Monday 17 August 2009

Someone I know: Tennis Racket Engineer, Genius, Active Climate Skeptic

Let me share with you an experience I had over the weekend at a local bar. It was getting late by the time I finally managed to turn the conversation towards blog science and the fraud of global warming. Most evenings the few remaining drinkers will just sit there in silence as I discuss climate science at length, no doubt admiring my knowledge and importance. But this week was different, a life-educated looking man suddenly interupted me with extraordinary insightfulness.

"Listen", he told me, "I am not a climatologist but I have approched this from a different angle"

Facinated I reached for my scotch.

"I am an engineer. Tennis rackets are my trade. I design, test and certify tennis rackets"

Finishing off my glass I gestured that he may continue.

"I might know nothing about climate but I can analyze data and come to conclusions about climate anyway. I am an expert at how people miss-use graphs. Let me show you."

He reached for his IPhone before continuing. "The following is not a 'climatologists' study; more from the view of a tennis racket engineer who has spent a lifetime in data analysis/interpretation"

Here is the graph he showed me:

Image 1a, The graph I was shown in the bar which compares Hydrocarbon use, solar activity and temperature compared. "Hydrocarbon Use" being a technical term for prosperity.

Notice how temperature moves up and then down and up again while solar activity goes up and then down and up again. Ie the same thing. In engineering this is called correlation (pronounced cor-rel-ation). Technically speaking the above graph proves global warming is caused by the sun and NOT by co2.

I inquired where he had located such a powerful graph.

"Found it on the internet", he replied.

Well what this demonstrates is that you don't need to be a climatologist or know anything about climate to be an expert on climate. Why is it that so many engineers are skeptical of global warming? Well take tennis racket engineering, if you were to engineer a tennis racket incorrectly someone might recieve a bad wrist strain. On the otherhand if you peddle together a climate model incorrectly there are no bad side effects, but you will have dozens of grants falling through your letter box. Therefore obviously manmade global warming must be a myth.

Update: I received a snarky comment (deleted), probably from a warmist, complaining that the graph shows arctic and not global temperature. Yes yes I am aware of this. No it wasn't a mistake, notice I never actually said the graph showed "global temperature" so I haven't made a mistake. Remember I have been given peer reviewed status by Prof. Malvolio who is an expert in metaphysics so I am hardly likely to make such mistakes.

As for the claim that if global temperature is graphed instead of arctic temperature it no longer correlates with solar activity, remember the engineer explained it wasn't "a climatologist's study", he doesn't know anything about climate, he doesn't need to. What he did was look at graphs he found on the internet and come to conclusions on climate nontheless. He is an expert at data analysis and how graphs can be miss-used. Learn to read.


  1. Blog Science serves an ace and goes forty-love up! It is match point and the coffin of AGW needs just one last nail ....

    Your tennis equipment engineer should send his graph to every Congressman and Senator in the USA of America. Of course stick-in-the-mud Luddites may argue that the internet is hardly a reliable source, citing Sturgeon's Law, having failed to grasp the truthiness of Web 2.0 and the instant peer-review it offers us...

    But we have an ace up our sleeve - the Engineer's graph, while coming to us via the medium of the intertubes actually originates in a good old fashioned 'paper' from a reputable research institution. I refer of course to 'Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide' (Robinson et al - see Fig 3), from the official Institute of Science and Medicine of the state of Oregon. It can only have been modesty that stopped the Engineer citing the source of his devastating graphic, given its provenance in a paper published in the pioneering Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

    This guy is a terrifc find, Inferno. Top-notch peer-reviewed evidence has convinced a skilled data analyst and engineer that the alarmists' case is a crock. Maximum publicity is called for, does he have any more graphs from prestigious Science and Policy Institutes? And we should get Professor Steve McIntyre to take time off researching the numerous instances of plagarism and incest occuring in the rotten corpus of climate science and give this guy's evidence the once-over with a view to publication, maybe back-to-back with that Carlin chap's suppressed report ...

    That would be Game Set and Match to us, I think!

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  2. Journalist Malcolm Clueless at the newspaper the Australian is harshly critisizing his own government for dismissing blog science:

    Addressing parliament last week on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, Greg Combet, assisting Climate Change Minister Penny Wong, made it quite clear that the government would have no truck with this. "For practical purposes we can be sure that human activities are responsible for global warming," he said.

    "Publication in newspapers and blogs is no substitute for the careful processes of scientific rigour," Combet added dismissively. But the reality is that these and other public forums are carrying much of the informed debate about this issue, which will have a profound economic impact on the lives of Australians in metropolitan and regional areas of this country.

    Combet makes the extraordinary statement that the government will give no credibility to any challenge to its policy on global warming unless it is done through major peer-reviewed scientific journals. This would, of course, remove differing scientific opinion from the public arena. But, in any case, why bother when he makes it clear that the government has already made up its mind, based on thoroughly tested and verified scientific evidence, that human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases are unequivocally responsible for most climate warming and that this warming will continue.

    We need more journalists like Malcolm.

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  3. > Well, what this demonstrates is that you don't know anything about climate to be an expert on climate."


    Glad you're back; I've missed the laughs.

  4. Truly a great event in the democratization of Science! This isn't Web 2.0, or Science 3.0, or even Galileo 4.0... it's Truth 100.0!

    Also, did your tennis racket engineer say the obligatory "I used to believe that global warming was a real and serious problem"? This is very important, because it'll establish his credibility as an even-handed, impartial, honestly honest, calm, reasoned, and moderate observer. It's very simple: he just needs to say "I used to believe that global warming was a real and serious problem", and perhaps praise himself from time to time for being so honest and moderate.

    -- bi

  5. By definition, a tennis racket engineer must be even-handed, since the racket is symmetrical and is used both for forehand and backhand.

  6. C'mon people - this is as much as anything an information war.
    A "tennis racket engineer"?
    I'd be more inclined to believe a teacake physicist.

    I'm reminded of a few lines by the great wrapper

    "They chopped the forests and took all the wood
    bringing home pain and suff'rin' inna de 'hood.
    They roulette an economy based on carbon
    They worse than Hitler and IG Farben"

    Now what industry has recently moved from wood to carbon products? Coincidence? Possibly.

    It's also possible that "engineers" met in bars may be perfectly sincere.

    On the other hand, now academic respectability is being starting to be conferred by the likes of Prof Malvolio, it would behoove us not to be overly trusting of geeks bearing gifs.

  7. Correllation is not causation.

  8. Dr. Inferno,

    One little thing that I think your snarky commenter neglected to mention is that the Arctic is in fact part of the globe. Further, since the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics dictates that all the heat within our globe should be evenly distributed, it is obvious that temperature variation at any point on our globe should be representative of the entire globe.

    So, yes, the excellent graph you received from the engineer does in fact show a "global" temperature pattern, that just happens to perfectly correlate with solar activity.

    Of vastly more importance though is this truly brilliant observation: "Hydrocarbon Use" being a technical term for prosperity.

    This is most assuredly correct and deserves more emphasis. The warmists know that their hoax is just that, so they are not really interested in reducing the temperature. What they are interested in is undermining American prosperity thereby undermining our nation's ability to serve as a light unto the nations and introduce the lost to the Lord Jesus Christ. America's reputation in the world depends upon "hydrocarbon use" from the coal we burn to power our televisions, to the oil we use to maintain our military dominance, and the gasoline we burn to drive our Hummers down to the store. The methane we release at a football game, the propane we use to heat our trailers, the butane we use to fill our lighters, the octane we use in our hot rods, the asphalt we use to pave over wasteland, the kerosene we use to light our crosses and most of the plastics we use for everything are all hydrocarbons.

    Without hydrocarbons, our glorious republic would be nothing more than a third world slum like France or Canada. "Hydrocarbon use" does indeed mean prosperity and this is precisely what the warmists want to steal from us. This point can not be stressed enough. After all, if the warmists were serious they would not be using any hydrocarbons, would they? I say that the second that every single warmist on Earth stops using all hydrocarbons and their derivatives (like electricity and anything made of plastic), then I'll take their fantastic ranting a bit more seriously. Until then, well, they'll have to fight to steal my prosperity.

    Patriotically yours,
    Prof. Malvolio

    PS: I am glad you found the peer review helpful, and please feel free to append to it to whatever you write. I have no doubt your future writings will be as good, if not better, than your past ones.

  9. Prof. Malvolio:
    "I say that the second that every single warmist on Earth stops using all hydrocarbons and their derivatives (like electricity and anything made of plastic), then I'll take their fantastic ranting a bit more seriously."

    Lets not forget sugar. They would have to stop eating sugar!

  10. The tennis racket engineer said: "I am not a climatologist but I have approched this from a different angle"

    That is true for me as well. I program computers, and last week I tried to write a simulation were a ball was supposed to bounce off a wall. But the ball just went through the wall instead! Every time! If it so difficult to simulate a bouncing ball, imagine how difficult it must be to simulate the climate, which surely is infinitely more complex than even the human brain.

    Another issue: I see in this article that a new movie refuting Gore's Riefenstahlian propaganda piece is on the way. Also read the comments under the article. They are very good. I wish I could copy-and-paste them all.

  11. > "...remperature variation at any point on our globe should be representative of the entire globe" -Prof. Malvolio

    Teh burns!

  12. Anonymous: "Teh burns!"
    Ad hominem and name calling! Typical warmist argumentation! I'm sure that Gallileo and Newton had to suffer the same treatment.

  13. > "Ad hominem and name calling! Typical warmist..." -Lars Karlsson

    Add "ad hominem" to the long list of things Lars doesn't understand.

  14. This site is great. I particularly like the "About".

    Please find more experts like the tennis engineer to quote.

  15. Another ad hominem, this time against me! Those politically correct prosperity-hating humanity-enslaving AGW alarmist fraudsters will stop at nothing in their desire to bring us all back to the stone age, or worse.

  16. deepclimate:

    "By definition, a tennis racket engineer must be even-handed"

    Woohoo! :-)

    In addition, is the tennis racket engineer also a "leading expert"? This is very important, because calling any global warming skeptic a "leading expert" is another quick way to give credibility to his ground-breaking theories.

    After all, Clinton Did It Too™, so it's OK.

    -- bi

  17. Leftist warmers think your so superior but all you are is stupid. Maybe you want Algore running your life but you should let Jesus instead of Algore then you would know global warming is a hoax and wish you would not of wasted your time on it. It stopped warming 10 year's ago get over it.

  18. "It stopped warming 10 year's ago get over it."

    Well spoke, Anonymous. And according to satellite data, it was just as warm the first half of the last century as it is today.

  19. "Teh burns!

    If I weren't such a forgiving fellow I might point out that this silly warmist mispelled the word "the", but I am no grammar Nazi and even the best of us make the occasional typo.

    Nevertheless, the sentiment expressed is nothing more or less than the entire summation of all warmist arguments. When reality and facts - by the way, it is already getting colder where I live - get in the way, the warmist has no response left except infantile name calling. This is not only typical of warmists, but also most other liberal ideologues out to destroy the US of A. Notice that the warmist did not have anything to say about the substantive points of the post.

    If I really wanted to toy with this warmist, I would ask him to define "stupid." Bear in mind that my second doctorate is in Christological Metaphysics, making me particularly adept at analyzing the underlying alternative definitions of terms and using clever polemics to verify the obvious truth. After all, the basis of the successful ontological argument is clever word play that simply defeats idiots and nonbelievers time and time again. Much like blog science.

    Instead, I think we should all just thank the little warmist troll for reminding us of the stupidity of the AGW crowd. Remember, they have no arguments - and no VALID science - and in the end they have no other choice but to resort to petty insults. This warmist revealed the entire warmist position in four words, one of which was misspelled.

    Patriotically yours,
    Prof. Malvolio

  20. "And according to satellite data, it was just as warm the first half of the last century as it is today."

    You'd think if the warmists really cared about the carbon footprint of the average rocket exhaust plume, they'd look again at orbital launches by balloon.

  21. Wrinkled Retainer19 August 2009 at 16:20

    "And according to satellite data, it was just as warm the first half of the last century as it is today."

    It can't be repeated often enough when correcting the ecotheistic myths of the auto-urinating warmofascist liberal haters of the Scientific Method.

    Furthermore, it is irrefutable that the average temperature for this century has not risen one iota above the average temperature for the current millennium, yet warmist idealogues claim otherwise! Do they not realise how transparent their fiction is?

  22. "Learn to read"

    Well said mister Dr. Infernal. These warmists, they got no cents, they don't pay no atension to faks, just watch Algore movies and cry 'bout poler bears and Hummers and Keeyoto and then make web sites with bs graphs about data instead of real thermometers away from air conditioners where it really matters. Plus lots more I can tell you 'bout it later I have to go to work now.

  23. It's so nice to see this blog return! I can now expound at the watercooler with renewed confidence.

  24. How many tennis racket engineers does it take to manufacture a hockey stick?

  25. Wrinkled Retainer21 August 2009 at 14:18

    They can't: it's not racket science.

  26. I love it! I was an AGW Believer until I read the above blog this morning. Now I'm a denier! It's so cool being a skeptic; all my friends are still AGW'ers so I'm the wild one now. Even just last week, my mud bogger friend Skeeter mentioned that he was thinking of going to the evil skeptic side 'cause it seemed cooler. Oooh neat! I think I beat him to it, thanks DenialDepot!

  27. Wrinkled Retainer25 August 2009 at 08:03


    Could we have an Open Thread so that we can post examples of the best Blog Science we come across?

    It's important that we give these all the support we can in the fight against the socialist "science" perpetrated by ecotheistic warmofascists!

  28. Wrinkled Retainer,

    The best Blog Science you will come across is right here.

  29. Wrinkled Retainer25 August 2009 at 13:03

    Only some of it. I've seen genius-level Blog Science in other places too.

  30. I would like to second Wrinkled Retainer's suggestion for an open thread. As Inferno's excellent posts show, true blog science takes diligent research and careful analysis of the claims made by warmists. This means it is unfair of us to expect Inferno to do all of the work; perhaps we can all contribute to making this blog a bigger success by posting and debunking AGW lies on the occasional open thread. Further, we freedom-loving realists have few venues where the truth can be aired and critical analysis of IslamoCommuFascist propaganda can be made without harassment from the warmist brownshirts that troll the Internets seeking to suppress Christian and patriotic analysis of warmists myths.

    While we all love and appreciate Inferno's brilliant blog science, the Nazi warmists are simply vomiting out far too much propaganda for any one person to contend with. Periodic open threads would allow Denial Depot to remain popular even while Inferno is carefully researching and composing another of his enlightened posts. This is a technique used by other patriotic blogs as well, like Atlas Shrugged and the American Thinker.

    Just my two cents worth,

    Patriotically Yours,
    Prof. Malvolio

  31. Wrinkled Retainer26 August 2009 at 08:48

    Prof. Malvolio,

    Thank you. It is important that we oppose warmism as strongly as we can. The very future of human freedom and prosperity depends on winning the way against ecotheism and warmofascism.

  32. Wrinkled Retainer26 August 2009 at 09:01

    I see that this war is taking its toll on my typing. "war", not "way".

    It's not surprising really as I can hardly sleep at night worrying about the terrible future the warmists will impose on us.

  33. Looks like your hockey-stick engineer got somehow wrong the TSI. Here is data from Max Planck Institute:

    Solar Variability and Climate

    "Galileo was a Denier."

    Oh no! The church was a Denier, NOT Galileo.

  34. "Oh no! The church was a Denier, NOT Galileo".

    Quite so.

    And have we ever heard of Galileo (leading science egghead of his time) spouting off about an excess of life-affirming CO2 in the midst of the MWP?


    Case closed.

  35. So good to have one of the finest blogscientific minds back, especially in a time like this! One can only imagine the sort of hate mail and censorship attempts from the IPCC you've had to endure over these past few months, but in the end you're back to fighting the good fight! Good thing, too, here in Seattle about a month ago we had this record breaking heat wave and it got the warmists all excited. But it's been cooling ever since, and none of them have been able to explain that.

  36. Galileo was not only a Denier, he was arguably the originator of blog science, having avoided the peer-reviewed Latin journals and brought his science straight to the people in books in ordinary languages like Italian.

    And his contributions as a denier are nothing to sneeze at. He established that Ptolemy's models with their epicycles were hopelessly complicated and all wrong. He showed that predictions of the planets trajectories were naive as they were well within their historical range of natural variability. Best of all, he began the measurement of sunspots, laying the groundwork to prove that the sun is responsible for pretty much all warming (except the 75% due to El Nino and some other natural causes summed up in this graph, anyway certainly no room for any warming from human CO2 emissions.)

  37. "And have we ever heard of Galileo (leading science egghead of his time) spouting off about an excess of life-affirming CO2 in the midst of the MWP?"

    Off course not because that was not the case. Today he would definitely do that.


    What a graph! Totally about 350 % of some other natural causes other than GHG. Amazing!

    BTW there is no such thing as LIA-recovering.

  39. "Looks like your hockey-stick engineer got somehow wrong the TSI. Here is data from Max Planck Institute: Solar Variability and Climate"

    And in that graph one can clearly see that temperatur follows irradiancy, and can account for at least 70% of the change. The rest is obviously ENSO, PDO, cosmic rays etc.

  40. Sadly I cannot take credit for the graph, I found it in this comment thread over at Tamino's blog, which was trolled by lots of people posting proof that global warming is all a hoax. I particularly liked these two.

    Totally about 350 % of some other natural causes other than GHG.

    Exactly. And how much of that do you think IPCC models account for? Any guesses? I hardly need to answer...

  41. Forget about IPCC. Anyone can refer to peer reviewed articles witch shows that AGW is not a paradigm. Please, someone?

  42. "BTW there is no such thing as LIA-recovering."

    Oh yes there is! But lets not forget the recovery from the Tiny Ice Age (TIA) during the 1950s-1970s, where global temperatures really went down. We have only now reached the same global temperatures we had during the 30s (as proved by sattelite data).

    And there is of course about 3 degrees left to go before we are back on MWP (Medival Warming Period) temperatures, when Greenland was ice free and a major wine exporting center.

  43. It's hardly surprising to see my favorite sports being linked on my favorute BS blog. Game set and NAIL!

    AGW can't beat the ATP!

    You, sir, are the Rafael Nadal of BS! Federer is not teh best!

  44. "We have only now reached the same global temperatures we had during the 30s (as proved by sattelite data). "

    Bullshit: GISS Global

    There were not many satellites in the 30s.

  45. "Bullshit: GISS Global!

    Ad hominem! So typical for warmists when they don't have any real arguments!

    And GISS is not using satellite data. Duh! They are using thermometers. Have you never heard about the Heat Island Effect, about warm islands affecting thermometers?

  46. Baron von Monckhofen28 August 2009 at 12:46

    Anonymous illogically wrote: "There were not many satellites in the 30s."

    You only need one! It doesn't stay in the same place but moves around earth. Unlike thermometers!

  47. This disinfo campaign dissing the early satellite data pre-supposes that most informed peoples aren't already fully aware of the nazi flying saucer program.

    It kinda reminds me of the recent MS advertising scandal where they were found to be photoshopping a black guy's head into a "boardroom" photo. As if!

    The promotion of warmist promoted tendencies - multi-culturalism, political awareness and tree-hugging, obviously, can only have far reaching effects, which is why they should and must be contested at every opportunity.

    Speaking of which, where is Lord High Professor 'Bedwetter' Monckeytonofbenchly lately?

    Dr. Whatsup is good, - ish, but lacks that wholly satisfying intellectual depth of a real master.

  48. Baron Barbarossa29 August 2009 at 06:07

    Professor Malvolio, sir, I took the liberty of copying your already timeless patriotic declaration of liberty and pasting it on one of our fellow bastions of truth, WUWT, to be precise it's piece on the HADCRUD super computer (on the picture bewlow this article).

    After having been approved - of course - by the moderators I expected it to be lauded and applauded by all freedom lovers that popaulate the comment section. Unfortunately the Mets Office supercomputer has released such a wave of righteuous indignation that your fine rethoric got lost in the tempest.

    I will soon try and spread your gospel again, for you, sir, are a gentleman.

  49. Wrinkled Retainer29 August 2009 at 17:05


    His Lordship has recently suffered an unfortunate prolonged bout of bedwetting and is under strict doctor's orders to rest.

    There is always a personal cost for genius, and the cost of great genius is of course proportionately great.

  50. It's important to bear in mind that climate is determined by so may millions of unknown factors, that - when push comes to shove - we don't really know anything about climate. Well, except for the irrefutable fact that AGW is a fraud and a hoax. And truly HONEST scientists (that is, those that don't rely on IPCC grants) don't even pretend to know anything. Take Tim Ball, the first Canadian PhD in climatology. He's so honest he doesn't even pretend to know how long he was an professor.

  51. Anonymous,

    You are right but not right enough. The climate is determined by an infinite number of unknown and unknowable factors, each infinitely more important that humanity's minuscule emissions of green house gases. For instance, one month we have ice age conditions. Six months later, we have a thermal maximum. It is all completely unpredictable – the “climate models” are nothing more than glorified computer games.

  52. Boys, I must say you are wrong. The tennis engineer has it also wrong. The sun has nothing to do with the issue. There is some new evidence showing that the cause of global warming is in fact US postal charges. Look at this graph.

  53. Thanks Noanne,

    On Joanne Novas blog, I find news about a site that parodies the climazist blog DeSmogBlog. It is absolutely hilarious! For instance:

    "We are the keepers of the only permissible views on global warming. Since your opinions differ from ours, you are an evil-doer, part of a cover-up orchestrated by baddies."

    Brilliant satire, right on target! The humourless alarmist bed-wetters would never come with such a funny idea.

  54. From here:
    "If "consensus" means that a majority of the world's scientists believe in global warming - that's probably true."

    Look at these words:
    "global warming - that's true."

    Looks like the denialist are going to admit they are wrong.

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  61. Well said mister Dr. Infernal. These warmists, they got no cents, they don't pay no atension to faks, just watch Algore movies and cry 'bout poler bears and Hummers and Keeyoto and then make web sites with bs graphs about data instead of real thermometers away from air conditioners where it really matters. Plus lots more I can tell you 'bout it later I have to go to work now.

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