Saturday 1 May 2010


I stopped blogging as I decided manmade global warming was finally dead.

Then this morning over breakfast an article in the local paper caught my eye and caused me great concern.

"Mild weather to continue into next week"

Could it be? The title was indeed very alarmist. Had man-made global warming escaped it's coffin of infinite nails to once again threaten the free world?

I fled to the box room and dusted off the computer, flipping the switch for the first time in two months. When I peered into the internet my worst fears were confirmed. Realclimate still existed. Running Rabett and Wikipedia Stoat were still at large.

So was I wrong to think manmade global warming was dead? No, so far I have never been wrong and it would be odd if that had changed. Anyway I was there. I saw the smoking guns. I read the emails. Even Harry who wrote all the IPCC climate models admitted they are all bogus. It is clear that AGW has risen from the dead. That's how I explain it. I just have to keep going with more nails. But how do you kill something that is already dead?

A Daily Mail Blog reports that Virginia’s Republican attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, has made his move toward a Climategate lawsuit by demanding that the University of Virginia turn over documents related to Michael Mann.
DailyMail: Going after the Mann

I left a comment on the blog which has now passed moderation.

This is good news, but doesn’t go far enough.

We need to demand that *all* so-called “universities” the world over hand over *all* data and emails that has ever passed by so-called “scientists”. I am sure that in decades of research and data there will be something we can use to convince the public that science is corrupted by liberal bias and needs to be reformed.

The first step will be to abolish so-called “peer review” and “peer reviewed journals”, which are corrupt and elitist. Even scientists admit peer review is flawed. All science should be done on blogs. And anyone should be able to contribute, no matter their level of expertize or PHds (”expert” is a term of elitist discrimination). Let the public decide what science they like and what science is wrong. Blog Science is freedom of science.

There is only one caveat to freedom of science however. To prevent the likes of the manmade global warming myth from ever occuring again we must make sure that anyone who proposes a theory that can potentially harm the economy or usher in UN world government should be immediately fired and charged with criminal offenses. A cross party political body in every university should be in charge of detecting and blocking funding of any such potentially subversive research.

The age of the “intellectual elite” is over. Now is the age of Blog Science. It’s time we went back to science of the 20s and 30s where every Bob in the street had a good idea of what was right and proper and scientific. Afterall anyone can spot if an aircraft can fly or not.

In the meantime another nail just in:
Melting icebergs cause sea levels to rise by the width of just a human hair every year

It's the Daily Mail so I think they know what they are talking about.


  1. Baron von Monckhofen1 May 2010 at 12:21

    Wow, that "hide the decline" youtube video with Michael Mann (at the bottom of the Daily Mail article) is just amazing. It is incredibly funny, and at the same time it shows some graphs that really proves that it is getting a lot colder! It is sophisticated entertainment and cutting-edge science in a marriage made in heaven (and trust me, I know everyting about both sophisticated entertainment and cutting-edge science). How can we possibly loose the science war with stuff like this?

    After blog science, we get: youtube science.

    (Though I have one minor complaint about the video: it would have even more fun with fart sounds in the beginning!)

    Ars celare artem.

  2. The Distinctive Baron is correct. The Your Tube video illustrates the power of the internet and the web. Imagine if Your Tube had existed back in the days of the Piltdown Man--the hoax would have been found out sooner and we would have a better idea about Neanderthals and their connection to today's African men and women. Science went so far down the wrong path, but no one knew because proper animation had yet to be developed.

  3. Inferno,

    It is a pleasure to have you posting again, and to be enlightened by the erudite commentary from Baron von Monckhofen and Dr. Zindeln.

    In the two months that you were gone, I felt at a loss. DenialDepot is my one-stop portal for all matters of science - without it, my skills as a Blog Science Expert Reviewer were in danger of waning.

    I briefly flirted with other science blogs, but none of them could match the aplomb with which you wield your gravitas.

    You truly stride across the blogosphere like a colossus, nail-gun at the ready. In fact, there might be a blockbuster movie in there somewhere - "Dr Inferno, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the climate". At times like this the world needs a hero. You could be that hero.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer
    65 posts to Blog Professorship

  4. Baron von Monckhofen2 May 2010 at 12:30

    EliRabett: Nyah Nyah

    So typical of rabid rabit-trolls. They have no arguments at all and now that their evil scam has been undressed like a Las Vegas stripper with tassels on her ... Damn, now I got lost!

  5. Baron von Mockhofen3 May 2010 at 00:52

    Did I write tassels? I meant armoured breastplate. Thank you, attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, arch nemisis of Michael Mann and protector of the virtuous virgins of Virginia.

    In medio stat virtus

  6. Young Dry Ass3 May 2010 at 04:37

    Welcome back! We need you to help combat this ZOMBIE global warming that is wandering around moaning and FRIGHTENING the children. We need to drive a silver steak of LOGIC through its dead heart. Pls help me 2 get 2gether a NEW PETITION to CONGRESS. We need to SAY. 1 The EARTH is not getting warmer as PROVEN by GALLOP POLE. 2 Mankind is NOT the cause. 3 there is NO SIGNED LONG FORM birth certificate to PROVE that Mikey Mann is NOT a secret British Subject (note NOT CITIZEN) And Muslin who started Climategate.

  7. Welcome back Dr. Inferno.

    I think you've hit the (coffin) nail on head yet again.

    The problem seems to boil down to the elitist "peer review" process - yet which has ironically (or perhaps cynically) systematically rejected any input from an actual peer with real peer experience.

    It's time for a new broom as you have alluded to, and I suggest the Science Auditing and Litigation Empowered Management.

    This body would be charged with considering any possible negative impact on the economy, the social status quo or in fact anything at all of any submitted paper, before mere scientists get their grubby, greedy grant snuffling hands on it. It would also be able to take action against persistent troublemakers.

    Of course, once a paper has passed the S.A.L.E.M. test, it should be safe enough for them to do what they like with it.

  8. Dear Denialdepot,
    You are back! We in Calgary believed you had been kidnapped by a bunch of Exxon executives. Hence we apprentices of yours started our own blog (attached to a real website:

    O dear!

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  9. Embroidery 4 Truth3 May 2010 at 13:02

    FOG&T is another must visit website! "The problem of apparent positive trends is solved by tilting the diagram clockwise by about 16 degrees. This removes all doubts!" I have stitched this quote on a sampler in my denialist needlepoint class and it hangs proudly over my television. Whenever the weather program comes on with its warmist propaganda I fix my gaze firmly on that saying and shut my ears. It works! My denial is still as surmi as ever!

  10. FoGT denies to have said "The problem of apparent positive trends is solved by tilting the diagram clockwise by about 16 degrees. This removes all doubts!"

    The diagram in question, in its untilted orientation, is used in a talk by N. Kalmanovitch at the GeoCanada 2010. It is part of the downloadable abstract:

    FoGT has set up a scientific task force that collects information on the science:

  11. Embroidery 4 Truth,
    You may be aware that, if you decide to tilt your TV set by 16 degrees clockwise, too, you may experience warming again.

  12. Embroidery4Truth3 May 2010 at 16:33

    Ah last time I did that my TV overheated. When after the election this week the queen has appointed Lord Mockton OFFICIAL HONORARY PRIME MINISTER OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS, I will email him and remind him to contact Mikey Mann and Algore and DEMAND that they remove the heat of Televisions Sabotaged By Global Warmists from the Audited Global Warming Accounts!

  13. Have you noticed that the last few months have been some of the warmest months on record? By both satellite and land measurements.... In fact, according to NASA GISS, the last 12 months have been the warmest 12-mth period in their records:

  14. Embroidery4Truth3 May 2010 at 19:36

    David you are using the wrong data which has been got at by Algore and Mikey. You need to get the Official Data from Anthony Watts, he corrects it for UHT.

  15. NASA GISS data _has_ been corrected for UHI effects. Scientists aren't idiots. They realize full well that urban heating takes place and can potentially skew data.... This was investigated in great detail by Hansen and others in the 1980s. You are welcome to look up their work.

    They also point out that UHI effects have a minimal effect on anomaly _trends_....

  16. Embroidery4Truth wrote:
    > David you are using the wrong data > which has been got at by Algore and > Mikey.

    I don't even know what this means, as neither Al Gore nor (?) Mike Mann is involved with basic data generation or procession. Mann merely uses the data that is generated (and it's paleo-data, not current surface data) and Gore is simply reporting what the scientific community has concluded.

    Your smart-alecky remark makes no sense whatsoever, and suggests you don't really understand the climate data community....

  17. Embroidery4Truth3 May 2010 at 20:50

    You don't fool me. Somebody is putting the UHT into our honest data, and Algore's United Nations Nobel Peacekeeping Committee is behind it. The proof is in the hockey stick and Mikey will soon be serving time in a Virginia prison for what he did.

  18. Embroidery4Truth said...
    > You don't fool me. Somebody is putting
    > the UHT into our honest data, and Algore's
    > United Nations Nobel Peacekeeping Committee is
    > behind it.

    You don't seem to be at all familiar with the scientific literature. Have you read even one paper on how the UHI is deal with in surface temperature reconstructions? (Such papers are now about 25 years old.) For that matter, have you ever read even one scientific paper in your life? Or are you lead around by the nose by whatever Web site most closely matches your ideology? Do you honestly think the Nobel committees have influence over the analysis of surface or satellite measuring stations? If so, can you point to even one piece of evidence of a Nobel Prize committee member somehow influencing such data -- give us a name, a time, the station in question, and how this took place (an email? A meeting in a dark corner of a train station somewhere in Sweden? Please, enlighten us....

  19. Embroidery4Truth4 May 2010 at 01:17

    meeting in a dark corner of a train station
    somewhere in Sweden"

    For a person so ignorant about the United Nations Nobel Peacekeeping Committees black helicopters, you seem to be remarkably well informed about their underhanded methods. Precisely who did Algore meet up with in this Swedish train station? No use pretending it never happened now, you've let the cat you of the bag!

  20. I think Appell needs to be shot to get him out of his misery.

  21. David Apple, you bloody warmer,

    The only true real T-t plots are here

    As told to you by Embroidery 4 truth.

  22. > The only true real T-t plots are here

    This plot is a joke, chosen only because it gives you the result you want. There's absolutely no reason to begin a line-fit in 2002, instead of 1992 or 1982 or 1972. Scientifically literate and honest people see right through your deception.

  23. David, I hope you are pulling our leg more than we pull yours. Read the whole thing: the T-t plot is sourced somewhere else. Yep, it is garbage, but that's exactly the point. North Americans call it sarcasm, Europeans call it satire.

  24. Satura tota nostra est

    A truly brilliant statement. The only Roman satire I ever read [in Latin, actually] was 'Cena Trimalchionis' by Petrolius, the godfather of astroturfing climate skeptics or 'denarius climae'. But this is the language of an elitist clique.

  25. Embroidery4Truth7 May 2010 at 21:33

    Time to have the National Academy of Communists investigated, I see. They've issued a letter in their deceptively-named rag, Science, and it's pure denialism from start to finish. They deny they're in it for the money, they deny Algore is a member, they deny Mikey hid the decline, and they blatantly lie in denying all criminality. Such a pathetic whiney lot they are.

  26. I'm delighted to see that you're back, prof. Inferno, but your guidance was dearly missed in the past two months. In a tsunami of warmist news that the past few months and year have been amongst the warmest ever recorded, I started to panick and invested the last of our savings in a Nigerian investment scheme that turned out as big a fraud as global warming itself. Now that you're finally back to put that last nail in the coffin, the only need thing I need to worry about is how to tell Mrs. Slaw about all of our money being lost.

  27. This is great achievement and great creativeness..

    1. Global warming doesn't exist It was just a myth there's no doubt about it!

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