Sunday 30 August 2009

Recent Climate History

Figure 1: What Really Happened. Note the Roman Warm Period and Age Of The Dinosaur are not shown, neither is the great Submarine Warming Period and the recent 21st Century Ice Age.


The alarmists are always banging on about risks to the climate. But they never risk their own identities, prefering instead to hide behind a cowardly system of net-anonymity. I use my actual name in everything I do online, I even publish how much I can bench press (300lb). I have hunted game in real life. I could if I had the chance kill a polar bear with a good rifle or my hands if it came down to it.

And that's an important qualification in climate science. Any climate scientist who hasn't shot their own Polar Bear quite frankly doesn't understand the first thing about the out-the-lab realities of nature. Because I do understand the realities of nature it means I can avoid pointless labish "analysis". I can just cut to the chase by focusing on obvious real world self-truths passed down through time honored rumor fueled speculation.

In what follows I will explain how recent global climate history drives nails into the coffin of manmade global warming at every turn. But first lets get one thing straight, I don't "do" dates when talking about history. For one thing the calendar is uncertain with missing days here and missing days there and competing theories (gregorian, julian etc) and so it would be biased to pick any one. Dates are unnecessary anyway it turns out. I can instead to reference history by temperature periods. So when I say "Medieval Warm Period" or "Little Ice Age" these define themselves and it's logically absurd to ask me to nail them down to a specific period of dates or to demand history to be chronologically consistant.

The Roman Warm Period

Britain is too cold today for an army to invade it wearing skirts. But the Romans did exactly that. Furthermore the Romans could only invade places that could produce wine. Therefore it must have been a lot warmer globally in Roman Times. QE2.

Medieval Warm Period

If it was warm in Roman times it was about to get a lot warmer. Without any help from man the Earth warmed up of it's own accord thereby disproving manmade global warming before Al Gore was even born.

It was a very pleasant time for everyone on the planet. The weather was great and el vino did flow. People enjoyed a level of prosperity not seen again until co2 emissions were invented. It was so warm that the Northwest Passage opened, which allowed the Chinese to sail right into Europe [1]. After a series of fierce, but pleasant, battles between the Vikings and Chinese in the warm oceans, the Vikings were victorious and claimed a newly thawed island as their own. The Vikings named this new island "Greenland" after the luciously co2-fed tropical forests that covered it.

Meanwhile in England beautiful hippos were swimming up and down the Thames and people were dancing and singing through vast vineyards covering the country. A large volume of wine was produced by England in this time causing a few arguments with France, although thanks to the warmth both countries often overlooked their differences. It was in fact so warm in England that the attire of strong hetrosexual men (such as myself) was completely different [2]

Little Ice Age

After years of prosperity caused by a very warm world, the climate decided to disprove manmade global warming again by cooling down on it's own. The world became grim and frostbitten.

The temperatures in fact dropped down so far that it was even colder than the cold year of 2008 [3]. Yes I know that is hard to believe, but all that global warming you were shovelling out your driveway last year was still not as cold as the Little Ice Age (but we are getting worryingly close and noone is doing anything about it).

When the ice hit, it hit hard. European culture, which had thrived in the warmth of the Medieveal Warm Period has never truely recovered. Noone ever used castles again. The Hippo population in London was eradicated and people had to resort to selling meagre goods on the frozen Thames. Millions died in such frost fairs. The cold brought plague, famine and war. Napolean attempted to invade europe and Hitler was born at some point. It got so bad that in one year there was literally no summer as the sheer cold caused Earth to swoop through quarter of it's orbit in a single night.

As for the Vikings, well they had thrived on Greenland during the Medieval Warm Period, but now it became cooler and mountains of ice started advancing into their towns and cities. The Vikings hastily renamed Greenland to Iceland and abandoned it as a lost cause.

Lessons Of History

Someone once said something about remember the past or you will repeat it, I forget who but the point stands. What can we learn about the global climate history I have presented?

Well to state the obvious first, history proves manmade global warming is a fraud. Man has never affected the climate in the short period of history I covered and therefore logically never could.

We also know that temperature has changed dramatically in the past due to completely natural reasons. Couple this with the fact that the climate is a self-regulating machine that resists man's attempts to change it and we see that manmade global warming is disproven.

As for risk what about the possibility that without the checks and balances of human "pollution" the dinosaurs might return? Have the alarmists even given that a moment of thought. We don't know how the dinosaurs died out and this opens up the possibility that it was due to a reduction in co2. Back in dinosaur times the Earth had much more co2. Plants were absolutely massive, carrots the size of small automobiles. Could the Waxman-Marxley bill cause a reduction of co2 that would produce carnivorous lizard-beasts the size of houses? As far as I know no so-called "scientist" has ever asked this question let alone answered it.

References ( you don't have to bother with these, you should take my word for it. I have been peer reviewed remember)



  1. Ragged Edge of Reality31 August 2009 at 18:26

    AWESOME Dr. Infernal!! A tour de farce, or tour de france, argument if ever there was one! Most excellent like use of actual references at the bottom as well--that's what I call reel science (as in, "the warmists are reeling" haha). I especially liked that 3rd ref, where the other blog scientist--Dr. Record Lows 2008--showed how the midwestern US was under a glacier for a while last December. What kinda morons are these warmists anyways?

  2. Excellent post Inferno. I especially liked the appropriate reference to Hitler being born at some point, and I might add that Gore and Hanson were born sometime thereafter. This is exactly the kind of stuff that the warmist hate-mongers need to see that they're generating with their CO2- and heat-hatred.

  3. Many thanks for adding "Time goes this way" on the picture. It's a real time saver.

  4. Is this site for real?

  5. Baron von Monckhofen1 September 2009 at 07:42

    Clueless warmist Henk-Jan Wolvega writes: "Is this site for real?"

    You obviously don't recognize high quality blog science when you see it, little semi-literate peasant. Just read the 'About' up to the right, to see how serious we are.

    However, beware of cheap copies of Denial Depot, like that Morono guy's site.

  6. Clueless warmist? Little semi-literate peasant? I'll have you know I'm an engineer, okay?

    But fine, insult someone who is asking a simple question. That looks very convincing to people like me who come here to find infromation. Does your side of the debate a lot of good, that. You should be ashamed of yourself. You won't be seeing me here anymore. Good luck with your ideology!

  7. Britain is too cold today for an army to invade it wearing skirts. But the Romans did exactly that. Furthermore the Romans could only invade places that could produce wine.

    It is a shame we don't still have Roman armies to measure temperature by. Now all we have are these surface stations with all their siting issues and these "adjusted" satellites. If only we could determine global temperature as accurately now as we could 1000+ years ago, well, there wouldn't be much to debate, would there?

  8. It's a well known fact that dinosaur DNA could be used by clones to make dinosaurs un-extinct again (there was a documentary called Jurassic Park all about it some years ago and it was pretty terrifying if you didn't see it). The warmists say that could never happen when like 3 billion people saw the movie that proved that it could. Dangerous idiots.

  9. Baron von Monckhofen1 September 2009 at 12:14

    Henk-Jan Wolvega,
    I really didn't mean to insult you, and I think you are overreacting. But anyhow, if you are looking for information, I suggest you go to the Wikipedia, where your liberal sensitivities will not be hurt. This blog is a place for blog science, in a brutal and uncompromising search for truthiness.

  10. Stu,
    Don't forget that same guy who wrote Jurassic also wrote an excellent climate science textbook. He was invited to testify to the U.S. Congress by Morono's mentor from Oilahoma.

    Thanks for showing that we don't need no steenkin' statistics. Since liars use statistics, statistics must be lies.

  11. Arm Chair Climate Expert1 September 2009 at 18:26

    Speaking of recent climate, did you here that in Australia recently it was so hot that the heat couldn't possibly have been caused by climate change?

    And Henk-Jan, can you please come back? We need warmers here to have a balanced debate, and when we make nasty comments about you and your beliefs, just remember that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and you are doing society such a big favour by allowing us to show everybody how wrong you are.

  12. i yam outraiged. The wurld is cleerly much warwmer than itwas in the last milyun years. Al gfore was right! We're all goan die firey death and denialdeppot will go don in flams!

  13. Baron von Monckhofen2 September 2009 at 00:57


    Are you doing a parody of an alarmist, or are you the real thing? It is really hard to tell the difference.

    Har har har har!

  14. Baron von Monckhofen2 September 2009 at 02:54

    Let me also try to imitate an alarmist:

    Im so afraid of glubal warming that im wettin my bed all the time! then when i open my winduw, my bed freeses to ice. I must send all my welfare mony to algore at once! Uuuhhhh ....

  15. It's heat hatred, pure and simple, that drives these AGW types. They have no interest whatsoever in dancing and singing in vineyards in Siberia and Greenland. These killjoys just want glaciers and ice sheets up there, and vast white nothingness that goes on forever, just so they can read a National Geographic story once every 10 years on polar bears or rain deer. Ever seen Jim Hanson smile? All gloom and doom these ice-loving cryo-heads (get it cry, cryo, ha ha).

  16. Baron von Monckton2 September 2009 at 05:46

    Carbon Fixation,
    Their purpose is far more sinister than that.

    And of course, they want to destroy humankind, and then make us all slaves.

  17. Good call CaptainClimate! And it's important for the children that might be reading, that I clarify that Dr. Kryton has proved in his book that we will NOT be having Tyrannosaurs in our back yards anytime soon (even though un-extincting them has been proven by him to be possible), because the planet is far too cold for them to be happy (and getting colder by the day). And a warm Tyrranosaur is a happy and docile Tyrranosaur. This in fact is another reason why warming is good and desireable, but even if it were not, humans are adaptable and could deal with it. But even if they weren't, that's OK, because we are too insignificant to actually be arrogant enough to think that we should have the right to be able to adapt to the climate. I think that should be obvious, but it does bear repeating.

    I also want to be clear that I did not post that comment by the warmist troll Stu, unless it was meant as a parody, in which case I actually had similar thoughts myself.

  18. Well there is that element out on the fringe, like Obama, who'd put their own grandmother on an ice flow, I'll grant you that Baron.

  19. Wrinkled Retainer3 September 2009 at 06:56

    Henk-Jan Wolvega,

    In case you're still here, I have to say that you are typical of the humourless ecotheistic warmofascists we supporters of Blog Science so despise.

    Inferno's post is so obviously right that only a mindless leftist climate nazi would find any fault with it, which he couldn't as there are no faults.

  20. W. Retainer,

    Henk-Jan must be an ENVIRONMENTAL engineer.

  21. So caring about animals about to go extinct and about the grandchildren of your grandchildren makes one a humourless ecotheistic warmofascist? Perhaps so, but I'd rather be a mindless leftist climate nazi than put my trust in your Blog Science and not the consensus of the IPCC where the smartest people in the world have decided unanimously that a) Global Warming is happening, b) it's due to humans, that means you and me (or at least me), and c) that it will be very, very bad for plants, birds, fish, bees, coral and humans (me, and yes, you also).

    So if you cop out and don't pay the carbon tax you will pay a heavy price (far higher than the tax). Now you know, you uncaring, selfish, Fox News watcher!

    And there are so many errors in Inferno's work that I don't know where to start!

  22. Henk-Jan

    Calm down and take a deep breath, it's perfectly simple, really.

    Our dearly beloved corporate world is freeing us from mother Nature's apron strings and along with the many and manifold everyday benefits that accrue with massive concentrations of wealth and power, we are embarking on a journey of citizen blog-science where the old shackles of peer reviewed reality are left broken and shattered in little impotent puddles under the watchful eye of those who, after all, have most invested while Man's Aynal Randian nature takes full flight.

    When that pulsating .... oh.
    Sorry, must just go clean up.
    Back shortly.

  23. Wrinkled Retainer3 September 2009 at 16:14


    Henk-Jan must be an ENVIRONMENTAL engineer.

    Must be. That reminds me. We are fighting not just the ecotheists and warmofascists but also the environazis

    When I get my paper published in Energy & Environment, you will see absolute proof that these are one and the same! Isn't it shocking that the conspiracy and deception runs so deep?

  24. Twas a beautiful, poetic statement till it ended so abruptly, Chek. Brought a tear to my eye with the Aynal metaphor, it did. We fight for God, mother, and pipeline flow. Tis a new world odor we seek.

  25. Armchair climate expert3 September 2009 at 22:26

    Henk, since when are the IPCC the smartest people in the world?? As Einstein once said - 'I am the smartest person on the planet'. And as Einstein is so smart it must be true, and therefore the IPCC don't know what they are talking about.

  26. Jebediah Arrhenius Jones4 September 2009 at 07:13

    Armchair, are you sure that was Einstein? I thought it was Ricky Henderson who said that... Point taken about the arrogant, biased IPCC, however...

  27. Baron von Monckhofen4 September 2009 at 08:20


    IPCC? Consensus? Soon you will begin ranting about "peer-reviewed scientific journals" too, I guess. Your problem (besides caring so much for stupid animals and trees that you would rather annihilate humankind) is that you are stuck in an outdated epistemic paradigm. You see, in blog science we don't let ourselves be constrained by the straight-jackets of "facts" or "proof" or “logic” or “knowledge”. We are not donkeys eating the grass that “reality” happens to feed us - we are lions creating our own reality in a maelstrom of truthiness and opinions.
    And the smartest people in the world are those doing blog science. Ha!

  28. Baron von Monckhofen4 September 2009 at 10:03

    Great is Truthiness, and mighty above all Bed-wetting Moaning Minnies of the Forces of Darkness!

  29. Gas guzzler said:
    "Twas a beautiful, poetic statement till it ended so abruptly, Chek".

    Thanks Gg. I'm hoping that eventually mastering two-handed typing will see that little problem licked.

    Gas guzzler said:
    "Brought a tear to my eye with the Aynal metaphor"

    Thanks again, although it should be remembered that the correct pronunciation of "Ayn" is "Ayn",
    As in, "Ein Volk. Ein Reich. Ayn Rand".

    This should .....oh dear.
    Back shortly.

  30. genetically modified organism6 September 2009 at 12:26

    We are all aware of the BS standard that warming precedes higher CO2 and thus CO2 emissions cannot be causing warming.

    Still we should be grateful to chek for his continued further demonstration and proof of the obvious truth that one's emissions do not cause warming but rather it is when it gets hot first that there is an increases in emissions.

  31. Thanks for the succinct analysis GMO - I keep trying to explain to these warmists that it's all down to natural processes in the end.

    Without wishing to cheapen Prof. Inferno's esteemed and peer reviewed forum, any sceptikettes out there looking to explore . ..heh..heh...emission exchanges, please feel free to email.

    It probably needn't detain you more than a couple of minutes per month. Good sense of humour and total disregard for all living things more important than looks (within reason).

    No timewasters. mingers or munters, please.
    Feminists welcome.

  32. Wrinkled Retainer8 September 2009 at 13:50


    Thanks, to Blog Science Genius Dr Girma Orssengo, I have to point out that the graph you use at the top of this article plays straight into the hands of the evil warmo-alarmist cabal.

    There is visual distortion in the global temperature plots as looking at the anomaly plot profile is a scary one, but looking at the true mean global temperature profile is a comforting one.

    I trust that you will replace the graph with one less scary and more comforting! Failure to do so will leave me with no choice but to conclude that you are not a genuine Blog Scientist but an ecotheistic warmofascist posting here under false pretences!

  33. The CO2 was less than it is now. Therefore, GET REAL and get it BACK DOWN to Roman levels!

    Yes on Solar (Cheap and mass produced, that is).

  34. Not to throw a wrench in the fly ointment here, but could we please get back to the pertinent discussion raised here regarding the Roman hippos and the Chinese grape ships and whatnot. Not that I'm a science dork like the warmists act like they are but please, let's stay on topic, this is serious business folks. OK off soap-box, but remember carbon is life itself. Thanks, be warm, and burn down a forest every now and then.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Forest fires are natural, 40 cubic miles (~180 km3)of burnt crude is not. No wonder the count is up!

    Galileo wasn't the denier... everybody else was!

  37. Wrinkled Retainer,

    Even Girma doesn't really get it right. It plays into Team Science's hands by adopting one of our temperature scales' arbitrarily chosen zero points rather than the absolute zero of temperature. It is only when you graph mean global temperature in Kelvins that you really begin to appreciate just how stable and unchangeable our climate is. Look at this and then tell me there's global warming.

  38. Wrinkled Retainer9 September 2009 at 04:12

    Big Fan,

    You are correct, and some right thinking temperature experts tried to persuade Girma to use Kelvin. He stuck to his guns, though, on the grounds that the thing that matters is that the man (or woman as we are not sexist here, oh no) in the street sees a scale that he understands and anything else is the work of lying warmists and cannot be trusted.

    It's a shame because he's missed his chance to prove that real variations are tiny fractions of a percent and nothing to worry about, as your excellent truthful and unmagnified graph shows.

  39. Wrinkled Retainer9 September 2009 at 04:16


    Galileo denied that the Sun goes round the Earth. You can't be a bigger denier than that!

    I suspect you are a warmist.

  40. Baron von Monckhofen9 September 2009 at 04:52

    The iron core of the sun is like millions of dgrees. So the only correct way to show how earth's temperature has changed would be to use a logarithmic scale going from 0 to millions. Not much warming to be seen there, oh no!

  41. Baron von Monckhofen9 September 2009 at 05:03

    Wrinkled Retainer,

    If you scroll down to comment 606, you can see that Dr Girma is an Aynal. It is no coincidence that his Aynalytical skills are superior to those of other commentors on that blog.

  42. Wrinkled Retainer9 September 2009 at 10:20


    I know quite a lot about Girma's brilliance from that thread. Another of his radical insights, one that only a Blog Science Genius could make, is that CO2 concentrations are given in parts per million instead of percent, another shameful warmist tactic to exaggerate the scale of the problem, which does not exist anyway.

    I think that Inferno should invite him to join the editorial board of this most esteemed organ forthwith.

  43. Galileo dared to suggest that we were not the center of the universe, but rather that the sun was. Centuries later, we're taking the next logical step and saying humans are not the center of our climate either -- the sun is, and also the oceans and cosmic ray/clouds, and all the other natural forcings that completely explain climate without any human role. But as Galileo discovered, people do not like being removed from their central special place in the universe. For his heresies, he faced the Inquisition. Today, we face similar persecution from peer reviewal and trolls like fireofenergy who seek to destroy anyone who stands in the way of their desert solarification agenda. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  44. Wrinkled Retainer9 September 2009 at 13:07

    Big Fan,

    Exactly. That is why all deniers are the heirs to Galileo, the greatest denier of all. For centuries we have lived in fear of the so-called greenhouse effect but now we are freed from that fear and can get back to burning anything we like as fast as we can.

    Take that, warmists!

  45. Wrinkled Retainer,

    From Galileo to Rand, there is no question that we stand on the shoulders of intellectual giants. That is precisely why people like fireofenergy and the anonymous coward on the last thread seek to tear down and minimize their legacies, but the truth is harder to destroy than its messengers.

    Back to the subject at hand, according to Wikipedia the Little Ice Age started at about the same time the Inquisition did, and Galileo's trial for heresy happened near the first climatic minimum. One has to wonder just how much needless persecution and bloodshed has happened as a result of mass seasonal affective disorder due to an insufficiently warm climate. Not that you'll ever hear warmists discuss this.

  46. They say people in glass - or as they're more commonly called nowadays - greenhouses, shouldn't throw stones.

    Well I've thrown dozens of stones in my time, and except for that incident with Mr. Parvenu's window, all have returned safely to earth with negligible frictional or any other kind of heating, either of themselves or the atmosphere.

    Another scaremongering warmist myth laid to rest.

  47. I guess this is supposed to be clever. Hard to tell because it is not.

  48. Good call CaptainClimate! And it's important for the children that might be reading, that I clarify that Dr. Kryton has proved in his book that we will NOT be having Tyrannosaurs in our back yards anytime soon (even though un-extincting them has been proven by him to be possible), because the planet is far too cold for them to be happy (and getting colder by the day). And a warm Tyrranosaur is a happy and docile Tyrranosaur. This in fact is another reason why warming is good and desireable, but even if it were not, humans are adaptable and could deal with it. But even if they weren't, that's OK, because we are too insignificant to actually be arrogant enough to think that we should have the right to be able to adapt to the climate. I think that should be obvious, but it does bear repeating.

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  50. Armchair, are you sure that was Einstein? I thought it was Ricky Henderson who said that... Point taken about the arrogant, biased IPCC, however...

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