskolczi must be onto something.

  5. Well I have tried to rebut Mskolzci several times, but I can't even spell his name, so I gave up.

  6. This is great news! Good to see your important work is getting the attention it deserves. One question -- is it possible to subscribe to the mp3 of your daily site stats as a podcast in iTunes? That would be very convenient for me. Thanks for everything!

    - Big Fan

  7. Summer Flower5 May 2009 at 14:51

    Gosh, it's just amazing to think Ive done my bit to contribute to those statisics! xxx

  8. I add my congratulations to inferno for the size of his soaring hitcount. This place is fast becoming blogtastic! It is pretty clear that this century will be the one in which Blog Science overtakes its 'conventional' rival as the most efficient way of determining the truth about the world around us.

    Surely the scrutiny that each new post on blogs like this receives from literally millions of independent eyeballs within milliseconds of publication is far superior to the sluggish, incestuous, corrupt, political and confirmation-bias-ridden peer review process. Surely the painstaking Audit and research effort that went into Steve McIntyre's identification of a problem with the data feed into GISTEMP (you remember - Hansen was forced to revise the global mean temperature estimate by a humiliating 0.001C) is equal to anything going on atop those ivory towers. Surely Anthony Watts' recent impartial dissertation on the reliability of the surface record (with literally dozens of photographic illustrations) is a more valid contribution to the sum of human knowledge than the majority of Masters thesisesis's. Viscount Monckton's recent valedictory speech to the Heartland Institute must be several times more inspirational than the lukewarm porridge being handed out to our young people by the likes of the anonymous and cowardly self-styled 'Eli Rabett'.

    And yet, one criticism is constantly levelled at these and other amazing human beings - they lack academic qualifications and titles. [As if the lack of a Professorship stopped Einstien writing the Special Theory of Generality!]. But a solution comes to mind ... what is to stop us establishing our own, parallel system of Blog Science Qualifications?! I leave the details to others [perhaps we could harness the power of blog polling in some way, that is after all a robust method of measuring something or other].

    To get the ball rolling I nominate the following academic awards for immediate conferall:-

    Blog Professor A. Watts. To be awarded the Blog Chair of Acute Photographic Instrumental Uncertainty.

    Blog Professor S McIntyre for services to Applied Statistics.

    Blog Doctor S. Goddard. Prunus emarginata adlegoNot sure about Monckton, after all he already has a Gold Nobel Prize Pin. Maybe an honourary Blog Doctorate in Communications?

    The concept of Blog Qualifications is clearly in its infancy, I invite further nominations from the rapidly-growing DD fraternity of those deserving of recognition - there must be many many more.

  9. I was doing research for a college essay about global warming and came across your blog. Good job man! More people need to have their eyes opened to the truth of the matter. Global warming is a political scam. I may not be well recieved with the essay I am writing, but hopefully at least a few pairs of eyes will be opened.

  10. Thank you so much for the pointer to Jennifer Marohasy's blog. With teh Internets being so infested with warmist propaganda these days, it's hardly safe anymore for a self-respecting blog scientist to wander online without being assaulted by their lies. It's especially gratifying to see that debunking warmism is so easy, even a woman can do it!!

  11. Sledgehammer for the truth5 May 2009 at 18:00

    I want the data, the metadata, the scripts, the logs, two copies of same, your hard drive, your backup drive, your email account password, and names, numbers and e-addresses of 3 references. NOW! Any delay whatsoever and I'll slap a FOIA on your posterior faster'n Al Gore can throw down a plate of pasta. I'm calling you out Inferno. This is hardball and you're looking at a 4-seam fastball mr super blogger.

  12. Rackin' my gray matter for the cause5 May 2009 at 18:45

    Inferno, clearly your blog is the best--numbers don't lie ('cept Gore's numbers, but those are really statistics, nor numbers per se). However Jennifer states this so beautifully I wanted to repeat it here:

    "OUR understanding of the natural world does not progress through the straight forward accumulation of facts because most scientists tend to gravitate to the established popular consensus also known as the established paradigm. Thomas Kuhn describes the development of scientific paradigms as comprising three stages: prescience, normal science and revolutionary science when there is a crisis in the current consensus. When it comes to the science of climate change, we are probably already in the revolution state"

    I mean can that girl call it like it is or what??? We need more people speaking up against the "progression of facts" nonsense. However, I do think it would be slightly more accurate to say that "we are probably already in the 'turmoil and chaos' state" (not explicitly one of Kuhn's states but I think if we just put an imaginary regression line to his terminology, it's pretty clear that's where it leads), with the AGW "scientists" scurrying around like rats on the proverbial sinking ship under the heavy artillery of Jennifer and yourself.

    May the blade of your hockey stick become the handle. May th 'progression of facts' say hello to the dustbin of history. May the revolution be televised!

  13. Inferno,

    Thanks for posting your visit in actual numbers, rather than those dreadful "anomolies" favored by the AGW choir. Enough of all that mumbo-jumbo about inferring the population from the sample - just give us real, honest numbers! Lies, damned lies (sorry, Summer), and anomolies, as I always say.

    Just as a note about PR, though, I'd consider staying away from the "hockey stick" analogy - would you consider updating the curve's description to "half of a pinking shear"?

  14. Rackin' my gray matter,

    Thanks for using the word "paradigm" on this blog (in the quote from Jennifer). Thats a word we should use more often. Like "the Gorian global warming communist fascist paradigm scam has been overthrown by the revolutionary (or maybe I should say 'counter revolutionary') discoveries of Miskolczi."

  15. Inferno

    Fair-dinkum (that's ozzie lingo(Australian vernacular for true-blue (that's ozzie for fair-dinkum(did I put the brackets in the right place,(I'm from downunder))))):)

    If Manne et al can do hockey sticks, so can you!!!

  16. Mainly I'm surprised Percy hasn't had a relationship with someone in webstats.

    Way to go inferno!
    If the present trend keeps up your innovative blog is on course to be read by everyone on the planet by Friday week.

  17. Thank Phil for that valuable link. It taugh me another useful expression: "the stake through the heart of the AGW hypothesis".

    Now I can write things like "the counter revolutionary discoveries of Miskolczi is the final stake through the heart of the Gorian global warming communist fascist bucktoothed paradigm scam"!

  18. Percy B. Grout6 May 2009 at 04:13


    You need to include 'bed-wetting' in that. I suggest inserting it after 'Gorian'.

  19. Inferno, classic post, you're on fire!

    You had me going for a while though. When I saw the graph that looks exactly like a hockey stick at the top of the post I thought you were showing Mann's data, so it wasn't a hockey stick (due to Mannian statistics). But then I read more closely and realised that the graph was site visits, not temperature, so it is a real hockey stick! Of course, the warmists wouldn't recognize a hockey stick if they were hit over the head with it. Not a bad idea actually...

  20. Summer Flower6 May 2009 at 05:56

    I used to play hockey at school and once got hit over the head by a stick! That wasnt ice hockey though so maybe its not the same.

  21. Look Inferno, let us get down to cases, we have won the scientific argument conclusively, still the politicians and some of the public seem to believe in some kind of action (=interfering with the right of patriotic energy companies to turn an honest profit). So reason having failed, it is time to get down and dirty, take the gloves off and let the populace know of the dirty political secret behind the AGW hysteria. I am constrained to observe that your rival the meterologist has stolen a march in the area of, shall we say 'relaxed' moderation, allowing this unusually honest reaction to Hansen's latest outburst to stand

    I imagined listening to this in an auditorium, decked top to toe with Greenpeace flags & green uniformed supporters, with Mr H wearing a little black moustache & a swept down fringe, thumping the podium & ranting that he’ll give us the world, free of evil oil, coal, gas. I concur with others, this was a real rant by somebody on the edge of a breakdown. Stakes having been raised I stand ready to liken Al Gore to Herman Goering, Judas Iscariot or Vlad the Impaler, just assure me of 'light touch' moderation and off we go!

  22. Percy B. Grout6 May 2009 at 15:21

    Though this blog is leading the crusade against goreist bed-wetting, I think we should give a hat-tip to WUWT for its recent article "Unprecedented Incoherence In The Ice Message". Goddard looks at claims about reductions in the ice cap and in ice shelves then comprehensively demolishes them by reference to sea ice statistics. Put this together with previous proof that the Antarctic land mass has been increasing and I think we need not wonder why the hansenites have been unable to concoct any team science in response to these revelations.

    A further point is that most of the Antarctic land mass is actually below sea level, therefore the ice upon it is floating on the sea, and therefore even if it did melt entirely it could not contribute significantly to sea level rise (I trust I need not explain that floating ice displaces its own mass).

  23. Indeed not.

    I'm expecting Goodard to shortly prove that the weight of the encumbent (nice Moncktonesque word carrying a certain authority) ice sheet on the antarctic land mass has quietly submerged the entire continent, and consequently total melting of the entire ice sheet will do next to nothing.

    And isostatic rebound will happen so far in the geological future that anybody inconvenienced will be able to teleport out of danger.

    No doubt the bed-wetters and the feet-wetters will be bitterly disappointed at what the science actually points to.

  24. Percy B. Grout6 May 2009 at 15:46


    I was once familiar with a woman who suffered severely from isostatic rebound. It was unpleasant, though, as you point out, it was not on a geological timescale.

  25. Gentlemen, you have moved me to speculate on whether I should upgrade Mr Goddard's Blog Doctorate nomination to a full Blog Adjunct Professorship.

    The Chair of Inappropriate Equivalences remains vacant.

  26. Ragged edge of reality6 May 2009 at 20:24

    Thanks for the link Phil...that Anthony Watts, he is so on top of things, as for instance where he says via caption under the old photo of Hansen:

    "Hansens's 1988 congressional testimony - the moment of birth of the CO2 worry, which later morphed into the cap and trade Gorian temple (i.e. Jim, you started it)"

    In the interest of the accuracy that we all so highly value and which sets us apart from the goose-stepping bed wetters, I tried to clarify this otherwise excellent point by noting that Anthony was only slightly off (by a mere 129 years, since it was Tyndall in 1859 that did that job). However, Anthony, in his wisdom, did not allow my post, which is understandable as it could create confusion among certain elements of the readership.

  27. Phil,

    Congratulations on your successful efforts over at WUWT in impersonating a warmist! I laugh each time I read your "comments" about the "science" and "statistics" "!" Keep it up, it's very funny. How do you manage to reproduce the whiny, factoid-filled style of the bed-wetters? Each reference to the "scientific literature" is more hilarious than the last.

  28. CnP ... You are mistaken, as a loyal denier if I have a point to contribute the debate, I post it here. The 'Phil' on Watt's lesser blog is some other 'Phil'.

    Incidentally, on moderation, I have a warmist acquaintance named John Philip, he stopped posting on WUWT after Mr Watts quite rightfully deleted a post that stepped over the line. John then went whining over at RealClimate just like the terrified wimp every warmist has at his core. Inferno take note, you can't be too strict with these people.

  29. This is great stuff, Inferno. Since reading your scientific findings on the real motives of the eco-nazi hippies, I have found new respect at the water cooler.

    Maybe you could give us an analysis of the reason that climate models don't work. We all know (at least all intelligent people) that there are 1000000000 factors affecting climate, each interacting with each other in ways Gore and Hansen know nothing about. For instance, plate tectonic theory tells us that continents move some inches EVERY YEAR! Why is continental movement not incorporated into the models?

  30. Anonymous wrote: "there are 1000000000 factors affecting climate".
    An understatement. The number of factors is actually infinite, and that is a very large number indeed! So by the law of infinite numbers, it is not possible to simulate the climate even in theory! Anbody who claims he/she can simulate the climate (which is a completely chaotic, non-lingual system) is obviously an alarmist bed-wetting tax-hugging hippie ad-hominem-throwing hoaxer!

  31. Ragged edge of reality7 May 2009 at 05:55

    Lars, your comment is excellent as usual. However, just a slight clarification, again in the interest of the integrity that we so high value and which sets us apart from the sandal-wearing, prius-driving, NPR-listening, Gore-worshipping, tax-hugging, university-attending, bed-wetting pinko-hippie, uber-Nazi, temperature freakout wizards: the number of factors is actually infinitely infinite, which not only is pretty big, but which is actually a concept for which we have no ability to conceptualize. In other words, it's not even possible to know that we don't know how to simulate the climate.

    And futhermore, to add another point (= nail) that just now occurred to me, weathermen tell us that they can only predict what will happen for like 4 days out, sometimes even less. Case closed. Next.

  32. Another card removed from the house of cards.

    Excellent post.

  33. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 06:51

    Yes indeed. Another crack in the Temple of Doom.

  34. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 08:43


    Sorry to hear that you're being impersonated elsewhere by a warmist. I've come across this too, with someone falsely claiming to be me on another site which I won't deign to mention. We can't be too surprised when scum like this seek to assume some sense of authority by adopting our names.

    As for the 'John Philip' character you mention, well, you have some unfortunate aquaintances. His ad hom attack upon the integrity of Anthony Watts speaks for itself. How dare anyone suggest that Anthony would publish an article that is open to criticism?

    Lindzen's article was, of course, yet another torpedo beneath the waterline of the AGW rust-bucket.

    Speaking of WUWT, I was struck by this comment today -

    Douglas DC (06:27:13) :

    AGW is like the Clerics of old attributing everything to the Devil.Maybe so, but even Satan is not omnipotent.Same for AGW.This article is one more nail in the AGW coffin.
    Sort of like the times of Copernicus and Galileo.This holds to my own concept of human
    nature not changing all that much…
    Direct observation speaks for itself..
    Well said, sir!

  35. Anonymous @ 1:37 above:

    Good point about plate techtonics - make that 1000000001 factors affecting climate.

    I'll bet there are siting biases in measurement stations here, too, that cover up the actual wild annual swings of continents. Goddard at WUWT recently showed that Antarctica is gaining land mass. Inferno, this is your chance to steal the spotlight! The continents are probably moving fast enough to cause oceanic breezes. You heard it here first!

  36. AGW is one of the biggest scams that I have seen in my lifetime. The critical symptom of this scam is Gore’s claim that this is all settled science. It is not. As Freeman Dyson said this is a fraud. After almost a decade of no warming and now a little cooling, the AGW scam is getting a little tattered around the edges. But the politicians push on, because to them it is a question of power and control not science.

  37. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 11:20

    Superb comment, Rob. You cut to the heart of the matter. This is all about power and control, and not science. I think most posters here try to show an understanding of that in their comments, and it's a view that is consistently reflected in the work of our respected host.

    You put me in mind of a recent comment by Dr Roy Spencer PhD at his blog -

    How can non-experts question the opinion of scientific experts? I believe it is because the public seems to have a better appreciation than the scientists do of a fundamental truth: There are some problems that science does not yet understand.There you have it - the public knows more about science than the scientists (with the exception of Dr Roy Spencer and a couple of others, who do know more about science than the public).

  38. Summer Flower7 May 2009 at 11:30

    Hi Rob :-) I agree with what you say. Its definately colder here than it was last year. I also agree with what Percy (hi Percy :-) said Dr Spencer said.

    I have one of those Dysons btw - it was really good except then it broke.

    I agree with what everyone else said too xxx

  39. I couldn't agree more with the comments of Ray Spencer about public understanding of science (I consider him the father of this blog) and Anthony Wattsup's blogger's comment about Galileo - although I would certainly hope that they don't get locked up for their rest of their lives.

    Although you can never tell with the warmist taliban no matter how many nails are hammered into their dead horse.

    p.s. Hi Summer Flower.
    I was impressed to read you have a Dyson Sphere. I've always fancied one but considered them a bit unmanageable, with me only having a small garden.

  40. Grout, you are a pompous moron. You're in good company with Summer, but at least she's not pompous.

    Rob: you say "The critical symptom of this scam is Gore’s claim that this is all settled science."Excuse me? You pick out one statement from a politician and conclude from that that the science of global warming is a 'scam'? Idiot.

    Watch out for the commies, Rob - they might steal your underwear when you're not looking.

  41. Dear Percy, you don't have to tell me I cut to the heart of the matter. I know I do. It is dead simple after all. :-)

    Some AGW guy at work warned me about this site. I can see now why it makes him alarmed. This site has the potential of WUWT, though to be honest, WUWT is a bit in a league of its own. But you know, Anthony started out just like this, so who knows what's in store?

    But back to the science: BOM says things in the Pacific are slowly picking up to neutral/mild Nino. And today I read on WUWT something about the sun doing stuff. I can't wait to see the look on the AGW crowd's faeces when all the things they said is causing the planet to cool down for more than 10 years subside and the planet still is not warming up! That should close this case, so we can go and tackle the global economic crisis by getting spending going again.

  42. Summer Flower7 May 2009 at 12:03

    Hi chek :-)

    No, I dont have a Sphere I have a Ball. Its a vacyum cleaner not a mower though! Lol! xxx (but it broke).

  43. Slaghammer for the truth7 May 2009 at 12:15

    Although you can never tell with the warmist taliban no matter how many nails are hammered into their dead horse.Very much most excellently like stated Chek. That horse ain't goin nowhere. And fast.

  44. Rob,

    Thanks for your comment @11:06. I saw you posted the same at WUWT today; it's so concise that it bears repeating:

    "Rob (01:03:42): AGW is one of the biggest scams that I have seen in my lifetime. The critical symptom of this scam is Gore’s claim that this is all settled science. It is not. As Freeman Dyson said this is a fraud. After almost a decade of no warming and now a little cooling, the AGW scam is getting a little tattered around the edges. But the politicians push on, because to them it is a question of power and control not science."

    Well said, as always.

  45. You ain't just whistling Dixie, Rob.

    Neither is Roy Spencer (he works in Alabama, doesn't he?)

    But let's also remember that when it comes to climate knowledge, there are differences among scientists. I value retired geologists myself. Not only do they have a whole career of experience behind them, no other group of scientists have studied a SUV-free earth for so long.

  46. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 12:25


    You demean only yourself by resorting to ad hominem attacks and thus reveal the paucity of your enfeebled agenda. I will not engage further with your trqansparent attempts to divert this blog from its searing focus upon the truth.

    Your discourtesy to a lady (Summer Flower) speaks volumes in respect of your sorry lack of good breeding. Shame on you, sir.

  47. Summer Flower7 May 2009 at 12:35

    Hi Skepticus, thanx for saying Im good company! xxx

  48. Well, Percy, thanks for responding to my statement of you being a pompous moron with such a pompously moronic post.

    Jeez, I would have thought nothing could have exceeded the idiocy of the 'Mr 40 Watts' site. But this blog really does take the biscuit. It does, actually, just about, manage to be more moronic. A remarkable achievement.

  49. Skepticus,
    You seem to be somewhat scepticus of citizen science - as if elitist brainiac science is somehow superior.
    Would that be the case as you see it?

    Because this blog doesn't seek to ingratiate itself with pats on the head from mainstream science - we're more interested in the truth no matter how unorthodox it may seem to conventionalists.

    P.S. to Summer (I feel we're on first name terms now). Gotcha on the sphere/ball thing. I haven't been keeping up with the marketing topography, to my shame.

    It's just one of those things I put down to what I'll do if I ever win the lottery: original 1966 AC Cobra, original 1954 Les Paul Standard, and a Dyson Sphere (sorry, Ball).

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 15:22

    Can Sketicus not be moderated? This is surely unacceptable on a science blog where we merely wish to expose the agenda behind the AGW scam. "Child abusers"? I'd suggest you question Gore about that before insinuating anything about any of the posters here!

  52. It was an analogy, you moron. Too demanding, I do realise.

  53. Incipient breakdown7 May 2009 at 15:42

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. Skepticus said: "You're all completely sick with the distortions that spring readily to perverted minds".


    Next thing you'll be telling us is you believe in hockey sticks.

    Who plays hockey?
    Predominantly girls.
    What do hockey sticks spend their lives doing?
    Predominantly looking up girls' skirts.

    The lo-rent psychology of your Mannian conversion to warmism is plain for all to see.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  58. Ooops edited previous missing post returns:

    and speaking of charlatans;

    Skepticus said:
    "It was an analogy, you moron. Too demanding, I do realise".

    Like, double "heh" with cheese topping.

    Actally, you used a simile, not an analogy.

    Just remember that, the next time you're posting with a smart mouth.

  59. Well, it seems my last post has been removed by the moderator. Goodbye then.

  60. Official Notice:

    Skepticus, I have placed you into a designated sin bin for foul play and used the powers afforded to me under the role of Blog Moderator to quarantine a selection of your posts pending an Audit. Please do not use ad homs and no more warmist propaganda or I will be forced to use even more power.

    A note to others. I got somewhat carried away with deleting posts and accidentally deleted some that weren't even by Skepticus, sorry.

  61. Inferno, if I may make an observation.

    I realise it's your blog and may it live long and fester (or whatever they say - can't wait to see the premiere Friday night).

    But seriously dude, Skepticus is no more whacko than anyone else who swallowed the Inconvenient Gore Kool-Aid and, as my last post clearly showed, nowhere near as invincible as his mistaken attitude would belie.

    Plus, back on topic, the view stats will plummet if the warmist trolls take fright.

  62. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 16:44

    Thanks Inferno. It's interesting how they always run away when faced with moderation.

  63. Summer Flower7 May 2009 at 16:54

    Can I say bye to Septicus? I do know he didnt agree with us but I think it is nice to chat. Sorry if Im saying the wrong thing.

  64. Might be time to evaluate how far you want to take the joke when you've got people thinking the site's serious. Just my opinion

  65. "Might be time to evaluate how far you want to take the joke..."

    Are you kidding? I predict that Skepticus will soon become one of Inferno's most ardent posters, a poster boy of posting, if you will. It's just another horse nailed to the AGW coffin.

  66. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 17:41

    I think people have to realise that the moderator knows who is a warmist troll, who is a genuine poster posting under their genuine name and who is just an anonymous. This has been well established on WUWT, where warmist trolls not posting under their genuine name are challenged to do so whereas honest posters understandably may have reason not to reveal their true identity, given that 'anti-consensus' views could be a cause for prejudicial treatment 'in the real world'. There are, for example, many climate scientists posting at WUWT who use names like 'Smokey' because if they used their real name they would not get grants to research in the field of climate science. It's quite a minefield really, but I think we can be assured that the moderator has all the information he needs to distinguish between a warmist troll and a genuinely confused person open to a realisation of the realities.

  67. (I dedicate this post to Summer Flower. Summer, please ignore the over-preening advances of other commenters here. Once the weather turns warm, they'll drop you like a hot potato, if you know what I mean.)

    Back to our topic. In the face of Skepticus' incoherent onslaught, it's high time we recruit more commenters to bolster our ranks. May I suggest "Gunnar," who recently held off the tide of warmists at Tamino's blog? ( http://tamino.wordpress.com/2007/07/24/pmod-vs-acrim/#comment-3253 )

    The interchange, starting from this link, really has to be read to be believed. Gunnar correctly and passionately argues that TSI measurements should not be divided by 4 to account for the earth's spherical shape. He even comes up with a clever analogy of a pig roasting at 350 deg as a model of the earth.

    And, he's no mere layperson: to quote, "I do have an education, a BSEE, which gives me a solid understanding of math and science." And, he gets in zinger after zinger against the unrelenting warmists (e.g., he says to Tamino "you seem to be just regurgitating descriptive text from RealClimate, instead of actually thinking about it"). Does anyone know how to contact Gunnar?

  68. Percy,

    Thanks for the tip; I just knew that "Smokey" at WUWT was a real climate scientist! He tried to go incognito, but you can always tell the real ones. Who is it: Zorita? Rahmstorf? or - dare to dream - Oreskes?

  69. Percy B. Grout7 May 2009 at 18:07


    I think (this is just a thought, mind you) he might be Trenberth. Not Oreskes - she's just a historian, so one would hardly defer to her for a view of the future.

    I followed your link on Gunnar and agree - we need him here. I thought the hose in the pool analogy was even more persuasive than the pig on a spit.

  70. Part time assassin7 May 2009 at 19:03

    Frickulatin' hilarious this.

  71. Ladies & gentlemen,

    I'm afraid we've been scooped on the tectonic drift hypothesis - commenter Sam Bailey at WUWT, just today, says: "Listen.. quasi- Laymen researcher here.. watch for Tectonic actividty as result of Cme.. I have been tracking trend.. and feed back greatly appreciated." Boy, is it any wonder why they got SciBlog of the Year? They sure move fast...

  72. This continental drift stuff has me confused and not even Google seems to help! It isn't even logical! Now that we have global cooling again, I rub my hands together when I go outside and it produces heat! Thank about this! Your average continent weights at least 10000000000000 pounds! When it moves, it will produce friction, which means heat and ipso fatso global warming! And that has nothing to do with people! But now it's cooling again! For all intensive purposes the drifting has stopped! But the "scientists" don't want to talk about it!!!

  73. There is another piece about Miskolczi up now at Jennifer's blog. The man is a true genius.

    Some idiot in the comment section tries to ask why the temperature of Venus is so high if there is no green house effect, but immediately gets the very appropriate response that the atmospheric pressure is much higher on Venus.
    Let me explain that: according to the ideal gas law,


    p is the absolute pressure of the gas
    n is the amount of substance (in mole)
    T is the temperature (in kelvin)
    V is the volume
    R is the ideal gas constant.
    (I hope that is not too complicated. I just copied and pasted from Wikipedia)

    So obviously if pressure goes up, so must temperature! That's for instance why the tires of a car always feel so warm!

    Which leads us to another climate factor that the "climate models" (= glorified computer games for retards) miss: change in atmospheric pressure leading to change in temperature. That could explain global warming, which anyhow is not happening.

    And I notice that the ice hockey stick is mentioned already in the fourth comment under that post (the three first ones are warmist trolls). Way to go!

  74. Then as one commenter points out on the new Miskolczi thread, Venus’ atmosphere has a different chemical makeup. In fact, the atmosphere of Venus contains ~96.5% CO2 (Wikipedia). And I have to agree that the chemical composition is a much better explanation for the heat than the fictous "greenhouse effect" (which by the way is a misnomer). But does the climate models" (= glorified computer games for bed-wetting retards) take that into account? Don't think so!

    The importance of chemical composition can easily be observed, e.g. by comparing the temperatures of tea and beer.

  75. Latest news from Mahorsey: The latest global temperature data from the satellites still shows no significant warming since 1978; when the satellites were first launched!

    Another run of the bloated corpse of AGW hysteria through the wood chopper!

  76. This 'Smokey' is a multitalented individual, no wonder he is coy about his real name, must be modesty.

    It was he who singlehandedly uncovered the money trail that leads directly from socialist mulisquillionaire George Soros, who stands to make squillions more from carbon trading, and who has already slid $720K into Hansen's back pocket, and the pseudo climate science site 'RealClimate'.

    Here's how 'Smokey' explained it ... RealKlimat is hosted by Environmental Media with an Registrant name of 'Betsy Ensley'.


    Now Betsy also works for the misinformation site MoveOn.org, and MoveOn.org is funded by George Soros.

    QED. Smokey's tireless sleuthing people lays bare the financial motivation behind the constant stream of pseudoscientific gibberish that spews forth from these self styled Real Climate Scientists.

  77. Percy B. Grout8 May 2009 at 07:01

    Renarkable news reported by Anthony Watts - UAH shows global temperatures dropped by 50% last month! No wonder it was so damned cold.

  78. Lars Karlsson,

    Nice job with the "ideal gas law." I have heard this one explained differently, to wit:


    p is the absolute pressure inside Anthony Watt’s head
    n is the amount of substance per WUWT post (amount of novel jargon per post)
    T is the global temperature anomaly, reported just as temperature (in kelvin)
    V is the volume of anti-AGW comments
    R is the likelihood of publication (treated as a constant)

    So obviously the best way to keep pressure down inside Anthony’s head is to raise the level of friendly comments. Yet another reason not to let the AGW socialists have a free reign with comments. Note also how anti-AGW comments can completely swamp the effect of rising temperatures.

  79. Percy B. Grout8 May 2009 at 10:53

    This comparison to Venus is ludicrous. Do they have SUVs on Venus? Aeroplanes? Air conditioning? I think not - they don't even have the basic infrastructure. Thus there is no comparison of the purported cause and effect. The alarmists would like us to forget that CO2 lags temperature.

  80. As we already know, apparent warming throughout the solar system actually manifests as cooling, as we've experienced for most of this century here on Earth.

    Thus as we enter solar maximum the cooling effect already observed locally will undoubtedly accelerate on Venus leading as Lars helpfully explained to a lower, more welcoming pressure.
    Less pressure equals less windspeed and therefore less chance of having your face melted off and whipped half a continent away by a 300 mph sulphuric acid hurricane. Still, I'm sure our forefathers contended with worse.

    I may have read up some more on Plimer as to the beneficial effects of high CO2 concentrations on life in general.

    While perhaps not quite yet another albatross on the coffin of global warming until the observations are in, it's at least some sort of seabird.

  81. It’s hard to believe but Anthony W has found yet another nail to hammer closed the coffin of AGW. In a guest post, science teacher William DiPuccio demonstrates that Ocean Heat Content measurements show cooling in the seas, while the models predict monotonic warming. He illustrates this with this graph using good bold straight lines (rather than those messy wiggly ones) . Josh Willis, the NASA researcher who curates the data has an obviously wrong graph in this article showing a warming trend in recent years [Figure 1] (after the highly suspicious and convenient removal of ‘biased data’, yeah right, Joshua). Poor Willis, he should know that a science teacher, trusted with the development of impressionable young minds, would make absolutely sure of his facts before posting such a devastating graph on the interweb.

    Like I said, hard to believe.

  82. A guest post at WUWT by David Archibald follows up the ocean heat content post, by showing us clearly that the sun is as somnolent as during the Dalton minimum. Well, Archibald implies this, if not states it. He produces beautiful graphs superimposing the past 3 years with 3 yrs of the Dalton and Maunder minima. (As an aside, does anyone know if this is sunspot number, and from what source? The graph isn’t labeled.) Now why can’t AGW “scientists” give us context like that? Once again, they insist on withholding data from the public.

    In comments, one warmist bedwetter managed to pry a nail out of his dead AGW horse’s coffin for long enough to ask if the data were from Svalgaard. Archibald immediately shut him down with: “Dr Svalgaard exists in a parallel universe of data series he has created to support his notion that the Sun does not vary enough to change climate.” Well said!

    But this is no laughing matter. As commenter Richard DeSousa said, “Be afraid… be very afraid. This could be nature’s way of culling the human race. If indeed we are heading towards a Maunder type minimum, the die off of humans will be severe.” Wow, how do all the people in the WUWT community keep up with the science *and* economics like that?

    Well, if we haven’t scooped them with the story, perhaps we can still contribute by naming the current solar period. In honor of our host, how about the Infernal Minimum? Perhaps given the symbolic importance of this issue, the Idiom Minimum? Or, The Stop-the-Advances-of-One-World-Government Minimum?

  83. Stein 'n Frank13 May 2009 at 03:13


  84. If the new solar minimum is really large and devastating, I suggest calling it "the Al Gore's But Minimum".

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