Friday 30 October 2009


Global warming - Solved.

I recently discovered a book which finally puts manmade global warming to bed in a coffin and then nails the lid firmly shut. It's called SuperFreakonomics and it's written by Top Men who are bravely attempting to solve the world's problems through the medium of selling books. My worldview was immediately challenged by the image of an exploding apple on the cover. Most people would never expect an apple to actually explode like that. In many ways this book has all the qualities of Blog Science. It's almost like a blog written on paper with comments disabled.

The most important problem they solve is how to stick it to warmists. The solution they provide is to point out that even if co2 was a problem, we can solve that problem without raising taxes. All it would take is a smoke machine attached to a funnel. All the smoke would then be funneled up into the sky where it would block sunlight and offset any global warming. Oh and just to stick it to the warmists more, it turns out the best place in the world to put such a smoke machine is on top of scenically mined Alberta oil sands - so those will definitely need to be mined ASAP.

Any guess as to why the IPCC reports don't have a chapter on smoking the warming out of the atmosphere? Is it because smoke pipes, even long ones, cannot be taxed?

How did these SuperFreakonomics geniuses come up with such an off-the-wall solution to mythical global warming? I suspect they did so by ignoring the peer reviewed literature on the matter. This would enable them to successfully open their minds to wild possibilities and conclusions unconstrained by so-called "experts".

So congratulation to the Super Freakonomics guys, but they shouldn't get too cocky! Given my importance in the area of Blog Science I am very suprised they didn't contact me before publication. It's hard to imagine they haven't heard of this blog so what were they thinking? I wonder if they were inspired by my idea of using catapults to throw co2 into the stratosphere where it would become mixed with the ether of space?

Public service announcement: The liberals will want you to put your clocks back an hour this week. Please delay doing so as long as possible, we need to save as much daylight as possible this Hale winter.


  1. Whaaat? Wow. Those guys in Denmark should've held off and given the prize to these guys, instead of that NObama. What has he ever done anyway? Except give speeches about linking policies to real science, pshaw.

    And then he said this and I quote: So when Brian Williams is asking me about what’s a personal thing that you’ve done [that's green], and I say, you know, ‘Well, I planted a bunch of trees.’ And he says, ‘I’m talking about personal.’ What I’m thinking in my head is, ‘Well, the truth is, Brian, we can’t solve global warming because I f—ing changed light bulbs in my house. It’s because of something collective’.”

    Collective?? This proves he's a socialist. But don't expect the liberal MSM to report it.

  2. Dr Inferno,

    Wow, two posts in two days, Dr Inferno you are smok'n!

    While we should, of course, congratulate the Super Freakos on their coffin-nailing, it is extraordinary that they didn't acknowledge the preeminence of your blog. After all, you are probably the most influential critic of the warmist cult, and everything you say is put under the microscope to search for errors - not that there are any, but if there were you would be the first to acknowledge them. Unlike warmists, who never acknowledge errors.

    I can't help but thinking that the Silence of the Freakos is damning. Your post has been up for 5 hours or so already, and not a word out of them.

    Blog Science Expert Reviewer,
    92 posts to go before Blog Professorship

  3. John Stoessel has greater credibility than the Freakonomics guys unfortunately. The acid test for credibility is if someone believes in peak oil depletion. They don't, argue vigorously against it, and therefore need to be dismissed. That was from their previous book. I heard the latest is even worse.

  4. WHT:

    That doesn't tell me enough to make up my mind. Does Al Gore believe in peak oil? If so, it's wrong. It's as simple as that. If he does not believe in it, it's probably right.

    John Stoessel is great, but he's not going to make up my mind if he's going to agree with Gore.

  5. I let one's understanding in science guide me in assigning credibility. It sounds like you have let personality (i.e. Al Gore) make knee-jerk anti-decisions for you.

    If you don't know much about peak oil, I suggest you look into it, a very simple topic.

  6. Peak oil, schmeek oil.

    Those Russkies have again proved it's a New World Order plot to create artificial shortages.

    Whether the hypothesised abiotic process actually works any faster to replenish supplies than regular geological time processes remains to be determined ...

    But ... bottom line?
    If Algore is against it, count me in.

  7. As if his scientific credibility were not already fatally damaged, Al Gore has shreiked that we can expect a 220-foot increase in sea levels by next Tuesday.

    Accoding to the respected and wholly objective Maktoob website. Al Gore warned in a speech somewhere or other that

    “The North Pole ice cap is 40 percent gone already and could be completely and totally gone in the winter months in the next 5 to 10 years,” he warned. "If the North Pole were to melt it could increase sea levels by 67 metres, Gore said, speaking in the heart of an oil-rich region not known for its regard for the environment."

    Ha Ha Ha Mr Gore, failed lawyer, failed president and now failed climate scientist. Even I know that melting floating sea ice has zero effect on sea levels. Please desist from jetting around the globe immediately.

  8. Oh, don't be so timid, for fuck's sake, commenters! Everybody knows that Al Gore is a pseudo gorilla wannabe, who is ghoulishly overweight, because he eats baby polar bears, for breakfast! And He hovels in dark caverns, nibbling on their bones, gnawing on baby seals and their food chain predecessors, those carbon based shelled tiny plankton critters, warbling the "Song of the Carpenter" from "Alice in Wonderland" such a hypocrite! Because, that is how he powers his evil empire energy gobbling dominion, in Tennessee! *shudder*

    So, that PROVES there is no global warming or if there is any it's not caused by humans but if that's not quite correct, then human caused global warming is a great boon to us all, especially Sarah Palin, because she has tatooed lipstick-liner, which is sexy.

    And if none of that is correct, it doesn't matter in fact it's just swell, because those who accept Jebus into their lives will be saved and the rest of you are screwed!

    So there!

  9. Baron von Monckhofen1 November 2009 at 08:37

    I read somewhere that the Super Freakonomics guys had suggested that we could fix ocean acidification by adding a base to the ocean. So here is my brilliant idea, which should give me the the Nobel price in peace and chemistry, and in addition make me the richest man on earth: we should shoot chalk into the atmosphere. Chalk is white and has a high albedo, so it will cool the atmosphere. And when it falls into the oceans, it will neutralize the acid! Just remember that I was first with this idea, folks. And I will patent it.

    Or maybe we could use Alka-Seltzer? It is also white.

  10. Right you are !!

    Just this morning I opened my freezer to get a waffle... and guess what? That was rock hard frozen colder than ever. EVER!

  11. Baron von Monckhofen1 November 2009 at 11:05

    Here is a great suggestion for saving the polar bears (if they hypothetically would be in danger): build fake floating ice! And I have the perfect material for that: pumice! Pum-ice, you get it? Stones that float! It comes from vulcanos, and as there are lots of vulcanos in the arctic (causing the artic warming, if there hypothetically would warm), it should be quite easy to find!

  12. I can't wait for those Friggonomics guys to turn their attention to World Hunger and brain surgery next!

    Do they take advance orders?

  13. Slackhammer for the truth2 November 2009 at 11:07

    BASTARD ICE CORING (and hating) LIARS!!

    That is all.

  14. I do care abt the poler bares actualy so I like the Barons idea just in case.

  15. Good one, as ever ... :-)

    Pls contact me re 2 potential articles, thanks
    dq430 (at) ncf (dot) ca

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  17. These Freakynomics boys call themselves economists? Yeah, right!

    It's just another Big Goverment grab for our hard earned tax dollars to fix a so-called "problem" that stopped in 1998 or 1939.

    Gary Becker would be rolling in his grave, if he was dead.

    And who is going to control the Alberta Smoke Stack (A.S.S)?

    I'll tell you who: Ban-ki Moon and his IPCC goons, that's who. Do we really want to let these people have access to our A.S.S?

  18. The book provides even more insight into the sinister plot of the alarmists. Global warming is caused by solar panels!!!!! They are black or dark blue as everyone knows, so they absorb the radiation of the sun and cause global warming. This book exposes this mercilessly by means of sound science. Not the junk science we are being fed by falseclimate.

    Of course this has not been accounted for in climate models. But that is hardly a surprise, is it? But we all know climate models are crap.

    It is a self fulfilling prophecy the alarmists are creating here. It is apalling that our world leaders do not see this and mindlessly follow the herd. It is time to speak up.

    All go to and vote on wattsupwiththat against the AGW pseudo science!

    A vote for wattsupwiththat is a vote against CO2!!!!!!

  19. There's an even simpler solution than geoengineering. It's well established that Al Gore accounts for most of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, so in the unlikely event that these prove a problem, just shoot him.

  20. It's just another Big Goverment grab for our hard earned tax dollars to fix a so-called "problem" that stopped in 1998 or 1939.

    Gary Becker would be rolling in his grave, if he was dead.

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