Saturday 12 September 2009

Respect Policy

My last paper recieved a few comments, one querying the Respect Policy of this blog:

"I assume that Inferno's policy is similar to that of Professor Watts..

Internet phantoms who have cryptic handles and no name get no respect here. If you think your opinion or idea is important, elevate your status by being open and honest. People that use their real name get more respect than phantoms with handles. I encourage open discussion. "

Well I am not familar with this Professor Watts and in fact my respect policy is even stronger than the above. This goes for warmists only, skeptics already have by respect.

It's important to remember that in Blog Science your name is as important, if not more important, than your arguments. If there's a problem with your identity there's automatically going to be a way for me to dismiss your argument.

Problems with your identity might include:
  1. Working for or being in someway associated with "acedemia" in which case you are just trying to defend your funding stream.
  2. Having a so-called "degree" (same as above)
  3. Having a name that sound a bit liberal (French names, etc), ie you are hoping for a return to communism.
This is why I need to know your identity in order to be sure you aren't hiding any such skeletons. Additionally use of "cryptic handles" may imply association with the Climatati or other such nefarious underground organizations.

So I demand warmists not only use their full and real name on this blog if they want respect, but also that they provide the full names of their immediate family. Don't worry I won't use this information for anything other than digging up dirt on them and their families in order to discredit their arguments.

As a plus side by using your real full name your posts will become permanently recorded into the google search engine, meaning past, present and future aquaintances will all be able to google your name and see everything you do online in your free time without you knowing. Who on earth could have a problem with that?

Skeptics are handled a little differently. You don't need to use your real name, but if you do and have any associations with acedemia this increases your respect.


  1. It is literally impossible to repeat too often that the CO2 = AGW paradigm has been thoroughly discredited, that a miniscule increase in the concentration of this trace gas is simply incapable of raising global temperatures, that the IPCC is made up of political appointees, and that temperatures have fallen even as CO2 rises ... click


  2. I don't geddit, where is the nail in the coffin of AGW in this paper? Are you Slipping?

  3. Not only do we deniers have all the best arguments, it can be no coincidence that we also have the best-looking women also. To the lovely Summer Flower, Jennifer and the gorgeous Joanne Nova we must add a new voice, the celestial Lucy Skywalker, currently demolishing the silly peer-reviewed Kaufmann report on arctic ice extent. Here is a recent thought from the lovely Lucy... Since I regard the whole universe as a mystery, I see the possibility of “lurking variables” everywhere. Particularly, I suspect Quantum Physics Zero Point Field, and /or understanding of resonance effects, may be needed to help “explain” why small solar changes “produce” rather larger climate changes. Fascinating what’s coming in right now that seems to support the “electric universe” ideas. And folk who report on the “smell” of space, it sounds to me like the effect of something like electricity.

    Now I majored in Applied Narcotics and exactly the same kinds of thoughts occur to me in my more reflective 'flashback' moments.

    Inferno - how about a 'Ladies Only' post on the Blog Science Babes? With pictures naturally. If you would like some background and you need a volunteer for somebody to probe deeply into Joanne Nova's paradigm, so to speak, look no further!

  4. Baron von Monckhofen12 September 2009 at 10:25


    Good picture! Can the IPCC goons explain why a CO2 increase of 15 ppm (pretty pathetic minuscule) the last 7 ½ years has not resulted in a 0.5 degrees C increase, which it according to the AGW hypothesis should do? The picture clearly illustrates this. Instead the temperature is just going up and down randomly, and most of all down. No, of course the IPCC gorillas cannot explain that. Another nail in the coffin of AGW!

  5. Baron von Monckhofen12 September 2009 at 10:28


    Let's not forget Ann Coulter!

  6. Baron von Monckhofen12 September 2009 at 10:36

    And of course, Sara Palin!

  7. It's about time we started holding these people accountable. Like last time when I got into an argument with one of my coworkers, John Smith, he descended into the usual set of ad hominems warmists like to use, "idiot," "no idea what you're talking about," "statistically meaningless garbage," "not skeptical and in fact incredibly gullible when you hear it from Glenn Beck," etc. You've all probably heard similar. And I thought, (besides the obvious point that he had just proven all the pro-AGW arguments he made false by using the Ad Hominem logical fallacy) why is it that this guy is engaging in such socially inappropriate behavior, when he has a wife and two daughters (they're quite cute, I should post a picture if I get one) to be a role model for? And then it occurred to me: accountability. Bill O'Reilly knows how that works -- you think warmists might be a little more civil and honest if they had this guy working to get answers from them? Anyway, if any of you live near Springfield and you want to try and talk some sense into John, he lives on the corner of 2nd and Cherry. Or is it third and Elm? Definitely one of the numbers and one of the trees.

  8. And let us not forget Sallie. Though my true pinup girl is, and will always remain, Sonja. who arguably made the key distinction between so called 'real' science and the its blog analog some six years ago in a letter to the pukeworthy Michael Mann...

    I would respectfully like to explain to you and other scientistst who
    may feel offended by the publication from outside 'their' domain, why I
    have published this and other 'attacks' and why I would appreciate a
    publishable reply from you and your colleagues. You may yet win the
    argument! Who knows, but an open debate is overdue.
    I do not claim that I or my reviewers can arbitrate on the 'scientific'
    truth of publications
    that the IPCC selects as most relevant, but your
    1998 certainly was selected as such and as far as I know, there was no
    protest against its use in global policy advocacy. I may be wrong, for I
    am more in contact with research that is based on worse case scenarios
    (from IPCC) than with basic climate scince research.

    Note that rejection of the shackles and straitjackets of mainistream groupthink on climate scince goes hand in hand with the rejection of the rejection of the shackles and straitjackets of syntax and spelling. Ah, Sonja, truly you showed us the way.

    And who does a sad warmist male have to help him through the long and lonely night?

    Vicki Pope, that's who.

    'nuff said.

  9. Don't forget Jennifer.
    I bet she goes.
    Goes to conferences, eh?
    I'll bet she does, I bet she does.
    Jennifer Marohasy, eh? Eh?
    Been around a bit, eh? Been around?
    In Queensland? Queensland, nudge nudge eh?
    Know what I mean?
    A nods as good as a wink to a blind bat, eh?
    Sounds, to be candid, a bit candid know what I mean? Nudge nudge, wink wink
    sounds a bit like "more a hussy" eh? Eh?
    Oooh! You're wicked! Wicked I say!
    Say n'more squire!
    Say no more!

  10. I was very relieved(if you know what I mean) to learn that Michelle Bachmann is a climate realist. Not only that but she summed up the climate fallacy more succinctly than even the best blogscientists.

  11. Baron von Mockhofen13 September 2009 at 01:13

    Breaking news! A reference to this excellent blog science site has been censored at Greenfyre's, one of the most extreme human-hating environazi warmingista sites! Fortunately, emminent and attentive blog scientist Bob Armstrong caught them in the act.

  12. Baron von Monckhofen13 September 2009 at 01:23


    That moronic demon-crat baboon at the end of the Michelle Bachmann video is really a baboonish moron. And ugly too, like a baboon. Doesn't he understand that car-bon di-oxide is natural? Is he deaf or something?

  13. He's probably gay, too.

  14. "has been censored at Greenfyre's"

    I am deeply moved to see Baron von Mockhofen upholding the finest principles of the Denialosphere by telling a blatant and pointless lie easily exposed by anyone capable of clicking a link. We should all be deeply humbled before such a sterling example of Denierism inaction.

    His frivolous and meaningless deception
    underscores my point that the bar for Denierism can never be set too low. Bless you Sir, bless you. You are an example to us all.

  15. Baron von Monckhofen13 September 2009 at 12:10

    It is so typical of warmists to resort to ad hominems. If I were a liar (purely hypotheically), it would not have any bearing on whether what I say is true or false.

  16. Baron von Monckhofen13 September 2009 at 12:17

    Of course, this "Greenfyre" fellow - who is so fond of censorship that he easily could have got a job at the Information Ministry of North Korea - has not presented a single shred of evidence about me lying! That he is allowed to have a blog is a disgrace, and in any decent society he would have been stopped and put on tasks more suitable for him!

  17. I see that Greenfyre has been here. Who does this environazi think he's kidding? It's clear to any right-thinking person that Bob Armstrong is the Galileo of our time and all that warmists can do is use ad hominem attacks against something they CANNOT REFUTE WITH SCIENCE.

    As for the Baron "telling lies" or his "frivolous and meaningless deception", only a warmist would make such an accusation against one of the finest minds of our time! I will also point out, that just as warmist graphs distort scale to tell scary lies to those not versed in this leftist trickery, Greenfyre pretends that "high" is "low". There are no bars HIGHER than the ones we Deniers set for ourselves. I know this because I've seen a few bars in my time.

  18. Who is this Greenfur anyway?
    Another wannabe warmist parading his religious hysteria?

    With this blog being a veritable downtown Manhattan of towering intellects such as Dr Inferno and The Baron, I suspect simple jealousy on behalf of his of his galileo bereft blog is at the root of the attacks.

  19. Armchair climate expert14 September 2009 at 23:23

    Speaking of warmists hiding their real name, what about Professor Fat Bore. How could that possibly be his real name. I demand to see his birth certificate.

  20. Baron von Monckhofen15 September 2009 at 00:02

    Thanks chek and Wrinkled,

    It is truly a great pleasure to discuss with such towering intellectual giants as you, Sirs. Obviously, I much rather take my place in the pantheon of blog science that this blog has become thanks to our incomparably knowledgeable (dare I say omniscient?) host Inferno, but also thanks to brilliant commenters like ourselves, than I wriggle and crawl around on Greenfyre’s blog, so full of pompous self-righteous back-scratching bedwetting primates scratching each-others’ backs and cowardly hiding behind silly signatures that obviously are not their real names.

  21. My Lord,

    We are indeed fortunate to live in times when intellectual giants are free to advance human knowledge without the odious shackles of "peer review" and "consensus". If only those warmist bedwetting intellectual pygmies had any idea just how tiny their intellects are compared with such as ourselves!

    Sometimes I can not help myself. I actually feel pity for them. I know I should not, because they are hell-bent on destroying human civilization, but should we not pity those so desperately lacking the gifts that Providence has been so generous in bestowing upon such as Inferno, Chek, yourself, and, dare I say it, your humble servant? No wonder they are too embarrassed to use their real names!

  22. "Comment deleted for violation of comment policy"

  23. WR said:"If only those warmist bedwetting intellectual pygmies had any idea just how tiny their intellects are compared with such as ourselves! Sometimes I can not help myself. I actually feel pity for them."

    Don't chide yourself WR - it's not your fault they're on the wrong side of history, left behind by the Enlightenment.

    As Descartes succinctly put it: "I think, therefore I know".

    And therein lies the difference between them and us.

  24. Respect??!! Give me a friggin break. I cannot believe the load of crap I'm reading at this site. You guys ever heard of say, the IPCC or the NAS maybe? Got any clue about the strength of evidence of human-driven climate change? (Answer = a big resounding no). And who the hell is "Inferno" by the way. I suppose you think that's a legitimate identification eh? Jesus Christ you people are some kind of world class imbeciles. Have a nice day.

  25. Tim Swanson,

    Is this satire? I sincerely hope so, otherwise we can only conclude that you are a typical ecotheistic warmofascist of the type we both despise (because you intend to kill BILLIONS of the world's poorest) and pity (because you labour under a huge burden of ignorance and inferior intellect which is not your fault).

  26. Dear Tim,
    I was initially disposed to writing off your post as par-for-the-course, everyday elitist trollism ad hom, with not even the slightest hint of having addressed the data.

    However, the passion that can be discerned in your outburst tells me you're really one of us.

    Please take the time to read and savour the wisdom that bubbles up like arctic methane throughout this blog. Ignore the meagre contributions of mere popularity seeking idiots like myself, and drink, drink deep of the freely given insights of the true gianys that have made this site what it is today.

    Or not.

    Go in peace, brother, but remember our hearts are all coming from he same direction.

    And that direction is obviously - or at least should be according to any right-thinking person - unfettered Aynal Capitalism.

  27. Damn right it was ad hom, and mild ad hom bro, compared to what's deserved. And data? What data, tilted graphs? If I want data I'll go read the IPCC reports, ever heard of those?

    Correction, second rate imbeciles. With computer access. Bad combo.

  28. Dear Tim,

    Oh I see, it's like that is it?

    Well in that case perhaps you should go ask your good friends at the IPCC why it's also so f*cking hot from Mars to Pluto?

  29. Wrinkled Retainer responds to somebody who doesn't get it:"Is this satire? I sincerely hope so, otherwise we can only conclude that you are a typical ecotheistic warmofascist of the type we both despise (because you intend to kill BILLIONS of the world's poorest) and pity (because you labour under a huge burden of ignorance and inferior intellect which is not your fault)."


    I bet deluded Tim Swanson thinks that DDT-frosted flakes are bad for you. Blog scientist Steve Milloy says no, your DDT is good for you! Whenever I read tripe like Tim's during my breakfast, it makes me physically ill.

  30. Uh, the people at the IPCC aren't my "good friends" there Chek. Don't know a one of 'em. And thanks for the update on how hot it is out there in the outer solar system, I'm sure many will be interested in that finding.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've get several million people to kill before bedtime. Later.

  31. Baron von Monckhofen16 September 2009 at 00:55


    This "Tim Swanson" (another ridiculous pseudonym) is clearly yet another green to yellow to admit he is red. When somebody dares question his religious AGW-beliefs, all he can respond with are ad hominems. Yes, we know what IPCC really stands for: Inquisition and Propaganda for Communist Control.

    When I read comments like those of "Swanson", I sometimes toy with the idea of escaping, together with other übermenschen such as the esteemed commenters on this blog, to some secret valley, protected by a dome of aluminum foil and tape. There, we could create an ideal society, free of political correctness, carbon taxes and Al Gore's big baboon butt, and we would invent wonderful things like super-strong steel alloys, powerful engines that use vas ammounts of coal as fuel, copper mines and pirate ships. And when the idiots left behind, bereft of our geniality, have made civilization collapse with their cap-and-trade and tree hugging and communism and lots of people have died in train accidents, then we can come back, and they will beg on their bare knees to be free to be ruled by us again.

  32. Baron von Monckhofen16 September 2009 at 05:58

    I see that "greenfyre" fellow tried to post another one of his abominable rantings, but it was deleted for violating comment policy. Serves him right, I say! If we let those warminsta-ecofascist-carbommunists have their way, we will soon be tree-planting slaves at Al Gore's datja or worse. And if he doesn't like it here, I suggest he tries to post here instead.

  33. Tracey,

    Indeed. The Baron himself takes DDT by the spoonful every day. Not only is it not at all harmful, it is extremely beneficial in improving digestion by providing the ideal environment for bacteria of the genera Bacteroides, Clostridium, Fusobacterium, Eubacterium, Ruminococcus, Peptococcus, Peptostreptococcus, and Bifidobacterium.

    As we all know, the Baron is the most reliable authority on the planet on, well, anything, so ignore his example at your peril! Wouldn't you want your waste products to be as fragrant as his?

  34. See, Tim Swanson ADMITS it! Has he no shame? Does he feel no guilt?

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've get several million people to kill before bedtime. Later.

  35. Screws...loose. Very much loose. No check that, missing altogether. Without spares.

    So since you all think AGW is some kind of recent communist plot, how about one of you explain Tyndall's findings 150 years ago on the ability of various gasses (including CO2) to absorb, and re-emit, in the infrared.

    Go ahead, take a crack at it, any of you. You have heard of John Tyndall right?

  36. Tim,

    Oh dear. You just don't get it, do you?

    That's all "peer-reviewed" "consensus" science. It means nothing compared with Blog Science. We only care about evidence and the evidence is that it has been cooling since 1998 and we are about to enter a brutal and pulverizing Ice Age.

  37. Baron von Monckhofen16 September 2009 at 08:32

    "Tim Swanson",

    Karl Marx published The Communist Manifesto in 1948. It is obvious that Tyndall had read it and was a commie. You don't know anything about history, do you?

    Regarding DDT: Spraying it on cornflakes is not such a good idea. Most of the time, there is not much worth killing on cornflakes. But I spray DDT on any fruits and vegetables before I eat them. And I mix it into fruit juices, wine and beer, in case there are any bugs left. Meat and poultry: I rather treat those with large doses of antibiotics before eating.

    Let me also add that if DDT spraying had been permitted during the medieval warming period, millions and millions of lives could have been spared. They could simply have used it to kill all the rats (and the mongols). You environazis have untold amounts of human suffering on your record.

  38. Baron von Monckhofen16 September 2009 at 09:43

    Sorry, the Communist Manifesto was in 1848. Just an unintentional typo, folks.

  39. So, just so I have your story straight here... Tyndall discovered that CO2 and other gases absorb and re-emit in the infrared because he was a communist, right? And so logically, if one were not a communist, one would find that these gases do not absorb and re-emit, right?

    And pray-tell WTF is "blog science" Einstein?

  40. Baron von Monckhofen16 September 2009 at 10:16

    Yes Tim, why did you think it was in the infrared otherwise? Why not in the infra-blue or the infra-yellow? I mean, isn't it obvious?

  41. Hi all,

    As a self-aware rational open-minded even-handed agnostic liberty-loving civil polite skeptic, I strongly urge everyone not to try digging up any dirt on this guy.

    -- bi

  42. Baron,

    Is it not clear how desperately stupid these warmanistas are! How much more obvious could it be?

    Sometimes I despair for the future of the human race...

  43. Warning, everyone!

    We have another shameless ecotheistic warmofascist here (frankbi). Note the empty threats he makes!

    I suggest we simply ignore his deluded rantings.

  44. Wrinkled Retainer, I was very careful to state that I do not -- repeat, I do not -- wish anyone to dig up any dirt on this poor guy, which means at the worst I'm only making an empty non-threat. In this day and age, when climate skeptic Galileos are being routinely crucified, burnt at the stake, and sent to death camps by the Marxist-Muslim Inquisition, it's paramount that we warn skeptics about potential threats to their freedom and privacy.

    So WR, why are you misrepresenting my skeptic arguments? Are you in fact a Secret Warmist Agenda™ who has come here to glorious blogscience movement? Ah, you've shown your true colours at last!

    -- bi

  45. s/glorious/destroy the glorious/

  46. Hi guys!

    I havent posted for a long time cuz Ive been having some trouble with my boyfriend but hes ok now that he's seeing the doctor.

    Hi Tim. Please dont get angry its not nice.

  47. It's obvious that "Tim" is here to bait this thread by mindlessly repeating stuff he's read on the few remaining warmist CO2mmunist propaganda sites that haven't quite had the coffin lid nailed completely down on them yet.

    So "Tim", a hypothetical question if I may.

    If it was found that polar bears, being on the brink of extinction (and a good thing too great big vicious white rodents that they are - but I digress), could only survive by being given SUV's to ride around in, where would your loyalties lie then?

    Exactly so.

  48. Baron, the only thing that's obvious is that you and the others posting here are 100% nuts. Do you need that explained to you?

    Now, please proceed to explain to me how the injection of hundreds of billions of tons of gases over the last 200 years by humans, that absorb and re-emit thermal energy from the earth, is not causing global warming.

    Or have your almighty hero Dante there do it if you can't, since he's apparently the fearless leader of you Boy Scouts.

  49. Baron von Monckhofen16 September 2009 at 12:36


    Well, maybe one can say that Mr Wrinked Retainer is a bit nuts, but in a different sense of the word...

    But let me show you a real warminista nutcase!


  50. Dearest Tim,

    My fellow Astral Traveller, Summer Flower, conveys sage advice from your great Earth Mother. My healing crystals are radiating serenity through the great unified Oneness in your direction. Feel the love, breathe deeply, meditiate on your unique position in the infinite cosmos and calm down, dude.

    Now, please proceed to explain to me how the injection of hundreds of billions of tons of gases over the last 200 years by humans, that absorb and re-emit thermal energy from the earth, is not causing global warming.

    Oceans emit gases, plants emit gases, according to Professor of Geology Ian Plimer, one volcano could emit gases in a day equivalent to all human emissions over the last 250 years. Tonight even I am emitting gases (tip: avoid the lentil burger at the Rainbow Caravan Cafe, Glastonbury) but all these gases have only raised the CO2 levels from 270 molecules in 1,000,000 all the way up to to 380 molecules per 1,000,000 molecules.

    Gaia laughs at your conceit. Ha Ha! (Note She is laughing with you, not at you, She is nice in that way, you'd like Her if you met Her socially.)

    Besides - the so-called greenhouse effect alleged by Tyndall has been shown to be fictitious and also in contradiction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics by the genius Physicists Gerhard Gerlich and Ralf Tscheuschner in a paper published not just on the Sciencio-Blogosphere but in also in the International Journal of Physics

    The atmospheric greenhouse effect, an idea that many authors trace back to the traditional works of Fourier (1824), Tyndall (1861), and Arrhenius (1896), and which is still supported in global climatology, essentially describes a fictitious mechanism, in which a planetary atmosphere acts as a heat pump driven by an environment that is radiatively interacting with but radiatively equilibrated to the atmospheric system. According to the second law of thermodynamics such a planetary machine can never exist.

    So you see, Thomas, Blog and 'Team' Science are in agreement, Gore's alarmism is based on a fictitious mechanism. Who are you going to believe, a washed-up loser politician with a weight problem or the almighty Laws of Thermodynamics? We await your answer with interest. Meditiate deeply and ask for Gaia's Guidance.

    The Rainbows and the Unicorns and Lucy love you.

  51. When I say Thomas I mean, of course Timothy. Certain aspects of my Enlightenment left me with a mildly impaired short-term memory....

  52. frankbi,

    Your attempts at sophistry might fool your usual warmist sheeple but we are well versed in the sort of trickery your kind use.

    You clearly want that poor guy to be burnt at the stake tomorrow! Why can't you follow the example of polite honest people like Graeme Bird and just say what you mean?

    Oh, and "bi" is short for "bisexual" so you can't be trusted about anything.

  53. Tim Swanson,

    You are the one that's nuts. You blather on about hundreds of billions of tons but it's CO2 is 0.038% of the atmosphere, which is almost NOTHING!

  54. Baron,

    A bit nuts? I'll have you know that I'm as nutty as anyone, including you, but at least we agree what an environazi Greenfyre is.

  55. Baron von Monckhofen16 September 2009 at 13:57

    Dear trusty old Wrinkled Retainer,

    That was just a naugthy little pun about your full name. Sometimes I enjoy being a bit funny.

  56. Baron,

    There's nothing funny about my name and anyone who claims otherwise is talking complete b*ll*cks.

  57. Ahh, crazy old Greenfrye. He seems to be attempting parody or attempting to discredit this blog as anything other than cold hard facts or he's just living in some alternate universe. For one thing, the About section has always read "There are no facts, just dissenting opinion." I should know, I've been reading this blog for quite some time.

    The sad thing is a religious climofascist fundamentalist like Tim Swanson would probably read Greenfrye's posts about Denial Depot and believe every word of them and think they made some kind of sense. Sometimes you just can't show people the light because they like the dark.

  58. s/reading/reading and re-reading and feeding into text-to-speech to put on my iPod and printing out the RSS feed to tape to the walls of my bedroom and office and living room/

  59. Hey thanks for the "sage advice" there Lucy about meditating and unicorns and whatever else was involved. I took your meditation advice and gained great insight. And that insight has led me to believe that Gerlich and the other genius guy sidekick with the unspellable name are.......
    ....well, nuts also along with the rest of y'all.

    So the greenhouse effect violates the 2nd commandment or whatever does it? Then maybe these bozos, or perhaps you bozos, can explain why, when Tyndall sealed a pipe and injected CO2 and C2H4 and other gases into it, it blocked the infrared radiation through the tube, like it was a wall.

    But go on with your unicorns and Mrs. Gaia and whatever else passes through your brain on the way to the scrap heap of history if it makes you feel good.

  60. Oh and Mr. Retainer, those numbers might make sense to you when you realize that it takes about 2 gigatons of C to raise the atmosphere by 1 part per million CO2.

    Then again, probably not.

  61. Baron von Monckhofen17 September 2009 at 01:26

    Dear "Tim",

    It is well known that communists like Tyndall have no respect for the 2nd law of thermodynamics. After all, the central tenet of communism is that you should be able to enjoy the fruits of labour without expending any energy.

    And it is really ridiculous to think that it would take gigatons of CO2 to increase the atmospheric level by some puny part-per-millions. Ladies and gentlemen, it does not make sense!

  62. Baron von Monckhofen17 September 2009 at 01:32


    Your Orwellian attempts at rewriting history do not fool anybody!

    Go back to your own silly blog, and take this "Tim" with you! He is probably the only one here who would believe a single word of your pompous, self-righteous and ad-hominem-stuffed rants.

  63. Wrinkled Retainer:

    "Why can't you follow the example of polite honest people like Graeme Bird and just say what you mean?"

    WR, why do you keep misrepresenting me? I've stated very clearly that I'm a very honest, very polite, and very open-minded person. How can you read that and conclude that I'm being dishonest?

    "Oh, and 'bi' is short for 'bisexual' so you can't be trusted about anything."

    That's absolutely false. "Bi" is short for "Bifidobacterium", which (as you've stated yourself) is one of the best, most value-producing, and most freedom-loving bacteria in the world.

    Clearly, you're a Secret Warmist Agent™ who's come here to subvert the brave denalist movement.

    -- bi

  64. Tim Swanson,

    Your figure is correct but what warmists have never proved in the laboratory is that a tiny fraction of 1% in the atmosphere has any heating effect.

    We like EVIDENCE and the EVIDENCE is that CO2 levels have continued to increase yet temperatures have still not exceeded the 1998 figure after NINE years! Explain that, CO2 hater!

  65. Baron von Monckhofen17 September 2009 at 05:40

    Wrinkled Retainer and bi,

    If we fight amongst ourselves, the only people that will win are the CO2mmunist prosperity-haters. Remember that there are so many things we denialists all agree about:
    That there has never been any warming and it stopped in 1998 and 2001, and the warming is only due to infinitely many purely natural factors and brown clouds and satellite microwaves and submarines and the urban heat island effect and suspicious "adjustments" in the datasets and preparations for a Venusian invasion, and it was warmer during the medieval warming period and the Roman warming period and the 1930s and proxy reconstructions of past climates are just garbage, and we are clearly heading for a new ice age and the climate is a completely chaotic nonlinear system which we know nothing about, and the feedbacks are all negative and the climate has varied a lot in the past, and CO2 does not absorb and re-emit infrared radiation, and its effect is strongly logarithmic and saturated, and the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is natural and does not exist, and it is much cheaper to adapt to global warming, and using less fossil fuels will result in world-wide starvation, and global warming is a big communist nazi liberal Thatcherite atheist environmentalist third-world-kleptocrat science-grant-grabbing conspiracy.

  66. Finally... a blog that talks sense about the truth about global warming, er.. global cooling. I particularly like the graph with the tilted axis. I have found in my own scientific perusings on the matter that it is often helpful to turn graphs completeley upside down when making a point. This way one is able to clearly show that the globe is cooling and artic ice is increasing. That really confounds the thermogeddonists!

    Blog onwards comrades

    Doris from Barking

  67. Baron,

    Many thanks for reminding us how petty are our minor differences and stating so clearly the immovable bedrock on which our manifesto rests.

    I was mistaken about bi. It seems that he is one of us after all, and his Journal Of Inactivism is not, as I thought, a warmist propaganda site but in fact a subtle and clever Trojan Horse undermining the ecotheists from behind the walls of their ivory towers. See how much free publicity he gives to our noble cause!

  68. Wow Baron (at 5:40), that's really some kind of a strong case you have there.

    Now can you explain to me why sea surface temperatues were the warmest in the instrumental record this summer?

  69. Baron von Monckhofen17 September 2009 at 09:18

    Thanks Tim, I'm glad you beginning to see the truth. As for "why sea surface temperatures were the warmest in the instrumental record this summer", I believe the key word here is instrumental. I would say they are instrumental to creating a new world order, were we all are slaves under cap-and-trade, and live in abject poverty while Al Gore is drinking champagne on his private jumbo-jet.

  70. Hi Tim

    The sea wasnt at all warm when I wwas on holiday in Ibiza in June it was really cold. Also it wasdnt very sunny so I didnt get to wear my bikini much.


    Summer x

  71. @ The Baron
    My dear Baron, with some attention to punctation, I think there's a bestseller in your most comprehensive comment today at 5.40.

    A book that would furthermore expose Plimer's recent apologetic and anaemic toadying to upholding academic standards for the bedwetter's bedtime reading it really is.


    I hardly noticed any instrumental records this summer, though I did catch the wonderful Sir Jeffrey Beck on tour in June, and his entire set was instrumental, for the record.

  72. Baron,

    Well said! Gore being a jumbo himself, it could only be jumbo-jet!


    Thanks for EVIDENCE that it is cooling not warming. This is just the sort of reliable testimony that warmists try to ignore.

  73. The Baron's comment at 5:40 achieved a critical mass of blog science, accompanied by a flash of insight that would convince even the die-hard warmers, if only we could get them to read it.

    Much akin to the world's funniest joke in the documentary by Monty Python.

  74. Tracey,

    Alas, some warmists are so desperate to avoid the truth they will not see it until it is spelt out for them letter by letter.

    Perhaps we need to set up some remedial classes?

  75. Oh yes, the Red Baron's comment, and actually many others here, are very much like the world's funniest joke Tracy. Of that we can be quite sure.

    Good to see you all are all so up to date on the climate data as well.

  76. Another ad hom attack from Leftoid Tim. Is this Warmist Swanson's swan song?

  77. Baron von Monckhofen17 September 2009 at 23:31


    I suspect that Tim is the kind of person who wouldn't get a joke even if it was painted on his nose.

    But then these ad-hominem-addicted molecule-of-life-hating forbidding-poor-people-in-Africa-to-drive-a-SUV macaws never have any sense of humour.

  78. Swan song, ha ha, oh that is rich and deep humor right there. And other than listening to Physical Graffiti yet again, the answer is no "anonymous".

    As for a sense of humor, this site requires all one can reasonably muster in a day's time Baron.

    Now, I still haven't heard your explanation for this summer's record sea surface temperatures.

  79. This is quite simple to explain "Tim" - which isn't to say that the explanation will not explode your brain.

    Furthermore it underlines the dangers of "consensus science" as promoted by the collectivist farm that is the IPCC.

    "The Copenhagen (a coincidence? I think not)interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the sea surface temperatures are simultaneously warmer and cooler. Yet, when we look at the data, we see the SST's are either warmer or cooler, not a mixture of warm and cool".

    Thus we see that too many 'consensutised' scientists disposed towards warming who then observe the data see warm SST's. Conversely, Prof Watts et al sees the cooling trend when he observes it.

    For sentimental reasons, I refer to this phenomenon as 'Schrödinger's thermometer'.

  80. Chek,

    Clearly you are very smart and know what you're talking about, as I have no idea what anything you wrote meant and you're clearly running circles around Tim. I thought you might be able to sort something out that I've been pondering.

    Your explanation along with Lucy's advice brought to my mind the work of another great quantum mechanic, Deepak Chopra. His book Quantum Healing proves that we can make a quantum leap in consciousness between our depressed-I'm-dying-of-cancer state and our happy-I'm-recovering state and due to our entanglement and the way our whole body thinks much like our mind we can cure ourselves by simply altering our mental states. What I was wondering was if we collectively switch from an alarmist state of consciousness like Tim's to a higher enlightened state like that of Lucy's if we can similarly through entanglement and wave function collapse and other quantum stuff can similarly raise the state of our climate. It seems straightforward physics, but I'm having trouble delving into the math to determine what the maximum number of Tim Swansons and Al Gores the Earth can allow if we want to prevent a climate catastrophe. Any thoughts?

    BTW, I couldn't click on your link in my browser, which is unfortunate, as the Chekipedia could finally provide a vast store of knowledge free of the warmist liberal bias of Wikipedia and the slightly less liberal bias of Conservapedia -- the world needs your site up and running!

  81. Oh yeah, Big Fan, Chek's running in circles, no doubt about that.

    But anyway, I must admit that your inquisitive tone is very appealing and a good example for all of us. I think this might be a place where we can come together in a spirit of humble inquisitiveness, short of a real time, virtual singing of kum-ba-yah anyway. So in that spirit, could you give me an estimate of how high and deep it is possible to pile animal digestive remains (i.e. feces, excrement etc.)? I see you all have an ongoing experiment on the issue here and am just looking for some ecological insight. Thanks and peace.

  82. Tim,

    It's good to see your mind opening up a little and I am hopeful you can start learning from the comment threads here when you listen a little instead of just react. However, you also illustrate the sort of sloppy thinking that leads to sloppy science -- your question is ill-posed and hence not particularly illuminating. It's sort of like asking for the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow. What kind of excrement are we talking, here? Human? Bull? Horse? Bat? Crow? Dust mite? (I hope not, I'm allergic!) Dog? Monkey? (subject to flinging complications) etc. All relevant information that can have a big impact on the answer.

    I would also point out that the instrumental record on quantities of feces in this thread and globally is unreliable, subject to citing considerations and questionable corrections, and also that animal digestive remains provide nutrients essential to plant growth and really are essential for life on this planet.

  83. Big Fan said:
    "It's sort of like asking for the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow."

    Is that an African or European swallow?

  84. chek said: "Is that an African or European swallow?"

    My point exactly.

  85. Tim Swanson asked how deep the feces can get:"So in that spirit, could you give me an estimate of how high and deep it is possible to pile animal digestive remains (i.e. feces, excrement etc.)? I see you all have an ongoing experiment on the issue here and am just looking for some ecological insight."

    I have done a study of feces temperature vs time - talk about your hockey sticks! They are warmer now than at any time during the past 2000 years.

    Yet I can't get anybody to listen to me, they won't come within shouting distance. That is why I have to use the series of tubes to get my results out.

    Anybody out there? Do we need to call Al Gore to come unclog his invention? Am I being censored like chek (his wikipedia link is not working)?

  86. I see that BF, but it's important to clarify for the "tims" that increasingly visit this lone font of common climate sense.

    For instance, it completely puts the kybosh on the proxy data.

    Btw, I haven't yet, but intend to ask Lucy to fabricate a mantra for you. I'd give you mine, but they're personalised.

    For instance mine is only five characters long, but someone like The Baron, or say Dr. Inferno's could be up to 255 characters.

    I don't know why, but prefer not to believe that Bill Gate's system architecture has even invaded the spritual domain. Still, don't go thinking there's any hierarchy involved when it comes to mantra length envy: I have it on good authority that Ringo's was only three characters.

    p.s. Sorry folks - it appears my esteemed hosting site decided that they needed more photos of girls stripping before the cooling really started to bite.

    However I'm in negotiations with the people of a certain TV weatherman about to launch an exciting new anti-warmist web2 venture.

    OK, so he's based in Kyrgyzstan (pronounced 'Kyrgyzstan') but ...fingers crossed.

  87. Wouldn´t it solve all everybody´s problems if we could just accept that the planet is both warming and cooling at the same time? That way we could sign some sort of treaty thingy to shut up the warmiemongerers and still carry on increasing emissions and everyone is happy. Seems the best sort of compromise to my mind.


    Chek´s `Schrödinger´s thermometer´does seem the most plausible explanation for this phenomenon as it cannot be refuted by anyone. Observations clearly show that this is the case.

    Could you put your idea into some sort of formula? Probably best if you leave out the cat as that will only confuse the issue I feel.

  88. Well Big Fan, I do appreciate your answer there. It is disappointing to realize that my question was ill-posed, but in the same spirit of humbleness that has now overcome this thread, I do have to admit that I am simply an inferior poser compared to you all here. You are all quite experienced in that area I see.

    So to clarify, I suppose it was some sort of male bovine feces I had in mind, perhaps equine, although on second reflection, I'm now thinking that probably only elephantine, or maybe even aptosaurian, could account for the very elevated accumulation rates seen here.

    I do hope this helps clarify.

  89. Technical correction: "Apatosaurian" not "aptosaurian". Apologies for any confusion this may have introduced.

  90. Well, we hardly need to speculate for elephantine, the experiment has been done! As for Apatosaurian, due to their extinction somewhere between 4000 and 65 million years ago, I'm afraid your question cannot be experimentally resolved and thus is more of a religious question rather than a scientific one.

    As for male bovine excrement, there is NO PROOF that copious quantities of this are harmful to life on Earth, in fact (environazis won't tell you this) we use it to grow our food! But, hypothetically speaking, let's say we were in danger of all being neck deep in it at some time down the road. What is the best thing we could be doing right now? The answer is obvious: we need to grow our economy as quickly as possible. Indeed, every major problem humanity has faced has been solved in this way. This is what will make it possible to build the necessary infrastructure and to pay the migrant workers to shovel and haul any excess elsewhere. So, to get back to your question, there is no limit to the amount of male bovine or horse feces we can endure, provided we lower taxes and sever the noose of government regulation.

  91. Summer Flower's boyfriend19 September 2009 at 04:19

    Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I needed to get some ointment from the doctor so that I can sit down again. Strangely enough, Summer Flower isn't that keen to see me at the moment. However, I am sure that my analysis will impress her!

    I have been looking at the (commie warmist evil plot) sea ice data for the last three years. It clearly shows a rising trend, proving that the Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate. I have fitted a parabolic function to the three points (my graphing package says that gives the highest R squared value, which sounds very scientific so it must be right). This trend demonstrates that by 2015 the Arctic will be permanently frozen, by 2020 there will be sheet ice under the Brooklyn Bridge and by 2025 There will be 200 m of ice covering Fat Al Gore's house. The new Ice Age is here guys - be prepared. If only the warmists knew how wrong they are!

    I am now retiring to my bunker as my model proves that by Tuesday it will be -20 C here in Florida. Summer Flower - see you at the bunker entrance at 7 pm. Please bring extra supplies of ointment though.


    This is big! It proves beyond all doubt that it is the Sun that heats the Earth. Not only is it the final nail in the AGW coffin, its time for the funeral.

  93. "Now, I still haven't heard your explanation for this summer's record sea surface temperatures."

    Isn't it obvious? We are in a global financial crisis caused by Bill Clinton and Barney Frank (and other fornicators and homosexuals). Budgets are being slashed everywhere. These "scientists" are smart enough to know that the gravy train is coming off the tracks so they need to manufacture some warming and NOW before the Hummer payment is due.

  94. Honest Scientist said...
    "before the Hummer payment is due".

    I was right there with you up until you suggested anyone, anywhere, with any credibility would drive a Hummer.

    And yes, that does include the US military.

  95. Thats great. It looks pretty well to have one with me. But tellin gthe truth Its an honesty of the scientist that matters.

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