Saturday 9 May 2009

The Gaping Hole in Greenhouse Theory

I have a study in progress concerning the so-called "Greenhouse Effect" and another concerning the use of so-called "Computer Models", but as neither are yet complete this is a post filler.

Recently published Blog Science on the subject of Greenhouse Effect includes the following work by Erl Happ and his groundbreaking discovery of a 'Gaping Hole' in Greenhouse Theory

In his own words:
"How is it that we have been sucked into this vortex of misinformation by so called ‘experts’. We are assured that there is a scientific consensus on this matter. If this is indeed the case, the reputation of science must suffer. To label a person as an ‘expert’ will invite derision. The notion that we should trust in the opinion of ’scientists’ will be taken as a joke."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Update: Erl Happ responds to my comment on his blog, confirming what I suspected:

Hi Inferno,Thanks for the commendation.

The proponents of greenhouse theory can not point to evidence that the temperature of the atmosphere has increased in the way that they suggest it should. End of the day, evidence is not important to them. No amount of good science will move them. No alternative explanation is of interest. We are looking at a crusade driven by a feeling of malaise and disconnection and a longing for the life of a primitive, in close communion with nature. If they have their way, that is the way we are headed. These guys are wreckers. They are vandals.

So next time someone asks you for evidence that warmists are 'longing for the life of a primitive', just point out that not one so-called 'leading scientist' even bothered to address Erl Happ's blog post. I can only guess that James Hansen, his deputy Al Gore and all their IPCC minions have gone to ground after reading it. I bet it won't even be mentioned in the next IPCC report.

No amount of good science will move them. Good science is another term for Blog Science.


  1. Exactly! Erl is on the vanguard of the anti-AGW movement: an educated citizen who is able to cut through the rubbish about greenhouse effects supposedly supported by science.

    His graphs match up fabulously well - can we ask him to tackle the Atlantic hurricane problem, as well as El Nino?

  2. Hmmm, it looks good but needs further study; as sceptics we should be cautious. I suspect this might just be a warmist spoof. Why? Well if you rearrange the letters of names of the authors, Erl Happ and Carl Wolk, you get

    All Work Crap - Help!


  3. I'm looking forward to your expose on so-called computer models. Your evidence will be iron-tight and your arguments flawless. It's another nail in the coffin. Congratulations on destroying the myth of climate models.

  4. Jackhammer for the truth9 May 2009 at 14:47

    Erl Happ took that Latin guy to the cleaners in a series of breathtaking and spellbinding arguments about the troposphere and stratsphere. (These are two of the invisible celestial spheres inhabited by the cherubim, seraphim, and some angels).

    Yet another ship of the great Gorist fleet ripped from it's moorings and sent adrift.

  5. ScalesFromMyEyes9 May 2009 at 15:47

    It's hard to overstate the significance of this finding:

    There is no actual temperature effect from down welling radiation at all. Not at 150hPa or at any other level. There is no greenhouse effect. ... But for the atmosphere, the surface would be warmer. ... The atmosphere is no more effective in warming the surface than a greenhouse without a roof.This doesn't merely prove the whole AGW theory impossible, it disproves the very idea that an atmosphere could have an insulating effect on the planet, a dogma believed by some scientists outside the area of climate. For example, you sometimes hear planetary scientists claim that Venus is warmer than Mercury because of its atmosphere. But now we know that is impossible.

    This is an excellent illustration of why all real advances in science are made by outsiders. Insiders are victims of groupthink. Compare to this from Roy Spencer, not exactly a warmist:

    In an e-mail I just responded to this evening, I once again found myself defending the existence of the Earth’s “greenhouse effect”. ... Danny Braswell and I built our own radiative transfer model to demonstrate for ourselves that the underlying physics were sound. To briefly review: because water vapor, clouds, carbon dioxide, and methane in the atmosphere absorb and emit infrared radiation, the atmosphere stays warmer in the lower atmosphere and cooler in the upper atmosphere than it would otherwise be without the greenhouse effect. Bet he's regretting that one. If these groupthink tendencies can lead even relatively independent thinkers like Roy Spencer, just imagine the effect on the more sheeplike of those who have spent their entire adult lives studying climate.

    For this astounding discovery, Erl Happ is guaranteed to be in science books in short order. Generations to come will compare him to Galileo and Copernicus.

  6. Another nail in the gaping hole in the coffin of AGW! Has anyone notified the Nobel Physics Prize Committee?

    Note in particular this perceptive comment by Rupert von Keuhnelt:
    Have you ever considered whether the real problem is with the system itself? The whole idea behind a democracy is that the passions of the ignorant should dictate policy. Give the masses an apoclyptic scenario and they’ll embrace it. The idea of Global warming would never have been accepted in Hapsburg Austria.The warmist troll Duae Quartunciae, on the other hand, is so overwhelmed by these arguments, he can only come up with a lame resort to atmospheric "physics", whatever that is:
    This post is unmitigated drivel. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person; just that you have a lot to learn about basic physics. I don’t expect you to believe it, but it sticks out a mile to anyone reading this who knows a bit of atmospheric physics.

  7. Physics, schmizzicks.

    Notice how it's not allowed to be called global warming any longer?
    It's the much less precise "climate change" now.

    Al Gore banned Monckton from the Senate hearings for not agreeing the change.

  8. In the comments of the previous post we learned (from Mahorsey's blog), that the hot climate on Venus has nothing to do with any fictous "greenhouse" effect, but is due to the pressure and chemical composition (96.5% CO2) of the atmosphere. Now we also learn that Venus would actually be warmer without an atmosphere (see ScalesFromMyEyes above). The Venus AGW hypothesis is wrong in so many different ways!

    And the Earth AGW theory is too, of course!

  9. In the interests of free speech you can hear the Viscount recounting the Senate ban episode here

    in an interview with the mild-mannered radio presenter Michael Savage. Its very educational, here are some facts that I was previously unaware of

    - When the lying propaganda sci-fi horror comedy mockumentary 'Inconvenient Truth' by lying Al Gore was distributed in the UK the British High Court insisted that a 77-page list of corrections went out alongside to avoid children being exposed to unbalanced political propaganda. His Lordship knows something about this as he 'wrote the law' covering such propaganda...

    - Most solar physicists attribute global warming to the sun.

    - If the trend of the last 4 years continues, we will be in an ice age this century.

    - Nils-Axel Mörner is the world's greatest sea level expert and has written 500 papers on sea level rise.

    Who knew?

  10. Percy B. Grout10 May 2009 at 07:24

    ...a longing for the life of a primitive, in close communion with nature..

    Well I think we know what that means. They're not only commies they're perverts as well. Bloody naturists!

    Another spank on the bare bottom of AGW indecency.

  11. Jazzhammer for the truth10 May 2009 at 09:23

    in an interview with the mild-mannered radio presenter Michael Savage...A poor choice of names for a serene and stately gentleman who could very profitably have made a career as a poet, humanitarian or writer of children's books. Instead he takes on all manner of bed wetting commies and others who want to destroy America, checking them into the boards like Ovechkin at full speed.

  12. Kudos to the Savage one, but not hard, given how stupid commies are.

  13. It looks like everybody must be as snowed underas I am battling warmist trolls on other fora .

    The least sign of some sunshine and out they come.

    Of course, trying to get it through their thick heads that a spot of warm weather is neither here nor there when it comes to underlying cooling trends is an uphill battle.

  14. Erl Happ said warmists are on "a crusade driven by a feeling of malaise and disconnection and a longing for the life of a primitive, in close communion with nature."

    How does he keep up with developments in psychology like that, as well as develop his own theory of climate? That IS impressive.

  15. Who do you people think you are? I suppose you all take Gerlich and Tscheuschner at face value too? Will we see Erl Happ and G&T square off in a giant Thunderdome of "scepticism?" What's next? Are you going to send the dogs after us scientists, or the bees, or the dogs with bees in their mouths?

    I resent this "life of a primitive" nonsense. In many ways, less technologically advanced societies had it better than us. I think we can all agree that accumulating more and more consumer goods doesn't make us happier.

  16. Cave Troll,

    Gerlich and Tscheuschner proved mathematically that AGW violates the second law of thermodynamics. Another stake in the heart of the global warming vampire.

    And accumulating more and more consumer goods actually make us happier. If it didn't, why would people do it? What could possibly be more important in life?

  17. What do you think explains the melting of these glaciers from around the world?


    and Greenland's ice melt:

    or the melting of the Ganggotri Glacier in India

    And what about our own Glacier National Park glaciers

    I'm just wondering?

    From those images even YOU can see the effects of climate change. The images are from around so the world that would mean global, right?

  18. Rick,

    Microwaves from satellites is a likely explanation of glaciers melting. The satellites go around the earth, so their effects should be felt everywhere.

    Or maybe its cosmic rays.

  19. Rick

    You can cherry-pick all you like but the fact is, Blog Science tells us that overall the glaciers are growing

    Experts David Bellamy and Fred Singer told us so ...

  20. Phil,

    Thanks for linking to the website, otherwise I would never have learned about the goundbreaking work of Robert W. Felix on evolutionary theory. Let me quote from a review of Felix's book by Alan Caruba:

    Permit me to pause at this point and note the vanity and idiocy of those who demand that humans must conserve every species on Earth, no matter the cost involved. This nation has spent billions via the Endangered Species Act. In a similar fashion, the notion that humans are responsible for a non-existent “global warming” is the justification for measures that will wreck the economies of nations and cause untold losses of human life thanks to famines that should be avoided.

    The next time you hear or read the word “environmentalist”, you should also hear and read “fascist” for the core of the environmental movement is the belief that human beings are “a cancer” on the Earth and should be reduced to a minimum.

    The real threat to life on Earth are magnetic reversals, as revealed by magnetostratigraphy, the study of the magnetic properties of ancient layers of sediment (strata) now hardened into rock. Major reversals “appear to occur in sync with ice ages” and other measurements of time. “And it happens fast!” says Felix.

  21. Yeah....magnetic reversals!!...yeah that's the ticket!! In fact....wait, hold on, I think I feel one coming on now--wasn't that a cool breeze right there? However I remain confused as to whether the bed-wetting, hand-wringing, degree-holding, Gore-worshiping, temperature sensitive, enviro-sycophant wackjobs are actually communists or fascists. Maybe both? Or something even worse than either? It would be helpful for the fruitfulness of future discussions if this point were cleared up.

  22. Rick Schauer, once again, I agree with Phil - those glaciers you mention have been cherry-picked. I refer you to Michael Crichton’s book “The State of Fear,” which he spent 3 years researching (according to the intro). Among the first chapters you will find the whole story laid bare: wealthy, corrupt greenies stage fund-raising events at the feet of glaciers. In the episode Crichton recounts, Eva Jonsdottir, who is “tall and athletic, with short-cropped blond hair and a radiant smile,” has been hired to guide donors around and convince them that the glaciers are receding.

    Meanwhile – and here’s the kicker – the scientist Per Einarsson is angry that his findings of growing glaciers are being misused: “The _reality_ is that since 1970 these glaciers have been steadily advancing… Right now, eleven are surging. That is _the_ reality…” Well said, De. Einarsson!

    Who among us has the temerity to argue against such an eminent scientist? Any warmist trolls out there, yearning for a return to a carbon-neutral primitive state? Cave Troll, perhaps?

  23. To add to Erl Happ's psychologizing above, here are two excellent comments from WUWT today:

    I speculate that the underlying psychological motive for AGW Belief is a fear that humans are insignificant and powerless in the face of the forces of nature.

    Graeme Rodaughan said: "And for many, just throw in some postulated evil villians, and selves-as-heroes and we perhaps have the average 6-12 year old’s fantasy life now as perceived 'reality'."

    J. Peden responded: "No doubt. And for many, just throw in some postulated evil villians, and selves-as-heroes and we perhaps have the average 6-12 year old’s fantasy life now as perceived 'reality'."

    I have to say, they really work hard to euphemize over there at WUWT. I rather enjoy Erl's forthrightness in calling warmists "vandals" and "crusaders." Jack Hammer, on with the show!

  24. Speaking about holes: Has anyone noticed that the Artic ice appears to be thawing from the pole this year!

    One more nail in the hole of AGW, eh?

  25. Ragged edge of reality12 May 2009 at 09:43

    And meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mr Blog Scientist Extraordinaire William DiPuccio has proven definitively and with the authoritative force of a LeBron slam dunk, that the recent ocean heat content trends disprove global warming. He uses such tour de force arguments as "temperature is not heat" and "Hype generated by scientists and institutions over short-term changes in global temperature (up or down) has diverted us from the real issue: heat accumulation":

    Yet several more railroad spikes into the ol' coffin.

  26. Carl the wonder puppy12 May 2009 at 09:51

    I'm sorry, this is off topic, but I just wanted to share that, in an underlying way, I feel very significant and powerful and very much in control of the climate and the environment. This is why AGW is false. It's also incorrect and possibly wrong. Thank you for being who you most certainly and vibrantly are.

  27. You know, the more one researches this topic, the more one realises just how elegant and consistent are the alternative explanations for the dominant drivers of terrestrial climate, compared to the fragmented mess that is greenhouse gas theory, as demolished by Erl Happ and many many others.

    For example I just intuitively know that we will discover a link between Felix's magnetic reversals and the awesome power of Orgones. I am sure denialists are familiar with the pioneering work Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Father of the science of Orgone (life) energy functions in nature.

    Reich's important work has in recent years been continued by James DeMeo PhD of the ORGONE BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LABTo quote ...Through the organizational structure of OBRL, and with the cooperative assistance and support of many other individuals and groups dedicated to Reich's works, DeMeo has since directed field applications of the cloudbuster apparatus, successfully ending droughts across the USA and overseas as well, with applications towards reducing the energetic stagnation characteristic of wetter regions suffering from chronic air pollution and forest-death It was perhaps in recognition of DeMeo's extraordinarliy sane vision that he was invited to sign the Cato Institute's recent full page ad contradicting President Obama's ridiculous stance on climate change..

    See? It all fits together like a jigsaw; my intuition on these matters is rarely mistaken. I am going for a lie-down in my Orgone Accumulator now, I find it helps me visualise all the connections between the disparate modalities far more clearly.

  28. Jack Hammer,

    Are the environmentalist communists or fascists?
    As a matter of fact, both communism and fascism are the offspring of environmentalism. For instance, Hitler and Stalin were both vegetarians, and the Sovjet Stalin tanks had polar bears painted on them!
    And before them, the evil witches and druids were also environmentalists, wishing to destroy civilization (aka capitalism), as documented by among others von Juntz.

  29. Carl the wonder puppy12 May 2009 at 11:11

    Phil may your desperate modalities be with you forever, or at least a while, and may they be united in the jigsaw puzzle of reality, to the full fulminescence of the divine intuition which brings light, happiness, joy, and magnetic-reversal-induced ice ages. Peace (and coolness) bro.

  30. Lars, thank you for your clear exposition, showing the common root that generates these wannabe infants. A very thorough and well-reasoned argument, exceeded nowhere (except perhaps here).

  31. ScalesFromMyEyes12 May 2009 at 12:45

    Erl has such a talent for taking complicated sciencey things and putting them into plain language that ordinary people can understand. In response to a curious commenter he writes:

    If something is too hot I would pour water over it. If I have no water I would look for a material that absorbs by contact and swiftly conducts the energy away. Air is not a bad substitute for water and I would imagine one gas would be about as good as another. ... Take a very hot article and put it in a vacuum and it will stay hot longer. (The Thermos Flask). Take away the air and you could probably exist quite comfortably without your clothes on……as long as you had some bottled oxygen to breathe.Of Course! Like when my soup is too hot, what do I do? I blow on it. Warmists suggest that the CO2 in my breath should insulate the soup and heat it up, but anyone with a little common sense knows the air carries the heat away from the soup, cooling it down! Same with planets. I wonder why this never occurred to me before?

  32. Not wishing to steal any of Percy's audio-electrical weather phenomena, but I did once have a relationship with a woman who knew more than most about pole reversal, but perhaps this isn't the place.

    Suffice to say that having word-searched the tediously dull fiction of the IPCC's WG1/II/III and AR4 reports, nowhere is "magnetostratigraphy" or "orgone" so much as mentioned.

    Why are they so studiously ignoring these blue-sky explanations?

    Looks very much like another thumb-tack in the arse of AGW to me.

  33. "Air is not a bad substitute for water"Nearly identical in almost every respect, notwithstanding the nitpicking of the temperature fixaters.

  34. Lars Karlsson, you are so, so right:

    And being right is so much better than being left. Even if the left is right and in the end no one will be left, left or right.

  35. Over at WUWT, the warmist troll "Rick" is claiming to be a grad student in politics trying to find published papers that C02 is beneficial. A lively exchange on the (non-existant) value of peer review follows, and finally Roger Carr responds to this troll with a perfect summation:

    "The web, the internet, is a disruptive media, Rick. It has superseded many well-established institutions. I believe it will supersede the “journals” you speak of, and that right now, on WUWT?, we are a part of that process of creating a new-way which will become the-way."

    This is the dawning of the age of blog science, the age of blog sci - i - ence! (Hey, that's catchy!)

  36. But wait, there's more! Roger Carr continues:

    "People like me are untutored bystanders who can only puzzle, cheer and question from the sidelines. But perhaps even this is a part of the new peer-review; the innocent little boy who noticed the emperor had no clothes?
    Particularly interesting to me is that scientists here of international reputation willingly respond to even simplistic questions. They suffer fools gladly, and we all benefit."

    So much contained in that paragraph - like us, uninitiated pseudo-scientists whose perspective is by definition superior and untainted compared to the corrupted climate scientists. And also, the world-renowned scientists on the blog who have their backs.

    Pardon me - there's something in my eye...

  37. Cut-n-Paste,

    I prefer the term "neo-scientists" to "pseudo-scientists". Free minds, unconstrained by the ruling dogma and independent of the corrupt systems for scientific funding and publication, brave enough to look beyond the confines of old paradigms and boldly think what has not been thought before.

  38. In the early history, primitive man lived in fear of nature.
    The came the philosophers like Socrates and Pluto, who comprehended that nature can be understood intellectually.
    Then came men like Galileo and Newton and invented the scientific method.
    What we witness now and here is the next step in the evolution of scientific thinking – blog science. What happens on blogs like this one today, we will read in the history books (or blogs) of tomorrow.

    But the global warming alarmists evolve in the opposite direction, back towards the state of primitive man. They fear nature, and they believe they can appease her by sacrificing our wealth and prosperity. In the image of the ancient shamans, they want us to become half men and half beasts, like werewolves and centaurs.

  39. Jebediah Arrhenius-Jones13 May 2009 at 12:12

    Lars, it is the "wisdom of blogs" phenomenon. Millions of blog participants are more likely to arrive at the correct answer to almost any problem. Weight of the carbon dioxide atom? The acceleration of light? Put enough bloggers and contributors on the task, and the errors cancel out and the answer is revealed, far more quickly and accurately than so-called "scientists" can hope to achieve. Cheaper too.

  40. Percy B. Grout13 May 2009 at 12:33

    I think the term we are looking for is 'uberscientist'. Irresistible and invincible, uberscience is overwhelming the primitive. I once knew a German gal who was pretty uber, though that was in physical terms rather than intellectual - but nevertheless, the concept of human advancement is a common element.

  41. Jebediah Arrhenius-Jones13 May 2009 at 13:17

    Does anyone know where citizen/blog science fits conceptually in Kurzweil (et al)'s "singularity"? Personally, I think it may actually BE the singularity. Time will tell. It's a great time to be doing blog science.

  42. Or as I like to think whenever the subject of blog science crosses my mind, there's one born every minute. Or maybe even every second; you never know with blogs - that's the beauty of them.

  43. Hi boys, I have a question - will I get a better tan if I sunbathe inside a greehouse? TIA xxx

  44. Another brilliant triumph of blog science, completely demolishing the coffin of AGW, nails and holes included: The former "head of the science department for St. Nicholas Orthodox School in Akron, Ohio (closed in 2006)" has definitively falsified the false doctrine of AGW by proving beyond any possible doubt that the oceans are NOT WARMING:
    Have Changes In Ocean Heat Falsified The Global Warming Hypothesis?

  45. Good find, CapitalClimate! It was great to see those clear graphs, where there are honest trendlines, not obscured by fuzzy areas of uncertainty or even worse, confidence intervals. When you see confidence intervals, hold on to your wallets my friends! That's a sure sign of obfuscation driven by the grant-grubbing, back-scratching peer review process. As HRH Monckton says, they're a bunch of global cooling deniers.

  46. Summer Flower said...
    I have a question - will I get a better tan if I sunbathe inside a greehouse?

    Hi Summer,
    A quick scan around the science blogosphere reveals that you probably won't get a tan under glass, no matter how warm it may seem on the inside of a greenhouse or conservatory.

    This is because the thickness of average glass employed is the equivalent in density of about 18 miles of atmosphere, putting the sun's tanning rays (after Wolfgang Tanning (1786-1832)just beyond range of the colouring effect on the skin.

    It may be that under thin glass some tanning effect will occur, and I just happen to have such a facility available, should you want to pursue your research on this topic.

    I need hardly add that for the optimum seam-free tan it's best to be as naked as possible.

  47. My suggestion for a name for the new blog-based science: blience!

  48. Gentlemen (and Summer) – Such a stimulating conversation. I must warn you however that it has been proven blogorifically that there is a maximum number of nails and spikes that can be driven into a coffin before it splits open and frees the contents. This number is known as the coffin closure carnot number. Of course it is dependent upon such things as coffin size, condition and quality of the wood, size of the nails etc. My concern here is that we may be approaching that tipping point.

  49. Coffin Closure Carnot Alarmist,
    Considering what a humungous fraud global warming alarmism is, we are talking about an XXXXL Gore-sized coffin here!

  50. Just a clarification for "Cut-n-Paste" above.

    The actual quote was.

    Myself (Graeme Rodaughan): "I speculate that the underlying psychological motive for AGW Belief is a fear that humans are insignificant and powerless in the face of the forces of nature."

    J Peden responded with : "No doubt. And for many, just throw in some postulated evil villians, and selves-as-heroes and we perhaps have the average 6-12 year old’s fantasy life now as perceived “reality”."

    All from REF:

  51. Has anyone calculated the heating effect of banging all those nails into the coffin of AGW?

    Probably that in itself would be enough to explain any temporary warming that may have occurred.

    Also, most of the banging would be in populated areas, which would explain UHI.

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  54. the green house theory is less accurate, and it only work on small model of Greenhouses . but for a big planet like earth the model don't fit properly.

  55. I prefer the term "neo-scientists" to "pseudo-scientists". Free minds, unconstrained by the ruling dogma and independent of the corrupt systems for scientific funding and publication, brave enough to look beyond the confines of old paradigms and boldly think what has not been thought before.

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